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Financial submission of the state grant - Tereshchenko O.O.

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T 35 Financial sanction sub'єktіv state grant : Nav. posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2003 .-- 554 p.

ISBN 966-574-441-0

The proclaimed front-end provider has a comprehensive range of relevant nutrition, activities related to the organization of financial activities, financial activities, cash flow management, dividends and payments

Apprenticeships for students, students of magisterial programs of economical universities, businessmen, financial directors, supervisors and analysts, financial managers, bankers, consulting companies and financial institutions. For additional assistance in specializing in financial services, you can choose the basic preparation of food from the organization of financial services and receive the necessary financial resources.

BBK 52.290-93


Rozdil 1. Fundamentals of financial dyalnost sub'ktiv state grant
1.1. Capital of business and economic day-to-day
1.2. Zmіst and the main endeavors of financial dyalnost sub'kktiv state donations
1.3. Financial performance in systems of functional functions of financial management of enterprises
1.4. Organization of financial dіalnostі pіdpriyms
1.5. Forms of financial investment
1.6. Criteria for accepting financial decisions
1.7. Theoretical Dzherela financial dіnalnostі pіdpriyms
1.7.1. Klasichna teorіya financialsuvannya
1.7.2. Theorem of irrelevance
1.7.3. Theory of optimizing portfolio investment
1.7.4. Model of valuation of capital assets (CAPM)
1.7.5. Neoinstitutional theory of finance
1.7.6. The concept of maximization of capitalization of capitalists (Shareholder-Value-Konzept)
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 2. Peculiarities of financial submission of state donations of official legal forms
2.1. Criteria of acceptance of the law on legal form of business organization
2.2. Financial submission of state grants without legal entity
2.3. Features of private financial private enterprises
2.4. Peculiarities of financial partnerships with an excluded business
2.5. Peculiarities of financial and social partnerships
2.6. Features of financial and command partnerships and partnerships
2.7. Financial cooperation of cooperatives
2.8. Peculiarities of financial investments with foreign investments
2.9. Finance of the sovereign and treasury enterprises
2.10. Financial co-operation on the basis of co-operative agreements
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 3. The form of the hairy capital
3.1. High capital, warehouse and warehouse functions
3.2. Statutory capital corporate rights
3.2.1. Nominal capital
3.2.2. Privileged shares
3.2.3. Balance and market courses
3.3. Reserve capital, business, see that dzherela formuvannya
3.4. Zbіlshennya statutory capital of enterprises
3.4.1. Basic principles and change of mind of statutory capital
3.4.2. Zbіlshennya statutory capital TOV
3.4.3. Methodology and Dzherela zbіlshennyastatutnogo capital AT
3.4.4. Overbear the right of owners to a dowry share (often)
3.4.5. Corporate Rights Course
3.4.6. The procedure for the establishment of statutory capital on the basis of subsidized corporate rights
3.5. Change of statutory capital
3.5.1. Zavdannya and the main change of mind and a change in the statutory capital of enterprises
3.5.2. Change of statutory capital TOV
3.5.3. How to change the statutory capital of AT
3.5.4. Sanation balance
3.6. Sound about power capital
Dodatki to razdіlu
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 4. Internal dzherela financial means of business
4.1. Klasifіkatsіya internal dzherel fіnansuvannya pіdpriyms
4.2. Samofinansuvannya pіdpriєmstv
4.2.1. Prikhovane samofіnansuvannya
4.2.2. Thesaurus
4.3. Zbіlshennya statutory capital without recourse to additional visits
4.4. Protection of offensive vitrats i payment
4.5. Clean Groshiy Potik (Cash-flow)
4.6. Cash flow indicators
4.7. Sound about rukh groshikhih koshtіv
Dodatki to razdіlu
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 5. Divіdendna polіtika pіdpriєmstv
5.1. Зміст, the value of the main statement of the dividend policy
5.2. Theories in the Galois Dividend Policy
5.3. Dividend Policy Factors
5.4. Order narahuvannya divіdendіv
5.5. Form viplati dividend
5.6. Instruments of Dividend Policy
5.7. Method Narahuvannya divіdendіv
5.8. Opodatkuvannya divіdendіv
