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Економіка зарубіжних країн - Філіпенко А. С.

Економіка зарубіжних країн

Author A.S.Filipenko

The pidrugniku rozkrivayutsya zagalnі ekonomichnyi osnovi suhasnoї tsivіlіzatsії, ґruntovno analizuyutsya golovnyi sferi svitovoї ekonomiki, vysvіtlyuyutsya regionalnyi osoblivosti ekonomichnogo rozvitku mestov iz ekstrapoljacієyu on the problems, consumers and consumers of Ukraine.

The head of the respect is attached to the factors that are the jerusalem of the economical zarastan of the marginal regions, the nutrients of the state and the function of the financial infrastructure in the countries of the world, the state of emergency of the radical economic reforms.

For students of economical specialties of the viscous naves.

ISBN 966-06-0071-2