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Plavnnya with the method vikladannya - Klopov R.V.


Primary school for students of faculty of physical education and institute of physical culture.

UDC: 794.212 (076) BBK: H 517.175 i73

Swimming with methods of learning : practical application: Navalny school for students of faculties of physical education and institute of physical culture. / Uklad .: Klopov R.V., Ivanov A.P., Nazarenko V.V. - Zaporizhzhya: ZNU, 2005. - 40 p.

First-time student misstituting material, just go to the program course "Swimming with the method of wicking". To give practical and theoretical material to the distribution “Apply the swimming and the techniques of the cob in the methods of applied swimming and the primary help on the water”. The assignment book for students of specialties is ol_mpіysky and professional sports, physical training, physical re-employment. The primary school presents a zagalnom scheme of early-fashioned technical training methods, rules of behavior for the extreme conditions of the extreme situation and the same tone.

Wikladen material is recommended for students and self-employed students using the development of professional skills that are necessary for the process to occupy them from the cob of the applied methods of navigation and help with water.

Reviewer: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head. sport departments іgor Doroshenko E.Yu.

Vidpovіdalnyy per vipusk: k.p.n., associate professor, head. sport chairs

Svatyov A.V.