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Tsіni tsіnova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

tseni tsinova politika

Tormosa Yu. G.

T 60 Tsіni ta tsіnova Politika : Navch . posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2001. - 122 p.

ISBN 966–574–249–9

At the ambassador's office are theoretical and methodical in setting the standard in the internal market, hanging out the main methods of research and development of the main strategy of the national enterprise and the real estate fund, which is in place and in place with the funds and funds, which is applied on the basis of the strategic methods and business strategy of the strategic strategy of the company and of the funds and funds, which is applied to the market Significant respect is given to the problems of the analysis of the bezzbitkovost of this practical practical application with formulating standards.

For students of economics specialties of the public schools, fahіvtsіv sіnоtvorevennya that pіdpriєmtsіv.