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Zvіtnіst budget set - Tkachenko I.T.

Zvіtnіst budget set - Tkachenko I.T.

Tkachenko I. T.

T 48 The budget budget set: Navch. posibnik. Type 2, special stages. i pererobl - K .: KNEU, 2005. - 548 p.

ISBN 966–574–711–8

At the school campus, prepared on the basis of the law of the day insurance vіd nespasnih vipadkіv on virobnitstvі that professional zahvoruvan, Fund zaynyanostі, Sovereign of taxpay adminіmіnіstratsії ta іn. On the streets of the city, the aim is to understand the “balance”, “starness”, “visonania costoris”. Usi forming the statute of the Dan as of 01/01/05, with a detailed description of the principles of the rules and principles of indictment, come before them.

Rosrahovano on students of economics universities, as well as practical training specialists, who work as accountants and economists at budget establishments, as well as fahіvtsyam organs, who deny the sound of cich organ.

BBK 65.052


Rozdil І. Sustainable approaches to accounting bookkeeping services, warehouse and warehouse
Nazvi Zvіtіv, їх numbers that body, yaky solidified
Rozdil II. Zagalnі postalennya zladannya zv_tnost_ budgetary establishments that order її for an iodi i zatverdzhennya
Rozdil III. Methods of folding the budget fixers
The order of folding projects
The order of the rosters і zatverdzhennya koshtorisіv
Main Vimogi Schodo Viconania Koshtorisu
Skladannya vikonnya rozpisu Derzhavnogo budget of Ukraine
Folded rozpisu
The introduction of the sun before the rozpisu
Timchashev exchanged asiguvan zagalny fund Sovereign to the budget
Viscoupling rozpisu zvіtnіst
Rozdil IV. Zvіtnіst budget set, hardened by the organs of the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine
Balance: yogo serpent, prompting and conscription technique
Rozdil І. Non-negotiable assets
Rozdil II. Revolving assets
Rozdil III. Vitrati
Rozdil І. Vlasny Kapital
Rozdil II. Zobov'yaznya
Rozdil III. Get profit
Zvіt pro vikonannya zagalny fund Koshtorisu set
Zvіt pro vikristannya koshtіv zagalnogo fund to the budget of the international relations of Ukraine
Zvіt about utrymannya childish preschool mortgages
Zvіt about vikonannya plan for the states і contingents of the organs of the state administration, the courts and the prosecutor’s offices, scientific and political establishments
Zvіt about Vikonannya plan for the states і contingents pledged pіdgotovki і pіdvishchennya kvalіfіkatsіі frame
Zvіt about Vikonannya plan for the states і contingents on the establishments of health
Zvіt about vikonannya plan for the states that contingents on zagalnoosvіtnіkh schools, schools-internat, specialіalnyh schools, schools-childish cages, internaty at schools
Zvіt about Vikonannya plan for the preparation of naukovichi frames from Vichnachnyh mortgages і naukovo-doslіdnyh installations
Zvіt about Vikonannya plan for the states і contingents іnshih mortgages і zodіv
Zvіt about ruh non-negotiable active
Zvіt about ruh materіalіv і products_v kharuvuvannya
Starts about the lack of theft of low-end goods and material values ​​from budget establishments
Zvіt pro nadkhodzhennya i and kikristannya Koshtіv, Otrimanih yak fee for services, nchodatsya budget set
Zvіt pro nadhodzhennya i and kikristannya Koshtіv, Otrimanih for іnshimi dzherelami oblasny nakhodzhen budget
Zvіt pro nadkhodzhennya i and kikristannya іnshih nadhodzhen special fund (poziki international financial organizations)
Zvіt pro nadkhodzhennya i and kikristannya іnshih nadhodzhen special fund (poziki international financial organizations)
Zvіt about bargaining budget set
Zvіt about bargaining budget set
Zvіt about bargaining budget set
Zvіt about bargaining budget set okramimy programs
Zvіt about fіnansov zobov'azannya budget set
Dovіdka pro koshti on viplatu assists i kompensitіy gomadjanyam, yakі have been injured on the sidelines of the Chernobyl disaster
