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Management of special projects (summary of lectures of NUPSU)


1. Zagalnaya characteristic of project management
1. Management investment projects
2. Make sure that the value of the projects in the investment strategy of the company
3. Understand the value of project management systems
4. Organizational structures of project management
2. Oburantavnya dotsіlnost_ project
2.1. Viznachennya design alternatives
2.1.1. Viznachennya Criteria for Vibor Projects
2.1.2. Maybutnya that teperіshnya vartіst groszy
2.1.3. Payback Period (PBP)
2.1.4. Oblіkova rate of return (Accounting Rate of Return - ARR)
2.1.5. Net Present Value (NPV)
2.1.6. Internal rate of return Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
2.1.7. Index Pributkovost (Profitability Index - PI)
2.2. Presentation of the statute of the project
2.2.1. Analyze micro-sequence and macro-project
2.2.2. Description zagalnogo zavdannya project
3. The main forms of organization structures of projects
3.1. Motivational models in the management
3.2. Sutnіst ta tipi organizatsіynykh strukut upravlenіnnya
3.3 Organizational structures of project management
3.4. Modern trends in the development of organizational structures of management
Zavdannya for іndivіdualno ї robot
4. The key to the plan, the structure and control of the project
4.1. Makroekonomichny p_dkh_d to plan the project
4.2. Main processes in project management
4.3. Project Development Plan
4.4. See that task and plan
4.5. This plan is for the project
Stage 1. Rozumіnnya otochennya project
Stage 2. Formula project
Step 3. Plan the project
Stage 4. Technical Vikonny project
Stage 5. Project management
4.6. Planning a project
4.7. Structure of rosopol (decomposition) of robit (CPP)
4.8. Restoration of the last robot
4.9. Otsіnka trivalost robіt
Zavdannya for samostіyno ї robot
5. Сітове that calendar planuvannya
5.1 Sutnіst ta vidi calendar-sytovyh plan_v
5.2. Іstorіya sіtovogo plannuvnya i control
5.3. Sutnіst that the main elements of the sieve of the plan of management
5.4. Order and rules of social graphs
The order of the music graph
5.5. Understanding the way
5.6. Hours of Parameters and Optimization of Sythian Graphs
5.7. Factor viboru optimal solution
5.8. Methodology of compromise resolution
5.9. Injecting types of contracts for acceptance of compromise solution
5.10. Graphic Analysis of Compromising Solutions
Head for self
6. Control of the viscous project
Before that, independent expertise of projects
Examination of sovereign investment programs
System of assessment and control in the project
The support plan for the project is the basis for the control of vikonannyam project
Indicators Visonannya Robit
Prognosis of the residual project
Meta, see and direct
Monitoring of the State Power
7. Estimation and insurance of the project
7.1. Understand that design rizik_v
7.2. Spіvvіdnoshennya riziku i dohіdu
7.3. Analyze responsiveness to the project
7.4. Analysis of the project
7.5. Monte-Carlo Simulation Method
7.6. Model otsіnki kapіtalnikh aktiv_v (MOKA) in ots_nts_ dots_lnost__nvestits_y
7.7. Mechanism of neutrality of investment rizik_v
9. Organizing the bidding for projects
Contract placement on real estate investment projects
Vibіr proektovuvalnik_v project
Organizational material-technical protection
Organizing Effective Robits at Budinick
Kredituvannya investment projects under the guarantor of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Ukraine
Concession Investments in Ukraine
9. Formvani i rozvitok design team
9.1. Organizational plan
9.2. Bases to form a team
9.3. Organizing the Effectiveness of the Action Commands
9.4. Managing team personnel
9.5. Success criteria for the project team
10. Programming of the project management process
10.1. Sutnіst ta zm_st upravlenіnnya komunіkatsіyami
10.2. Documentation of the project, its form and classifications
10.3. Planning information link
10.4. Zvituvannya about Vikonannya project
10.5. Administering the project
10.6 Zagalnaya characteristics of the program Project Expert
10.7. System modeling project
10.8. System control process of the project