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Фінанси (Theoretical Foundations) - Grіdchіna M.V.

Kyiv 2004

F59 Фінанси (theoretical basis): Pіdruchnik / M.V. Gridchina, V. B. Zakhozhay , L. L. Osipchuk and іn .; Under the core і for science. ed. M. V. Grіdchіnoi, V. B. Zakhozhaya. - 2nd view., Vipr. and dopov. - K .: MAUP, 2004. - 312 pp .: il. - Бібліогр .: с. 299-303.

In the case of a supporter, the foundations of the theory of financial institutions were introduced, the structure and characteristic features of the financial systems of the country were put forward, the main straight lines of financial policies, as well as conceptual concepts, were formed before the formation of the budget in the minds of the artplanes. Rosgulanno warehouses of financial systems - state-owned financial institutions, private enterprise, insurance, financial community. Especially respect is given to the financial market by the mechanism of effective retailing and financial resources. The role of other types of financial control in the international functional system is shown.

For students economical specialties of perusal mortgages.

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Rozdil 1. Fundamentals of the theory of financials
1.1. Фінанси і їх місце in the system suspension suspension
1.2. The structure of the zagalnaya characteristics of the financial system
1.3. Finance Policy
1.4. Conceptual approaches to the formulation of the state budget in the minds of economic economics
Rozdil 2. Derzhavnі fіnansi
2.1. Budget system and budget process
2.2. Revenue and budget
2.3. Derzhavnі tsіlovі Fondi
2.4. State loan
2.5. State Borg and control him
Rozdil 3. Foundations funktsionuvannya f_nans_v p_dpriдmstv (ustan, organ_zats_y)
3.1. Sutnіst і warehouse fіnansіv pіdpriєmstv (set, organіzatsіy)
3.2. FINANCIAL RESOURCES PIDPRIIMSTVI І dzherela їх formvaniya
3.3. Basic Formation and Victory Benefit of Childhood
3.4. Financial plan
Rozdil 4. Insurance yak special element of the financial system
4.1. Eco-friendly sunshine insurance
4.2. Riziki, scho take up podrazhuvannya
4.3. Forms of the organization of insurance funds and see insurance
4.4. Spіvstrahovannya i reinsurance
4.5. Financial flows of insurance market
Rozdil 5. Fіnansi population
5.1. Dzherela and the structure of households fіnansіv
5.2. Investment community
Rozdil 6. Financial Market
6.1. Sutnіtsi i structure of financial market
6.2. Sub'єkti financial market
6.3. Instituting financial market
6.4. Infrastructure of financial market
6.6. Sovereign regulation of financial market
Rozdil 7. Financial control
7.1. Sutnіst i see financial control
7.2. State financial control
7.3. Auditor's control
7.4. Internal control
Rozdil 8. International Finances Vdnosini
8.1. The role of fіnansіv in rozvitku international relations
8.2. Grosovskaya streams in the sphere of international fіnansіv
8.3. Currency and exchange rate
8.4. Currency system of Ukraine
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