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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

Economic analysis : Nav. posibnik / M.A. Bolyukh, V.Z. Burchevsky, M. І. Humpbacked Ta In .; Ed. Acad. NASU, prof. M. G. Chumachenko. - View. 2-ge, reoff. i additional - K .: KNEU, 2003 .-- 556 p.

ISBN 966-574-416-X

Navalny posbnik rozkrivaє najvlivlіshі problems and urgent economic analysis. The methodology of vivchencheniya gosodarskikh processes, financial analysis, analysis of victorious resources and secure effective management of business with new accounting standards were standardized.

For students і vikladachіv ekonomіchnih universities. A companion will be replicated for practitioners of viral careers, commercial companies and banks, insurance and subsidiary organizations, scientific institutions.

BBK 65.053


Chastina I. Osnovi teorії ekonomіchnogo analizu
Rozdil 1. Economic analysis and management of management decisions
1.1. Zmіst і zavdannya ekonomіchnogo analysis
1.2. The nature of management
1.3. The process of accepting management decisions and economic analysis
1.4. Management of economic analysis and economic analysis
1.5. Administrative region and economic analysis
Rozdil 2. Subject і see economic analysis
2.1. The role of economic analysis for the marketplace
2.2. Історія і prospective development of economic analysis
2.3. Meta zavdannya ekonomіchnogo analysis. Main category
2.4. The Sound of Economic Analysis with Higher Science Disciplines
2.5. The subject of economic analysis
2.6. See straightforward economic analysis
Rozdil 3. The method of taking economical analysis
3.1. The essence of the method of economic analysis, its characteristics and methodological basis
3.2. Technical adoption of economical analysis and classification
3.3. Abstract-logical priyomi ekonomіchnogo doslіdzhennya
3.4. Special features of the city for the reception of private holidays in the economy
3.5. Heuristic priyomi dosljennya
3.6. The sutnnost of average and daily values ​​and the fact that they are in economic analysis
3.7. Victoria in an economical analysis of a number of dynamics
3.8. Victory of the graphical method in the analysis of the state dialnost
3.9. Congestion group in the analysny doslizhennyah
3.10. Balance sheet
3.11. Priyomi eliminuvannya in economic analysis
3.12. Victoria in an economical way of proportioning, private participation in the integral way
Rozdil 4. Modeling of the State Diversity of Ukraine
4.1. The essence of the model of state gifts in economic analysis and the need for realizatsii
4.2. Victory of mathematical methods in economical analysis
4.3. Integration of the model for the use of economic and mathematical methods in the most advanced information systems for managing the radio on the basis of
Rozdil 5. Information base and analysis of personal computers
5.1. System of economic information
5.2. Information security of economic analysis and structure
5.3. Computer technology analytic robots
Розіл 6 Organization and that of economic analysis
6.1. Methodical Principle of Organizing Economic Analysis
6.2. Golovnі etapi analitichno ї robots and their characteristics
6.3. Sufficiency dzherel іnformatsії ekonomіchnogo analysis. Methodology of Reconstructing Accessibility
6.4. Outraged and formalized results
Chastina II Financial analysis
Rozdil 7. Analysis of financial results of the business process
7.1. Znamennya, zavdannya analizu i dzherela іnformatsії
7.2. Form of income, vitrate and business benefits
7.3. Analysis of products realizing products
7.4. Analysis of income and value of folders
7.5. Analysis of reserves for profit
7.6. Analysis of the clean net
7.7. Product profitability analysis
7.8. Analysis of rozmiru that model of the main trends of development
Rozdil 8. Analysis of financial services to the company
8.1. The role of financial analysis in the state support of the government for the transition to the market economy
8.2. The main steps to balance analysis. Inflation on the balance sheet
8.3. Analysis warehouse Mayna and Dzherel yogo assimilation
8.4. Analysis of liquidity and plateau after payings P (S) BO No. 2
8.5. Analysis of financial stability
8.6. Analysis of the effectiveness of working capital
8.7. Analysis of the turnover of pennies
8.8. Analysis of debit and creditors' bargaining
8.9. Analysis victorian capital
Rozdil 9. Analysis of investment and industrial property
9.1. Analysis of investment activities for financial contributions
9.3. Analysis of financial investment systems adopted by management
9.4. Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of managing a portfolio of financial investments
Rozdil 10. Diagnosis of bankruptcy rises and the impact of inflation on the adoption of financial nature
10.1. Analytical diagnostics of possible bankruptcy
10.2. Characteristics of indicators of lack of payment
10.3. Methods for predicting possible bankruptcy
10.4. Influence of inflation on the adoption of the decision of financial nature
Chastina III. Administrative analysis
Rozdil 11. Analysis of realizable products and marketing activities
11.1. Significance and zavdannya analysis of marketing dіyalnos tі
11.2. Analysis of realizable products
11.3. Analysis of the market for products
11.4. Analysis of financial policies of enterprises
11.5. Analysis of the system of distribution of goods
11.6. Analysis of competitiveness of products
Rozdil 12. Analysis of virology products and services
12.1. Significance, zavdannya i dzherela analizu virobnitstva products
12.2. Analysis of obyag_v and dynamics of production of products
12.3. Analysis of the product range
12.4. Analysis of the structure of the product launch
12.5. Product Analysis
12.6. Analiz marriage
12.7. Analysis of rhythm and virology
Rozdil 13. Analysis of effective labor market resources
13.1. Analysis of effective labor market resources
13.2. Analysis of material resources
13.3. Analysis of the effectiveness of the main main concerns
Rozdil 14. Analysis of vitrate and viral products and products
14.1. Significance, zavdannya that dzherela information
14.2. Indicators of self-supporting products
14.3. Otsіnka obruntovanosti planned rivnya sobvartostі commodity products
14.4. Analysis of the total amount of goods and products
14.5. Analysis of single products Single products
14.6. Analysis of dynamic dynamics of self-sustaining products
14.7. Analysis of vitrate per hryvnia of commodity products
14.8. Analysis vitrat for economic elements
14.9. Analysis of the products for the articles of calculation
10/14. Analysis of direct material vitrates
11/14. Otsіnka vitrat on direct pay
12/14. Analysis of vitrats for servicing virobnitstva
14.13. Intensive Complex Vitrati
14.14. The building of the reserve reserves of low-maintenance products
14.15. Strategic analysis
14.16. Operational analysis of products and products
14.17. Intra_gospodarsky analiz vitrat
14.18. Porvnyalny analiz sobvartostі
14.19. Functional-Vartisny analysis
Rozdil 15. Particularities of analysis of the economic diyalnost
15.1. Analysis of interest in non-resident non-resident activities
15.2. Analysis of the exporter of export viral contracts and commercial areas
15.3. Analysis of the occurrence of virobnitstva vid of foreign post-builders
15.4. Analysis ruhu of foreign money pennies
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