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Philology. Methodology Pedagogy

F 54 Philology. Methodology Pedagogy: Zbіrnik naukovyh pracі vikladachіv departments of foreign countries and the Ukrainian language and literature of the Kiev national economic university. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 166 p.

ISBN 966-574-345-7

At the zbіrniku there are many professors of the departments of the foreign countries and the Ukrainian language and literature. They look at food of a theoretical, so methodical nature, related to the lessons of linguistic disciplines, and also with the nutrition of teachers from higher schools.

For the residents of the main primary mortgages of Ukraine.

BBK 81


Ukrainian language at schools
Peculiarities of syntactic concerns of official-style in the Ukrainian literary language
Reservation of financial-credit terminology
International and national in the current terminology
Z ustorії formuvannya ukrainskiy komertsіyno termіnologії
Discourse and Yoga
The specifics of the communicative situational legislation discourse
The role of internationalism in the form of Ukrainian national economic and legal terminology
Victory of the epistemic operators in the text for the visitor’s position of the author of the text
The role of customization in the established lexical synonyms of Ukrainian movi
Structural features of the significant sign in the current English language
The lexicographic description of French parts is often described in the previous article to relational building systems
Variety of forms of imperative in English
Emphase in science style
Take care of indirect turn spooky yak movny unіversalії
Organizations and securing the process of starting a busy business trip
The rozdumi on the topic of adaptation of a student-first-year student to new minds
Before posing a problem to the program of foreign movs in an economical university
Discussion as a method of activating students in employment with foreign language
The methodological description of the complex is right for the purpose of starting a professionally straightforward, monologous, low school student in an economical university
Etapi and didactic characteristics of structural elements of gris
Taxonomy supply as one of the factors udosokonalennya navchannya students іnnozemnoї movi
Management and leadership
Zastosuvannya audiomaterіalu on employment in foreign countries
About the relevance of patriotic outreach students in economic specialties
Philosophical aspect of the sociocultural approach to the vivchenny of foreign movs
Communicative-genres pidkhid to the placement of the updated material navalnogo posbnik
The form of the professional vocabulary of students in employment from the Ukrainian business language
Information and methodological protection of self-supporting student robots in case of international foreign language
Realization of “case studies” at the process of the weekly business of foreign movi
Zmіst and the formation of uninterrupted economic youth
Linguistic and methodical foundations for laying a handcuff with Ukrainian movi yak inozemno
Zarubіzhnі pіdruchniki and vimogi programs from foreign-language movi
Presentation Skills - An Important Aspect of Professional Incomation
Problems of professional activities of professional foreign language
Ancient Kievan epic and everyday traditions in the "White Guard" by M. A. Bulgakov
Ідіостильові transformationsі national-folk symbols at prose writers of Mikhail Stelmakh
The role of metaphor in the creative image of Ukraine in the path ез. Malanyuk