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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Glossary of key terms in the discipline "Marketing" /

S 48 M.G. Grebnyov. - K .: KNEU, 2003 .-- 80 p.

ISBN 966-574-508-5

I am fond of those who have a theory of marketing with their own terminology, are increasingly becoming more and more knowledgeable in practice and practice, and this dictionary has been selected for marketing vocabulary.

Glossary of key terms of retrieval on a wide range of readers, among students, graduate students of most important primary mortgages, and practical and organizational arrangements. Also, I’ll be able to use the marketing hour at the right time.

I’ll look at those that will stop the theory of marketing for all the wider practicalities of the viaduct, practical for Maybach science and vocabulary of science.

Glossary of key terms in the discipline "Marketing" is intended for a wide range of readers, students and graduate students of economical primary mortgages, marketing specialists and organizations.

Vocabulary meta - help the reader read more about the marketing of the world, without the need for marketing, you can’t reach the right moment with the right marketing, marketing, manager.

Your vocabulary will also become available at the appropriate hour of the course "Marketing".


Letter "A"
Vigotovlyuvach agent
Zbutoviy Agent
Commercial Agent
Agency for marketing marketing services
Aggregation market
Adaptation to the market
Adaptatsiya komunіkatsії
Adaptation product
Business Portfolio Analysis
Competition Analysis
Analysis of good values
Letter "B"
Bagatomarochny pіdkhіd
Bazhanov collective
Bazhanі tovar
Database about purchases
Basis analysis
Business Portfolio
Bіrzha barterna
Commodity exchange
Letter "B"
Valovi Vitrati
Currency control
Vartisny analiz
Vertical Marketing System (IUD)
Vibir of the Hauler
Vibir tsilovih rinkiv
Vibirna respect
Vibirne sleeping
Vibirniy will drink
Vinagorods postіynim klіntam
Vinakhid news
Viperedzhalny іndicatori
Vitrati Marketing
Відбір ідей
Відбір цільових segments і to the market
Vіdkrit nourishment
Internal Audit
Internal marketing
Internal service to zbutu
Vplivova person
Letter "G"
Generation Idea
Glibina of commodity nomenclature (glibina of commodity nomenclature)
"Glibina" market
Global galaxy promyslovostі
Global Organization
Global company
Global marketing
Horizontal marketing systems
Letter "D"
Two-way marketing
Diversification of bagatogaluzev
Diversification is horizontal
Diversification of business partnerships
Diversification export
Diversification conglomerate
Diversification is concentric
Diversifikatsiya lіkvіdnostі
Product differentiation
Differential commodity
Differentiation price
Differentiation marketing
Dyni Cows
Marketing marketing
Marketing service
Dovgostrokovy plan
Dovzhina channel commodity
Consignment Agreement
Additional materials and services
Forensic Poland
Doslidzhennya popit
Subsequent causal effects
Previous rink_v zbutu
Forensic Market
Affordable market
Letter "E"
Economy Middle
Economic analysis
Exclusive Rose
Eksportniy v_ddil
Elasticity of propensity for prices
Stage Vivedennya on the market
Etap non-West
Etap zrіlostі
Stage Zrostanna
Ethnic motives
Letter "F, Z"
Life cycle of goods (LCT)
Zagalny inventory
Satisfied with the present
Engel's Laws
Close food
Purchasing committee
Stuffing for Zbutu
Stock of preparations
Reserve stock
Insurance stock
Commodity stock
Stock of approved goods
Stock up materials
Stock goods (stocks)
Power Proposition
Scheduled zastarіvannya
Allow Masovo Information
Zbut Intensive
Zbut nationality
Zbut indirect
Zbut products
Zbut straight
Zbut selective (vibіrkovy)
Zvichayna commodity procurement
Zvichna kupivnya behavior
Sound about the results of state gifts (sound about profits and gas, but sound about profits)
Zmіnena repeated procurement
Zmіnnі Vitrati
Sign of firms
Znizhka for quantity of goods, scho procured
Book for paying with payment
"Znyattya peaks"
Audited Audit
Call service zbutu
Зрілість (stabіlіzatsіya)
Zustrichna (compensation) bargaining
Litera "I"
Idea product
Brand name
Імідж product
Імідж product (services)
Indirect marketing
Innovation Marketing
Innovation Potential
