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Audit of foreign countries - Petrik O. A., Fenchenko M. T.


Primary school for self-discipline vivchennya discipline

Petrik O. A., Fenchenko M. T.

P 30 Audit in foreign lands: Navcha.-method. Posibnik for samost. vivch disc. / Zag. ed. O.A. Petrik. - K .: KNEU, 2002. - 168 p.

ISBN 966-574-370-8

In The Teaching-methodical posіbniku, pіdgotovlenomu Vpershe vіdpovіdno to navchalnoї prog course "Audit in zarubіzhnih kraїnah" visvіtlyuyutsya ponyattya audit auditorskoї dіyalnostі, їh sphere dії in zarubіzhnih kraїnah, organіzatsіya i funktsіonuvannya auditorskih fіrm, kriterії otsіnki auditor fіnansovoї zvіtnostі, auditorsky rizik, Etap auditing, auditing, proof of visibility, documenting the work of the auditor, folding auditing, auditing of specific characteristics and rosrahunkiv. The theoretical material is supplemented with drawings, tables, butts. The literature was recommended by those who give them, and also for practical purposes, to take that initial material before them.

For students of economics universities, students, students, practitioners, auditors, auditors, specialists, and others, as well as all the other important problems of auditing.

BBK 65.053