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Information marketing - Єzhova L.F.

Єzhova L.F. - Information marketing

Єzhova L. F.

Є-40 Information Marketing: Nav. posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 560 p.

ISBN 966–574–349 – X

By way of informing students with theoretical and practical marketing of their own subdivisions, problems with marketing, informational marketing, and competitive marketing

A compendium of assignments for students of the V specialization course 8102 "Economic kibernetica", as well as starting for the program "Information Management". We will be cinnamon to students, post-graduate students and graduates of economic specialties, as well as those who appear to be problems of an informational galaxy.

BBK 65.290-2


Rozdil 1. Introduced into information marketing
1.1. Special features of information technology
1.2. Daily News Marketing
1.3. Pricing and Information Marketing Functions
1.4. See Marketing Information
1.5. About and sub-marketing of information marketing
Rozdil 2. Marketing information
2.1. Marketing Information
2.2. Tipi marketing information and that dzherela
2.3. Marketing middleware
2.4. Marketing Information Systems
Rozdil 3. Economic and mathematical methods and models in marketing
3.1. Model of business
3.2. Statistical Methods of Marketing Marketing Information
3.3. Balance models in marketing
3.4. Optimization models in marketing
3.5. Methods and models of inventory management in marketing
3.6. A model for marketing and living in marketing
3.7. Models for forecasting buying food
3.8. Theory of mass servants in marketing tasks
3.9. Theory igor in marketing tasks
3.10. Expert Systems
Rozdil 4. Methods of marketing marketing information
4.1. Basic Rules and Direct Marketing
4.2. Method і Hack vimіryuvannya marketing
4.3. Problems of the availability of primary information
4.4. Organizational vibration control
Rozdil 5. Conducting marketing
5.1. Planning the marketing process
5.2. Visiting requirements for information and vibration processing methods
5.3. Processing, transmission and vikoristannya results to dosledzhennya
5.4. Marketing Control
Rozdil 6. Management marketing dіyalnіstyu
6.1. Marketing Management Systems
6.2. Organization for marketing services, structure
6.3. Functional structure
6.4. The structure is based on specific products and services
6.5. The structure is designed for rinok
6.6. The structure, mounted on the corner of the city
6.7. Matrix organization marketing management structure
Rozdil 7. Marketing Strategy
7.1. Zagalny position, strategic planuvannya
7.2. Strategic management zrostannya pіdpriemstva ІОО
7.3. Mystery Planning Plan for Marketing
Rozdil 8. Virobnich policy іnformatsіyno firms
8.1. Classification of information products and services
8.2. Life cycle of information products and services
8.3. Product and technology innovation in the information galuz
8.4. Marketing piddіd at virobnichі polіtіtsі Ukrainian Ukrainian information companies
Rozdil 9. Rospodilna that advertising-zbutova policy of information and information companies
9.1. Special Features of the Policy on the Information Market
9.2. Special features of information products on the market
9.3. Rozpodіlna and zbutova dіyalіst on the information market of Europe
9.4. Rozpodіlna that advertising-zbutova dіyalіst in the informational galuzі Ukraine
Rozdil 10. Prior to the market of information products and services
10.1. Інформаційна індустраія та інформаційний ринок
10.2. Segmentation Market IPP
Segmentation Principles
Methodology segmentation
Segmentation criteria
Vibir of a whole market
Strategy for a healthy market
Vibir price segment
Strategies for maintaining the segment segment
Position_onuvannya product
Strategii positsіonuvannya goods for the market
10.3. Ukrainian rinok ІПП
Rozdil 11. Prior to the market of apartment facilities
11.1. Tendencies of development of computer industry in the country
11.2. Klasifіkatsіya of apartment zasobіv
11.3. Sweet rinok PC
Organizations zbutu computer technology
11.4. Rynok of apartments in Ukraine
Rozdil 12. Prior to the market of software concerns
12.1. Features of the PZ market
12.2. Classification of software products
12.3. Segmentation Market PZ
12.4. Vibir price segment of the market PZ
12.5. Sweet rinok of software products
12.6. Rinok PZ in Ukraine
Please pochat_vtsyam biznesu
Rozdil 13. Prior to the market of information resources and services