Integration of goods management
Integrations Direct Marketing
Integrated Marketing and Communication
Intensive rozpodil
Interactive Marketing
Informative advertising
Information internal
Virobnich infrastructure
Infrastructure market
Letter "K"
Zbutu channel
Zero Rivne Channel
Direct marketing channel
Rozpodilu channel (marketing channel)
Channel commodity exchange dvіvnevy
Channels of non-smooth communications
Channels for special services
Canals rozpodilu
Channels rozpodilu indirect
Canals rozpodilu direct
Channels rozpod_lu product
Trademark Capital
Capital Mine
Sprint Cartridges
Qualification rinok
Kerovan vertical marketing system
Cheruvannya for the contract
Cheruvannya reserves
Cheruvannya marketing
Cheruvannya product
Cheruvannya situatsіyne
Keruvannya Yakіstyu products
Kіlkіsne doslіdzhennya
Club-warehouses abo club wholesaler
Key officials
Torgіvna team
Combined marketing systems
Commercial and Interactive Services
Traveling Salesman
Company with trade organization
The company is organized for competition,
Company, organized on the market,
Company, organized for living,
Company, scho servants н rinkovu nishu,
Complex prosuvannya
Complex procurement
Complex keruvannya yakіstyu
Marketing Communications
Competitive overdrive
Competitive Strategies
Competition is monopolistic
Competition is not enough
Competition necіnova
Competition is not combable
Competition oligopolistic
Competition subject
Competition "Primarna"
Competition is functional
Competitions, lotteries and gras
Contact Audience
Marketing control
Conflict all-in-one channel
Vertical Conflict
Horizontal Conflict
Functionality Conflict
Concentration Marketing
The concept of the complete virobnitstva
Product Concept
Zbutu concept
Concept of Intensification of Commercial Zusil
Marketing concept
The concept of social and ethical marketing
Product concept
Conjuncture of the market
Korisnі tovar
Corporate Licensed
Kramnitsya-demonstration hall, scho bargaining for catalogs
Kramnitsya with lower prices
Kramnitsya goods
Kriva dosvіdu
Circumferential Trading
Kupіvelna behavior
Letter "L"
Leader market
Licensed mark
Letter "M"
Macro sequence
Macrostructure of the market
Mark of virobnik (national brand)
Marketing vidnosin
Internal marketing
Differentiation Marketing
Export Marketing
Marketing Your Own Message
Marketing for the types of goods and services (product marketing)
Catalog Marketing
Zavoyovnitsky marketing
Marketing Intensive
Conversion Marketing
Masovia Marketing
International Marketing
Marketing on the Rіvnі rinkovih nіsh
Marketing science and technology
Marketing undifferentiated marketing
Marketing of one-step parts
Passive Marketing
Marketing pіdtrimuvalny
Marketing test
Field Marketing
Marketing direct investment
Marketing Development
Stimulating Marketing
Marketing of commodity-differentiations
Marketing price tag
Marketing prices
Marketing, marketing
Marketing Information System (MIS)
Marketing ability
Marketing loop Yakostі
Marketing revision
Macro Marketing
Marketing mikroseredovische
Marketing middleware
Marketing middleware firm
Marketing audit
Marketing complex
Marketing intermediaries
Marketing Roses
Marketing Plan
Marketing Principle
Program marketing
Marketing tactics
Marketing Functions
Markuvannya vantazhiv
Markuvannya vantazhiv (trader by contract)
Masova Industry
Mass marketing
Materials and kit viral virobi
Matrix zrostannya / part of the market
Manager w
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Advertising Manager
Service Management zbutu
Meta Advertisements
Competitive parity method
Method for Model Market
The method of calculating the index official in zbutu
The method of rasrahunka in percentage to sumi sale
Method rozrahunku vid gotivkovih koshtіv
Consolidation method “social security plus allowance”
International viddil
Mіzhrinkova segmentation
Microstructure of the market
World of readiness to purchase goods
Monopolistic competition
Letter "N"
Naguvalnaya advertising
Bonus for Kіlkіst
Assortment of goods
Science and technology middle ground
Nevddilnist servant
Nevpevna kupіvelna behavior
Non-differentiation marketing
Nedovgіchnost servant
Ambiguously positsіonuvannya
Nepovnotsіnnі comrade
Disappointment of service
