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Philology. The technique. Pedagogy

F 54 Philology. The technique. Pedagogy: Znіrnik naukovyh prats vikladachіv departments of the earth movement and the history of the Kiev National Economic University. - K .: KNEU, 2002. - 166 p.

ISBN 966–574–345–7

Zbіrniku vmіschenі pratsі vikladachіv of the Department of Earthland and Ukrainian News and Literature. They share the power of the yak of a theoretical, so methodical character, connected with the disciplines of the linguistic disciplines, and also with the nutrition of the pedagogical school.

For Vikladachіv vichnyh primary mortgage Ukraine.

BBK 81


Ukrainian language at school
Osoblivostі syntax features of the office-style style in Ukrainian Literature
Stocks at financial and credit terms
Internacional and national in daily terminology
Z історії Формування української і керційної Terminology
Discourse i yogogo doslіdzhennya
Specificity of Communicative Situation Legislative Discourse
The role of international relations in formulating Ukrainian economic and legal terminology
Vichristan epistemnyh operators_v text for vislovlyuvannya position of the author to text
The role of the independent lexico synonyms of the Ukrainian Movies
Structural features of deeds of meaning in such an English language
Lexicographic description of French chapters Yak suspicion of analizu їх nalezhnosі to real estate construction
Varіantnі form іmperaperava in anglіyskіy movi
Emfaza in scientific style
Zapobi indirect spinning spontaneity yak movnі unіsstalії
Organizing and securing the process at the busy land
Rozdumi on the topic of adapta of students in the first year before the new minds of the early days
Before setting the problem of the program of earthly moving schools in the university
Discussion yak method of activating students on busy land exploration
Methodical description of the complex has the right for the beginning of the professionally-spun-monologue monolithic students of senior courses in economics university
Etapi and didactic characteristics of structural elements of the Grid
Taxonomy power yak one of the factors perfected by the students
Management and Leadership
Zasosuuvannya audioaterialu on busy ground івної мїи
About the relevance of the pathogenic vihovannya of students of economic specialties
The Philosophical Aspect of Social and Cultural Development
Communal-genre p_dhіd before the installation of the hawk's maternity mate
Formulary of the vocabulary of students on busy days from the Ukraine
Information and methodological method of self-motivated robot students at vivcheno-earth-land moving
Implantation of "cases" in the process of cycling of the earth and earth movement
Zm_st ta forms bezperpervno ї ekonomіchno ї ovіti young
Lingvodometoichnі foundations podruchnika p ukraїnskoї movi yak earthly
Зарубіжні підручники that вимоги with programs from іноземної мови
Presentation Skills - the important aspect of professional learning spilkuvannya
Problem Vikladannya Prof.yno orіntovano ї zozemnoї Movi
Ancient Kiev epic and hagiographic traditions in the “White Guard” M. A. Bulgakov
Adiosteel Transformations of People-Poetic Symbols of the Prosperous Tractors of Mikhail Stelmakh
The role of metaphor in the creative image of Ukraine in Pozkі Є. Malaniuka