13.1. Formulation and features of the information resources market
13.2. Form and special features of the information service
Virobnitstvo servant
Established that mood ПЗ і додаткових Appendix
Repair and modernization
Complex service of technology and scrap
Інші see the servant
13.3. Special features of interactive services
Vzaimovidnosini between virobnikov DB and interactive services
Vzakmovidnosini interactive services with grouse
13.4. Segmentation of interactive services
13.5. Christmas and Interactive Market Services
Pleasure about the business relationship of telecomunication services for short-term capital
Rozdil 14. Prior to the Internet service market
14.1. Classification Internet-service
14.3. Internet Internet at the business center
14.4. Internet Internet in marketing dіyalnostі fіrmi
14.5. Internet Service Providers
14.6. Prospect for the development of Internet market Internet services
14.7. Rinok Internet-service in Ukraine
Ukrainian poshukov systems
Rozdil 15. Prior to the market of marketing and consulting services
15.1. Marketing Sector
Ukrainian rinok
Ukrainian Marketing Association (UAM)
15.2. Consulting Services
Business Consulting
Help Marketing Consulting
Organization of consultancy robots
Naibilshi consulting companies
USA Consulting
Consulting at Nimechchinі
Consulting in Ukraine
15.3. IT consulting
Rosvitok svitovogo IT consulting
IT consulting in Ukraine
15.4. Primary services sector
Rozdil 16. Reporting to the market in the information galuz
16.1. Informatization and problems and problems for IT staff
16.2. Rinok prazі programіvіv
Offshore business program
Certificate Programming
16.3. Problems before
16.4. Assessment
Rozdil 17. Features of competitive struggle on the information market
17.1. Change your mind and encourage business models of competitive business opportunities
17.2. Classification of competition
17.3. Factors in time for the information market
17.4. Competitiveness Parameters
17.5. Rozrakhunok parameter competitive competitiveness
17.6. Vibir of competitive strategy firms
Strategies for lowering products and products
Product differentiation strategy
Strategy segment of the market
Strategy for innovation
Negative Response Strategy for Consumer Market
Diversification Strategy
Organization of autonomous workgroups
Vibration of strategic competition fallow in the presence of companies on the market
Vibration strategy of competition at the winter stages
Rozdil 18. Value in the information galuz
18.1. Main view of the market value and type of market
18.2. Special features in informational galuzi
The problem of paid information service
Klasifіkatsіya price and that rosrahunok
Вартість інформації
18.3. Цінова політика інформаційних фірм
18.4. The form of the price of the virobichnik ІПП
18.5. Viznachennya price, acceptable for living
Rozdil 19. Pricing at the market of information services
19.1. Special values ​​for the market of information services
19.2. Value for the market of information resources and services
See payments
19.3. Pricing at the market of marketing services
19.4. Special offers for consulting services market
19.5. Pricing on the market of consulting services
Otsіnyuvannya paid servants
Calculation of sobartosti and priznachenny price for the weekend
Rozdil 20. Pricing on the market for software products
20.1. Features of software product development
The basic principle of value-for-money market
20.2. Method viznazhennya price on PZ
20.3. Order rozrahunku price on PZ
Information about analogues and consumptions in rose
Mistkіst internal market, drank in the PZ і yogo price
Established lower and upper mid-price
Pricing Discrimination to the PZ Market
Bar'єr entrance to rinz PZ
20.4. Licensed software products
Licensed agreement
Holy rhinoceros
Licensed market in Ukraine
20.5. Strategy Fіrmi schodo vstanovleniya price in PZ
20.6. Legal zahist software products
Warehouses PZ, scho p_dlyagayut zahist
Kintsevsky Koristuvach
Rozdil 21. The program for the implementation of marketing methods of marketing
21.1. Vimogi to software marketing concerns
21.2. Inspection of packages, most often victorious in practical dіyalnostі
Dodatok 1. Dzherela іnformatsії for vivchenchenya kon'unkturi a market
Pododatok 2. Nayvіdomіshі companies іinformatsіynіy іndustriії Ukraine
Dodatok 3. Perelіk poshukovyh systems
Dodatok 4. 100 real estate companies in the industry