Non-tariff trading bar'єri
Nova procurement
Newbie rinkovih nish
Stock rate
Nosії advertisements
Letter "O"
The image of life
Inspection of the marketing plan
Likewise positsіonuvannya
Overnight service kіlkoh nіsh
Oligopolistic competition
About Descriptions
Wholesalers with servicing cycle
Wholesalers with a new service cycle
Wholesalers, scho to trade for gotіvkoviy rozrahunok і without delivery of goods
Individuals of infusion
Individuals, praise praise
Sales specialties
Otsіnyuvannya varіantіv
Otsіnyuvannya efektivnost_ robots hover
Otsіnyuvannya characteristics of the goods
Letter "P"
Public Relations
Parallel product division
"Parasolka price"
First Danny
Redrawn advertising
Preparing to contact
Pidryadne virobnitstvo
Pіdkhіd for equal labor
Cognitive (cognitive) dissonance
Product range of products
Perchove positsіonuvannya
Povna cіnnіst spozhivacha
Repeat Data
Take a look
Podolannya outlets
Position_onuvannya goods for the market
Product position
Information Marketing
Political middle ground
Popit azhіotazhny
Will eat bazhanov
Drank second
Popit fallow
Popit Kintseviy
Popit nadmirniy
Negative drink
Drank unelastic
Drank maladies
He will drink
The non-rational (ірраціональний)
Popov null
Optimal drink (up)
Will pop up
First drink
Will popit
Popit povnotsіnniy
Popit pohidniy (receipt)
Will pop
Popit spozhivachіv
Stimulate stimulus
He will eat
It’s okay, fall
Last product breakdown
The servant
Material services
Services on the new market
Services for sales of goods
Trading services
Postin Vitrati
Potential rhinoceros
I send to information
Buying a Poshuk
Poshuk postachalnik
Poshukova kupivnya behavior
Пошукове долідження
Challenger for leadership
Private label (in the middle, dealer, shopmark)
The natural medium
Trial marketing
Rink Strategy Project
Penetration into the market
Proposal for sale, insured for emotion
Proposition about a part of the Vidshkoduvannya Vitrat
Buying process by buyer
Sales process
Sprint process
Straight Investment
Direct marketing
Direct mail marketing
Psychographic Segmentation
Letter "R"
Rational motives
Reaction to buy
Realization Marketing
Advertising is mediocre
Advertising in Presі
Advertising vnutrishnofіrmova
Advertising for Professionals
Advertising for
Advertise with me rozshirenyannyazbutu
Advertising with the technique of prestige prestige in suspension
Advertising is commercial
Advertisement Зовнішня
Institutional Advertising
Advertising informative
Advertising is cooperative
Advertising on sale of goods
Advertising on vehicles
Advertising is indirect
Advertising is perconvival
Advertising p_dkrіplyuvalna
Advertising pіdtrimuvalna
Advertisement porіvnyalna
Advertising is prestigious, abo firmova
TV_zіyna advertising
Advertising Trading
Advertising, scho nagaduє
Advertising souvenirs
Referent advertising
Reference groups
Rinkova strategy
Market leader
Rankovy pretended t
Active rinok
Rinok auktsіonniy
Rinok vidkritiy
Rinok vіlniy i vіdkritiy
Rinok internal
Secondary Rinok
Rinok bilateral
Two-tier rinok
Rynok of sovereign attitudes
Rinok dealer
Rinok with inadequate drink
Curtis Rynok
Rinok zmіshany
Rinok Invert
Rinok Inzhinіringovih servants
Rinok Mlyaviy
Rhinoceros of noncommercial organizations
Rinok of the Auction
Rinok shopping
Rinok middleman
Potency potency
Salesman Rinok
Rinok real product
Rinok regional
Living rinok
Rinok, scho service
Riven goods exchange
River Plan
Rishennya about kup_vlyu
Rozdrіbnі kramnitsі, scho trade for the Got_vkovy rozrahunok і without delivery
Shopping malls with obmezhenim servants
Shopping malls with service staff
Self-service shopping malls
Rozpovsjuzhennya zrazkіv
Rozpovsjuzhennya goods in the invisible viglyadі
Rospodilny Center
Rosrahunok price for the method of direct vitrati plus a profit
Rozrahunok price on the principle of bezbitkovost_
Rosberlennya new products
Assortment expansion
Brand extension
Extension between victorian brands
Extension between the market
Rosshirennya family brands
The role of people
Letter "C"
Market segment
Segmentation of the market
Segmentation marketing
Segmentation of the geographical principle
Segmentation of the demographic principle
Segmentation for motives for healthy buying and selling goods.
