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Capital bank: nutrition of theory and practice - Alekseєnko M.D.

Capital Bank: Nutrition Theory and Practice

Alekseєnko M. D.

Capital bank : nutrition theory and practice: Monograph. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 276 p.

ISBN 966-574—393—7

The monograph has the basic theoretical impairment of bank capital in the minds of the market economy, the distribution and analysis of the mechanized form of the main warehouse bank capital, which is available and stored in a specific bank. I took a look at the rights holders and interests of the participants and the creditors of the banks as I would like to know the stability of the resource base.

The monograph has been distributed for holidays, science and practical practice, students in the field of primary mortgages, hearing centers of the master training and training courses. I’ll have everything suitable for you in order to deal with the problems of bank help.