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Finance (theoretical basis) - Grіdchіna M.V.

Kiev 2004

F59 Finance (theoretical basis): Pidruchnik / M.V. Grіdchіna, V. B. Zakhozhai , L. L. Osіpchuk ta іn .; Під кер-вом і for sciences. ed. M.V. Grіdchіnoї, V. B. Zakhozhaya. - 2nd view., Vypr. I special stages. - K .: IAPM, 2004 .-- 312 p.: Il. - Bibliogr .: p. 299-303.

The proponent’s donated person has the basics of the theory of financial resources, the structure of the characteristic features of the financial system of the country, the main principles of financial policy, as well as the conceptual approach to formulating a sovereign budget in the minds of a free market. Warehouses of the financial system are considered - state financial resources, financial resources, insurance, financial population. Particular respect has been given to the financial market as a mechanism for the efficient sharing of financial resources. The role of different types of financial control in the secure functions of the financial system is shown.

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Rozdil 1. Fundamentals of theory of finance
1.1. Finance and social networks in suspension systems
1.2. The structure of the main characteristic of the financial system
1.3. Financial Policies
1.4. Conceptual approach to formulating a sovereign budget in the minds of a market economy
Rozdil 2. State Finance
2.1. Budget system and budget process
2.2. Income and budget
2.3. State Funds
2.4. State loan
2.5. State Borg and Management
Rozdil 3. Fundamentals of func tions of financial services (installation, organization)
3.1. Сутність і warehouse of finance for enterprises (installation, organization)
3.2. Financial resources of enterprises and dzherela form form
3.3. Basics of form and vikoristannya a little bit of business
3.4. Financial Planning
Rozdil 4. Insurance as a special element of the financial system
4.1. The economic day of insurance insurance
4.2. Riziki, what to do before insurance
4.3. Form the organization of insurance funds and see insurance
4.4. Spіvstrakhuvannya and reinsurance
4.5. Financial insurance insurance flows
Rozdil 5. Financial population
5.1. Dzherela і structure of financial housekeeping
5.2. Інвестційна діяальність population
Rozdil 6. Financial Rinok
6.1. Сутність і structure of financial market
6.2. Sub'kti financial market
6.3. Instruments of financial market
6.4. Infrastructure of financial market
6.5. Financial intermediaries and functions
6.6. State regulation of financial market
Rozdil 7. Financial control
7.1. Sutility and see financial control
7.2. State financial control
7.3. Audit control
7.4. Internal control
Rozdil 8. International financial organizations
8.1. The role of finance in the development of international zv'yazkiv
8.2. Groshovy flows in the sphere of international finances
8.3. Currency i exchange rate
8.4. Currency system of Ukraine
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