Segmentation for the Stats
Segmentation of Behavior
Segment of the Rivne Pributkiv
Segmentation on pіdstavі vrakhuvannya vіku
Segmentation on the part of the vrachuvannya etap_v life cycle
Segment on pіdstavі shukanikh vigіd
Seasonal low
Selective rozpodil
The middle of the call
Power to the gust
The system of the above values
Systems of a single dzherel
Skladna kupivnya behavior
Social and ethical marketing
Speculative positsіonuvannya
Specialized Industry
Specialized Kramnitsya
Special Come
Splina brand
Спільна підприємницька діяльність
Sleeping Volodinnya
Spozhivcha tsіnnіst
Good living, what to hope
Living rinok
Thank you
The readiness mill
Standardization Marketing Complex
Statistical analysis popita
Prototype hinges
Stimulating the hairy sales staff
Stimulate Zbutu
Stimuluvannya zbutu in mіstsyah sale of goods
Stimuluvannya spozhivachіv
Stimulating sales
Strategic Group
Strategic element business
Strategic Plan
Strategy for learning
Strategy "know the top"
Corporate Brand Strategy
Brand Spectrum Strategy
Strategy of the market for rinok
Strategy proshtovhuvannya product
Branding strategy of company brands and individual brands
Strizhneva strategy
The structure of the zbutu service is based on
Sukupna spozhivcha cіnnіst
Granny Rinkovy will drink
Succulent living vitrati
Suprovіd operation
Suspension Classes
Letter "T"
Telemarketing direct vidguku
Telephone marketing (telemarketing)
Territorial structure of service to Zbutu
Testing concept
Type of specialty
Alternative product
Penny goods
Pre-prepared goods
Product h p_dkrіplennyam
Product for Conception
Ideal product
Short hour goods
Bargain Item
New product
Goods from a real viscann
"Commodity Market"
Goods vzamozamіnnі
Commissar goods
Impulsive foods
Goods obov'yazkovі
Special Food Items
Passive Goods
Everyday goods
Front Vibor Products
Prestigious Goods
Goods trivial coristuvannya
Commodities widespread
Goods, sho delivery
Commodity Nomenclature
Commodity Assortment
Commodity-structured service to zbutu
Commodity exchange zal_k
Commodity exchange (marketing logic)
Bidding (tenders)
Bidding is closed
Bidding is unofficial
Trade inside
Trade is two-way
Torgovlya Zovnіshnya
Torgіlva zustrichna
Trade Commerce
Trade Compensation
Trade Consignment
Shopping complexes
Sales agent
Trading quotas
Traditions canals rozpodilu
Tupikova Industry
Litera "U"
"Killing" commodity categories
Please trade
Direct shopping
Pleasure trade-middleman
Pleasure is smart
Department store (universal trading mortgage)
Universam wide profile
Unical sale
Packaging for a lower price
Consumer Consumption
Success Commerce
Established Discrimination Prices
Establishment of a single price with inclusion in non-vitrates for delivery
Establishment of zonal prices
Established price clearly to the base point
Established price for stimulating zbutu
Established price of wages for delivery
Established price on the date of comrade
Established price for a set of goods
Established price on obov'yazkov possession
Establishment of the price for the virobnitsva product
Established price in the range of product ranges
Establishment of the price, the interest on the price
Established price for urachuvannyam psychology purchases
Established price based on closed bidding
The established price of FOB in goods is similar to the goods
Litera "F"
Financial intermediaries
Formula marketing
Formula straightforward rozroblennya (FNR)
Fragmentar Industry
Franco-Vantage (FOB)
Franco Prikordonna Station
Franco Umova
Specific Marketing Functions
Functions Market
Functional book (a book of the sphere of trade)
Litera "Ts"
Tsіlі entry to the market
Tsilovy marketing
Tsilovy rinok
Price "FOB"
Price "FOB-airport"
Price "FOB-ship"
Price "FOR"
Price "Franco"
Price "ex-wagon"
The price of “ex-factory-hitchhiker”
The price of "ex-cordon"
The price of "Franco-re-reznik"
Price of forward lands
Tsini etalonny
Цінова еластичність
Ціноутворення на основі беззбитковості (забезпечення цільового прибутку)
Ціноутворення на основі рівня поточних цін
Ціноутворення на основі цінності товару
Літера "Ч,Ш,Я "
Частота повторення
Чиста конкуренція
Чиста монополія
Чистий прибуток
Чутка і чутки
Широта охоплення
Якісне дослідження
Якість товару
Ярмарок оптовий