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Investment credit - Peresada A.A.

Peresada A.A., Mayorova T.V.

P 27 Investment credit : Navch. posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2002. - 271 p.

ISBN 966–574–329–5

The introduction of the initial writer of spellings is up to the program course “Invest in credit”, which is meant to enter into the administration of the admin board for the special manager “Bank management investment.” My ambition is based on theoretical and methodological foundations of credit vodnos, they enter into the investment process, and also bankrupt, sovereign, healthy, mortgage, earthly investment, and a person's credit, and a person’s credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a land loan, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a land loan, a land investment, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a state credit, a land loan, a land loan, a credit, a credit, a state credit, a land loan, a land investment, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a land loan, a land investment, a credit, a credit, a credit, a credit, a state credit, a land loan, a land investment, a credit credit At tsiomu, the esteem is especially respectable for managing riziki with investment credit.

For students and graduates of economical deputies, as well as faculties, as well as fahіvtsіv finansovo-credit set.

BBK 65.262.2


ROZDIL 1. Sutnіvest Investment loan
1.1. Understand Investment Credit
1.2. Objective investment credit
1.3. Sub'єkti (participants) investment lending
1.4. Transfers to the credit method of financial investment projects
ROZDIL 2. Bankіvske i nvestcіyne to redituvanna
2.1. Principles of bankinvest investment credit
2.2. See bankinvest investment credit
2.3. Vib_r ob'єkіv for bankinvest investment credit
2.4. Investment investment loan factor, which means that
ROZDIL 3. Organizational process of bank investment credit
3.1. The process of organizing bank investment credit
3.2. View application for investment credit
3.3. Vivchennya kreditopromazhnosti and financial camp of the head
3.4. Form a banknote investment bank loan
3.5. Rosrahunok Sum of redemption of foreign trade for investment positions
3.6. The value line is a string of investing points.
3.7. Credit facilities (contract), yogogo assignment, warehouse і order of folding
3.8. Control (monitoring) in bankinvest investment lending process
ROZDIL 4. Bankіvska Examination and Evaluation of the Assessment and Efficiency of the Credit Investment Project
4.1. Examination of documents obruntuvannya invest investing poychalnika
4.2. Expertise of the investment project
1. A front page view of the investment project.
2. Analysis of the investment project
4.3. Financial and investment report of investment project
4.4. Rosrahunok pokaznikіv efektivnost_ real investment projects
4.5. Estimates of the investment project in the minds of non-significant
1. Influencing on the investment investment.
2. Analyze responsiveness to the project
3. Analiz bezbitkovkosti
4. Analiz ekvіvalenta in truth
ROZDIL 5. The state of affairs with investment credit
5.1. Characteristics and characteristics of the sovereign investment lending
5.2. Taxable investment credit
5.3. Characteristics of a successful investment credit
5.4. Derzhavna Investment Bank Loan Fund
ROZDIL 6. Investment bills for the outpost
6.1. Characteristics of an investment certificate
6.2. Principles of assessment of offshore loans in mortgage credits
6.3. Methodology on the subject of non-operative at mortgage credits
6.3.1. Gross rent method
6.3.2. Direct method of capturing
6.3.3. The method of investing capital investment
6.4. Victory financial leverage and investment group method for mortgage lending
6.5. Tradition technology of investment-investment analysis in the method of assessment
6.6. Specific land grades for mortgage credits
ROZDIL 7. Leasing
7.1. Zmіst, about'єkti ta vidi lіzingu
7.2. Financial Leasing Yak Dzherelo Finance Investment Projects, Signs and Organizations
7.3. Participants of lіzingovyh of operations, їх mutual relations and regulation
7.4. The order is assigned to the retail leasing payment. Graphic lizingovyh payments, yogo zm_st i order of folding
7.5. Lіzingovі contracts, their plans, see that warehouse
7.6. Leasing in Ukraine: Mill and prospects of development
ROZDIL 8. International Investment Credit
8.1. International Investment Credit and Your Role in Development of the Economy of Ukraine
8.2. The procedure for the return of foreign investment loans from the guarantor of Ukraine
The procedure for looking at propositions of Ukraine on early earth loans from international agreements
The order of rozplitsya propozitsy about zaludennya legal entities - residents of earth loans, turnaround yaky guarantor Kabinet Mіnіstrіv Ukraine
The procedure for the guarantee of liability of the goblins of Kabinet
8.3. Investment credit in Ukraine by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
8.4. Investment credit in Ukraine by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Criteria for bankers-participants
Vimogi EBRD to SMEs-pozichnikіv, projects_v i pozik.
8.5. Investments in Ukraine in Ukraine, financial institutions and credit institutions
8.6. Effectiveness of the accident of the earth's new investment positions
ROZDIL 9. Managing rizik at investment credit
9.1. Viznachennya design rizikіv
9.2. Estimates of the projects for the methods of analysis of investment projects
9.3. Viznachennya credit risikіv
9.4. Credit risk management
9.5. Governance of the Great Ridge
9.6. Come in with a low risk
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