Dov_dka about deposit operations
Dovіdka about skorochennya standards for utrimannya set
Dovіdka about pererahuvannya koshtіv on Vikonannya program
The order of the quarterly zvotnosі bodies of the State Treasury of Ukraine
Warehouse quarterly warehouse
Record Forms of Stars
Vidatki zagalnogo fund fund budget
Vidatki special fund budget
Last Minute Star of Visiting Mass Budget
Rozdil V. Forms zvitnostі, hardened Derzhkomstatom Ukraine
Zvit z pratsі
Warehouse fund pay pratsi
Zvіt about the camp of bargaining іz viplati zarobіtnoї pay
Starts out of causes for that strike
Zvіt pro vikristannya robotic hour
Zvіt pro naavnіst vіlnyh robotic m_tsts (vacant posad) that I will need in pracіvniki
Starts about the importance of pracivnik, their yakisny warehouse and profession
Rozdil VI. Form zv_nostі, zatverdzhenі funds insurance
Zapovnennya rozrahunku zobov'yazannya zi splati zboru on obov'yazkovoe parenstva pensіyne insurance pay by pay for the sound of m_syats
Recognition doodatku to rozrahunku goiter'yazan іz pensіynogo zboru
Ros'yasnennya zhdodo zapovnennya zv_tu about naravovan внес contributions, pererahuvannya that Vitrati, tied up ız zagalobov'ovkovim social socialnaya vydovunnyam at the ryazyku vtvuyu vratnoy otrazdezhdatnostní on forms F4-FSStTV
Perelіk pіlg, peredbachenih legislation with viplati dopomogi to the individuals who suffered from the black-and-white catastrophe to the columns 5-6 Rozdu 4
Rozdil VIІ. The procedure for adding to the game about the victorist cats without setting
The procedure for adding to the game about the victorist cats without setting
Recourse to taxation of the victorian cattle by non-standard installations and organisation
The procedure for determining the structure of a non-issue identification
І. Main position
Ii. Structure of the mark
Perelіk regulatory legal acts, yakami marked special features of the establishment of non-establishment of (organіzatsіy)
Methodical recommendations of the structure of the signs of non-establishment of (organіzatsіy)
1. Organize the state power of Ukraine, establish the organization of the local government and establish them, so as to fill in with the budget of the budget
2. Benefit Fund and Benefit Organs
3. Pension funds, credit spills
4. (0011) - інші, ніж are assigned in the paragraphs "b", legal entities, who have not been given the right to gain additional money with the norms of internal laws
5. (0012) - references, associations and legal acts of legal entities, residential-cooperative cooperatives, which are intended for presentation of interests
6. (0013) - Religion Organizations
Polozhen about the organization of non-profit organizations that set
Registration of non-operational installations
The introduction of the filing (additional) to the register
ROZDIL VIII. Uzgodzhenist pokaznik_v ізних forms zv_nost_ budget set
ROZDIL ІХ. Terminals for documenting the accounting area and the level of budget
Termini zberіgannya documents for their species
ROZDIL H. Viktorovna test for the knowledge of students for the help of computer technologies
Run programs
Robot with the program "editor of the simulator"
Robot with the program "Simulator"
Dodatok 1. About the Derzhavna Treasury of Ukraine
Dodatok 2. Feed the Sovereign Treasury
Dodatok 3. Put about the State Treasury
Dodatok 4. About the hardening of the mechanism of the exchange of budgetary expenditures
Dodatok 5. About setting a hardened migration of a group of high-ranking, low-cost, state-of-the-art, self-employed organizations
Dodat 6. About the maximum value of the actual vitrata for the payment of fees of Namani pratsivnik_v, income of the income (income), the estimated income of income
Dodatok 7. About the payment of fees of pratsіvnik_v on the basis of the “unique tariffs of the rosettes and kuphіtsіntvyv with the payment of pratsі of pratsіvnikіv usty, mortgaged that organizatsii okhrekh galuzsey budgetary sphere