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Marketing - Pavlenko A.F., Voichak A.V.

Pavlenko A.F., Voychak A.V.

P 12 Marketing: Pidruchnik. - K .: KNEU, 2003 .-- 246 p.

ISBN 966-574-431-3

Marketing: Pidruchnik. Pavlenko A.F., Voychak A.V.

The clerk has a basic food supply, which is open to marketing for marketing as a result of the minds of market competition and competition. Most of the respect is based on marketing ideas, methods, algorithms and tools that need to be used for satisfying the needs and attainment of power.

For business, marketing services, as well as for students and students of special specialties and other mortgages.

BBK 65.290-2


1. Sutnist marketing to that yogo sochasna concept
1.1. Rosumіnnya marketing
1.2. Similar to the concept of European marketing
1.3. Basic understanding of marketing
Self-control routine
2. The system and characteristics of an ordinary marketing
2.1. Principles, marketing concept and functionality
2.2. System for marketing
2.3. See the hottest marketer
Self-control routine
3. Marketing
3.1. Sutnist and that marketing system
3.2. Marketing Information
3.3. Naval business middleware and microenterprise for marketing and marketing opportunities
3.4. Marketing Risk Market
3.5. Marketing and business
Self-control routine
4. Marketing product policy
4.1. The essence of marketing and commodity policies
4.2. Product Marketing Concept
4.3. Life cycle product
4.4. Competitiveness of the product of the method
4.5. Management of the product range and nomenclature of goods in goods
Self-control routine
5. Plan new products
5.1. Sutnost understanding "new product"
5.2. Algorithm for planning new products
5.3. Reasons for the failure of new products
Self-control routine
6. Marketing price policy
6.1. The essence of marketing price policy
6.2. The algorithm of marketing rosrahunku price
6.3. Management of business prices
Self-control routine
7. Methods of marketing value
7.1. Method of direct pricing
7.2. Indirect marketing
Self-control routine
8. Marketing policy
8.1. The essence of marketing policy
8.2. Algorithm form a complex of marketing campaigns
Self-control routine
9. A complex of marketing communications
9.1. Advertising
9.2. Propaganda
9.3. Stimulate Zbutu
9.4. Personal sales
9.5. Direct marketing
Self-control routine
10. Marketing policy rozpodilu
10.1. The essence of marketing policy
10.2. Formuvanny kanal_v rozpodilu
Self-control routine
11. Managing channels of rozpodilu
11.1. Otsіnka channel_v rozpodilu
11.2. Likvidatsiya konflіktіv at the channels rozpodilu
11.3. Poserednitska dіyalnіst at the channels rozpodіlu
11.4. Marketing policy rozpodilu i logistika
Self-control routine
12. Organizations and control of marketing activities on business
12.1. Organizational marketing dіalnostі on pіdpriєmstvі
12.2. Monitoring marketing dіalnostі pіdpriєstva
Self-control routine
The control test of the discipline "Marketing"
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