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Finansovaya dіyalnist sub'єktіv gospoduyuvnya - Tereshchenko OO

Tereshchenko O. Oh .

T 35 Finansovaya dіyalnіst sub'єktіv gospodyuvannya : Navch. posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2003. - 554 p.

ISBN 966-574-441-0

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The assignments for students, students of magistracy programs of economics, higher education institutions, financial institutions directors, controllers and analysts, business managers, professional banks, consulting companies, financial programs. For additional assistance of a specialist in a financial field, you can create a basic training program for an organ of financial activity in a corporate environment.

BBK 52.290-93


Rozdil 1. Found the basis of the financial activities of the subcontracts
1.1. Kapіtal pіdpriєmstva that yogo ekonomichna sutnіst
1.2. Zm_st ta the main zavdannya fіnansovo d_yalnost_ sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya
1.3. Financial activity at the system of functional start-up financial management of the company
1.4. Organizational Financial Incentive Companies
1.5. Formi fіnansuvannya pіdpriєmstv
1.6. Criteria for the acceptance of financial decisions
1.7. Theoretical Djarela of financial relations of companies
1.7.1. Classical Theory of Finance
1.7.2. The theorem is irrelevant
1.7.3. Theory of Optimization Investment Portfolio
1.7.4. Model otsіnki dokh_dnost_ kapіtalnyh active_v (SARM)
1.7.5. Neoinstitutional Theory of Finance
1.7.6. Concept of Maximizing VAROSTOST Kapitalu Vlasnik (Shareholder-Value-Konzept)
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 2. Particularities of the financial and subjective nature of sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya іznyh organizational-legal forms
2.1. Criteria for the adoption of a decision about the vibra of the law-making organization of the organization
2.2. Finansovaya dіyalnіst sub'єktіv gospoduvannya without legally legal individuals
2.3. Peculiarities of private equity of private companies
2.4. Peculiarities of partnerships of partnerships between the two districts
2.5. Special features of partnerships of joint-stock companies
2.6. Peculiarities of financial activities of commanding and new partnerships
2.7. Finansovaya dіyalnі cooperatives
2.8. Special features of corporate activities with ground-based investments
2.9. Finansovaya dіyalnist sovereign і treasury pіdpriєmstv
2.10. Фінансування спіленої діяльності підприємств on the basis of the agreement of the cooperative
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 3. Formula vlasnogo kapіtalu p_dpriєmstv
3.1. Vlasny kapіtal, yogo functions and warehouses
3.2. Statutory capital corporate rights of the enterprise
3.2.1. Nominal Capital Companies
3.2.2. Privileged Shares
3.2.3. Balance and Market Rate of Shares
3.3. Reserve capital of the company, you see that form
3.4. Zbіlshennya statutory capital of the company
3.4.1. Fundamentals and changes of interest to statutory capital
3.4.2. Zbіlshennya statutnogo kapіtalu TOV
3.4.3. Methodology of the globalization of capital AT
3.4.4. Bulk vlasnik right to pridbannya akts_y (chastok)
3.4.5. Course of corporate law
3.4.6. The order of the statute capital on the basis of corporate rights
3.5. Substitution of statutory corporations
3.5.1. Zavdannya that fundamentally change your mind the statute of the capital of the company
3.5.2. Substitution of statutory capital to TOV
3.5.3. How to change the statutory capital of AT
3.5.4. Sanaciya Balance
3.6. Zvіt about vlasny kapіtal
Dodatki to Rozdilu
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 4. Internal dzherela funktiv pіdpriєmstv
4.1. Klasifіkatsіya vnutrіshnіh dzherel fіnansuvannya pіdpriєmstva
4.2. Samofіnansuvannya pіdpriєmstv
4.2.1. Prihovane samofіnansuvannya
4.2.2. Tezavratsіya recruitment
4.3. Zbіlshennya statutnogo kapіtalu without zaluchennya predatkovyh contributions
4.4. Withe offensive vitrati i payments
4.5. Pure clean pot (Cash-flow)
4.6. Cash-flow indicators
4.7. Zvіt about ruh groshovih koshtіv
Dodatki to Rozdilu
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 5. Dividend policy pіdpriєmstv
5.1. Zmіst, the value of the main divisive policy
5.2. Theories in the divisive politics
5.3. Factor Dividend Policy
5.4. Order narahuvannya divіdendіv
5.5. Forms of payment divіdendіv
5.6. Instruments of Dividend Policy
5.7. Method narahuvannya divіdendіv
5.8. Opodatkuvannya divіdendіv
