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Marketing - Pavlenko A.F., Voychak A.V.

Pavlenko A.F., Voychak A.V.

P 12 Marketing: Pіdruchnik. - K .: KNEU, 2003. - 246 p.

ISBN 966–574–431–3

Marketing: Pіdruchnik. Pavlenko A.F., Voychak A.V.

In podruchniku ​​vikladeno basic nutrition, rozkrivayut sutnіst marketer yak of philosophy pіdpriєmnitskogo activities for the minds of the rivalry vіdnosin and competition. Most of my respect is wicked on marketing, methods, algorithms and tools that will be funded by companies for the pleasure of consuming their own values.

For training, marketing services, as well as for students and students of economic specialties of public schools.

BBK 65.290-2


1. Sutnіst marketer that yogo modern concept
1.1. Rosum Marketing
1.2. Pokhodzhennya that evolyutsіya concepts of marketing
1.3. Fundamentals of Marketing
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2. System ta characteristics of successful marketing
2.1. Principles, marketing and marketing functions
2.2. System of marketing
2.3. See a great marketer
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3. Marketing doslіdzhenya
3.1. Sutnіst that marketing system doslіzhen
3.2. Marketing Information
3.3. Navkolishn bіznes-sredonische that mekroseredovische pіdpriєmstva yak ob'єkti marketing doslіzhen
3.4. Marketing & Promotion
3.5. Marketing & Promotion
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4. Marketing Commodity
4.1. Sutn_st marketing-ї commodity ї policy
4.2. Marketing concepts product
4.3. Life cycle product
4.4. Competitiveness of goods and methods
4.5. Manage the goods assortment_ nomenclature of the goods_ in the company
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5. Planning of new products
5.1. Sustainable understanding of "new product"
5.2. Algorithm plannuvannya new products
5.3. Causes New Products
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6. Marketing policy
6.1. The Sutnist of Marketing Policy
6.2. Algorithm marketing rozrahunku tsіn
6.3. Managing Center of the Company
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7. Methods of marketing collaboration
7.1. Direct Marketing Method
7.2. Indirect marketing
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8. Marketing policy of the commune
8.1. Sutnіst marketing-politika komunіkatsіy
8.2. Algorithm of forming complex marketing komunіkatsіy
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9. Complex marketing komunіkatsіy
9.1. Advertising
9.2. Propaganda
9.3. Stimulation
9.4. Personal sales
9.5. Direct marketing
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10. Marketing policy
10.1. Sutnіst marketing-politika rozpodіlu
10.2. Formuvannya Channel
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11. Manage Channels Rozpodilu
11.1. Otsіnka channel rovpodіlu
11.2. Lіkvіdatsіya konflіktіv at the channels of rozpodіlu
11.3. Predrednits'ka dіyalnіst near the channels of the rozpodіlu
11.4. Marketing policy and marketing
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12. Organizing that control of marketing activity on the company
12.1. Organizing marketing activity on the basis of
12.2. Monitoring of marketing activities
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Control test of the discipline "Marketing"
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