5.8.1. Opodatkuvannya divіdendіv, so be clear non-residents
5.9. Efficiency of Dividend Policy
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 6. Funding of the box
6.1. Pozichkovy capital of industrial property, warehouse signs and warehouses
6.2. Finance loans
6.2.1. Dovgostrokov and short-term bank loans
6.2.2. Practical work of bank loans
6.2.3. Credit industry
6.2.4. Credit Protection
6.2.5. Credit in foreign currency
6.3. Obligations
6.3.1. See regional parameters
6.3.2. Емісія облігацій
6.3.3. Redemption of regional enterprises
6.3.4. Obligations with a zero coupon (Zerobond)
6.3.5. Convert Region
6.3.6. Varanti
6.4. Commercial loans
6.5. Factoring
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 7. Financial aspects of reorganization of enterprises
7.1. Reorganization as a specific direct financial means of business
7.2. Zagalny change your mind reorganization
7.3. Domestic enterprises
7.3.1. The essence of the main order of reorganization, which is directly related to the enlargement of enterprises
7.3.2. Zlittya that confession
7.3.3. Poglinannya (acquisitions)
7.4. Reorganization of enterprises, is located on the first rosukrupnennya
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 8. Financial and investment investments
8.1. Futility and Classification of Investment and Investment
8.2. Dovgostrokovі financials and investments
8.3. Streaming financial investments
8.4. Estimation of financial and investment investments
8.4.1. Assessment of contribution to investment with fixed interest rate
Cash-flow discount method
Effective Interest Rate Method
Rizik zmіini interest rates and dyuratsiya
8.4.2. Assessment of financial investment in corporate rights
Fundamental analysis
Technical analysis
8.5. Imagery of financial and financial investments in soundness
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 9. Otsіnka vartostі pіdpriєmstv
9.1. Neobkhidnist, zavdannya і principle of expert evaluation of the vartostі pіdpriemstva
9.2. Vartіst capital of enterprises
9.3. Methodical approaches to the assessment of the business process
9.3.1. Childhood
Discounted cash flow method (Discounted Cash-flow = DCF)
Method of capitalization of income
9.3.2. Mainoviy (Vitratny) pіdkhіd
9.3.3. Estimation of business opportunities on the basis of market approach
9.4. Practical work with evaluation
Tests and analytical situations
Rozdil 10. Financial support for enterprises in the sphere of traditional economy
10.1. Competent financial services in the sphere of foreign economic activity
10.2. Regulation of the distribution of viruses in international currency in foreign currency
10.3. Rosrachunks during healthy operations
10.3.1. The rules of general health and safety at the sphere of international economy
10.3.2. Type fees pay for negotiated agreements (contracts)
10.3.3. Forfaiting
10.4. Mitne registration and opodatkuvannya call for trade operations
Rozdil 11. Financial control
11.1. Sutnost, neobhodimost and the main endeavors of financial control
11.2. Strategic financial control
11.3. Operational financial control
11.4. Coordination of the central control function
11.5. Internal audit (revision) in the system of functional control
11.6. System of early congenital and reactive (SRPR)
11.6.1. Зміст, designation and organization
11.6.2. Forecasting bankruptcy on the basis of a discriminant analysis
11.7. Method Control
11.7.1. Break-Even-Analyse Analysis
11.7.2. Benchmarking
11.7.3. Vartіsniy analysis
11.7.4. Portfolio analysis
11.7.5. ABC-analysis
11.7.6. Analysis of strong and weak statistics on business
11.8. Method of financial forecasting
11.8.1. Expert (sub) activity forecast
11.8.2. Causal prediction
11.8.3. Method Extrapolation
Tests and tasks
Rozdil 12. Budget on
12.1. Budget management function of financial control
12.2. Budget Principles
12.3. Improve your budget
12.4. Budget system for business
12.5. Visa consume food in the capital
12.5.1. Zmіst that see consume in capital
12.5.2. Requirements for capital for financing the main concerns and non-material assets
12.5.3. Demand for capital for financial assets of current assets
12.6. Rules for financial statements
12.6.1. Gold rule financial
12.6.2. Gold balance rule
12.6.3. Rule of vertical capital structure
12.6.4. The effect of financial leverage
12.7. Planuvannya pributkіv and zbitkіv
12.8. Planuvanny lіkvіdnostі
12.9. Planuvannya indicator in the balance sheet
12.10. Forecast rukh groshih koshtіv (Cash-flow)
12.11. Budget control and analysis vidkhilen
Tests and tasks