5.8.1. Opodatkuvannya divіdendіv, yakі denies non-residents
5.9. Effectiveness of the Dividend Policy
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 6. Fіnansuvannya pіdpriєmstvza rakhunki pozichkovogo kapitalu
6.2. Financial loans
6.2.1. Dovgostrokov and that short-term bank loans
6.2.2. Practical robot із zlamennya bankіvskih credit
6.2.3. Credit Promotions
6.2.4. Loan loan
6.2.5. Loan in forex currencies
6.3. Obligatsi ppdpriєmstv
6.3.1. See area and parametric parameters
6.3.2. Em_sіya oblіgatsіy
6.3.3. Redemption area
6.3.4. Obligatsі z zero coupon (Zerobond)
6.3.5. Converted regions
6.3.6. Varani
6.4. Commercial loans
6.5. Factoring
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 7. Financial aspects and reorganization of private enterprises
7.1. Reorganization of the specific nature of financial institutions
7.2. Zadalnaya pereumovi reorganizatsії
7.3. Enlargement of the company
7.3.1. Sutnіst ta fundanі zavdannya reorganizatsії, hidden in the enlarged pіdpriєmstva
7.3.2. Zlitya that priєdnannya
7.3.3. Poglinannya (aquatic)
7.4. Reorganization of the company, hidden in this rosukrupnenya
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 8. Financial Investigations
8.1. Sutnіst і klasifіkatsіya fіnansovyh investvestіy pіdpriєmstva
8.2. Dovgostrokovі fіnansov investment
8.3. Performance of financial investments
8.4. Otsіnka dotsіlnostі fіnansovіh investitіy
8.4.1. Estimation of the contribution to investment in the fixed-rate investment policy
Cash flow flow disconnection method
Method of effective interest rates
Rizik interest rates і dyuratsіya
8.4.2. Otsіnka dotsіlnostі fіnansovyh investvіy y korporativnі rights
Fundamental Analysis
Technical analysis of aktsіy
8.5. Presentation of variance of financial investment in the game
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 9. Otsinka vartost p_dpriєmstv
9.1. Necessity, heading and principle of the expert assessment of the status of the company
9.2. Vartіst kapіtalu pіdpriєmstva
9.3. Methodical considerations to assessments of partnerships
9.3.1. Dohdny p_dkhіd in the assessment of varonost ppdprimstv
Discounted Cash-flow = DCF method
The method of capital gains
9.3.2. Maynovy (vitranny) p_dkh_d
9.3.3. Otsіnka vartosti p_dpriєmstva on the basis of the market
9.4. Practical working with the robotics
Test and Analytical Situations
Rozdil 10. Finansovaya d_yalnit p_dpriєmstv at spheres of common economic issues
10.1. Competences of financial services in the field of local economic activities of the company
10.2. Regulyuvannya rozpodіlu viruses vіd zovnіshnoeekonomichno ї dіyalnost іnozemnnі currency
10.3. Rosrahunki at healic domestic operating operations
10.3.1. The rules for the building of the Rozrahunkіv in spheres of the zoons of economy
10.3.2. Typical payment of domestic economic agreements (contract)
10.3.3. Forfaiting
10.4. Mitne designed that opodkuvannya zovnіshnnodobelnnyh operations
Rozdil 11. Financial control
11.1. Sutnіst, neobhіdnіst ta the main head of financial control
11.2. Strategic financial control
11.3. Operational Financial Control
11.4. Coordination of central control functions
11.5. Internal Audit (Revision) in the System Functions Control
11.6. The system of early transfer and reaguena (СРПР)
11.6.1. Zm_st, prikaznennya that organizatsіya
11.6.2. Prognosis of bankruptcy on the basis of discriminative analysis
11.7. Control Method
11.7.1. Analyze Break-Even-Analyze Points
11.7.2. Benchmarking
11.7.3. Vartisny analiz
11.7.4. Portfolio Analysis
11.7.5. ABC-analiz
11.7.6. Analysis of the strong and the weaker mass in the company
11.8. Method of financial prediction
11.8.1. Expert (sub-active) prediction
11.8.2. Causal prediction
11.8.3. Methods of extrapolation
Testing and Tasks
Rozdil 12. Budgetary for ppdpriєmstvі
12.1. The budget of the yak functions of financial control
12.2. Principles of budget
12.3. Budget way
12.4. The system of budgets for the benefit of
12.5. Viznachennya consume pіdpriєmstva in capital
12.5.1. Zm_st ta see consumption in capital
12.5.2. Demanding capital investments for the main business and non-active assets
12.5.3. Need for capital investments for working capital assets
12.6. The rules of the fs
12.6.1. Gold rule of finance
12.6.2. Gold balance rule
12.6.3. The rule of vertical structure of capital
12.7. Planning of the profits and zbits
12.8. Planning lіkv_dnostі
12.9. Plannuvenka pokaznikіv balance
12.10. Cash Cash Flow Forecast (Cash-flow)
12.11. Budget control that anal_z v_dkhilen
Testing and Tasks