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Investment credit - Peresada A.A.

Peresada A.A., Mayorova T.V.

P 27 Investment credit : Nav. posibnik. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 271 p.

ISBN 966–574–329–5

Difficult readings of the primary writing comprehension program up to the program course “Investment Credit”, such as the Master of Business Administration for the special program “Management of Banking Investment”. The banker looks at the theoretical and methodological foundations of credit loans, lends to the process of investment lending, as well as the particularities of bank, sovereign, lively, mortgage, foreign investment. When tsomu special respect is attached to the management of riziki with investment credit.

For students and graduate students of higher secondary mortgages and faculties, as well as financial and credit institutions.

BBK 65.262.2


ROZDIL 1. Sutnіst Investment loan
1.1. Understanding Investment Loan
1.2. About investment credit
1.3. Sub'єkti (participants) of investment credit
1.4. Transfer credit method of financing investment projects
РОЗДІЛ 2. Bankіvskі і investment and redituvannya
2.1. Principles of Banking Investment Credit
2.2. See a bank investment loan
2.3. Vibration about bank loan for investment
2.4. The price of an investment loan and the factors that allow you to zoom
ROZDIL 3. Organization for the process of bank investment credit
3.1. Organizational Banking Investment Process
3.2. Application review for investment credit
3.3. Vivchennya lending and financial opportunities for the clerk
3.4. Form a secure bank loan
3.5. Rozrahunok sum extinguished by bargaining for investment pozichki
3.6. Viznazhennya line coristuvanny іinvestitsіynoy posichkoy
3.7. Credit please (contract), first designation, warehouse і order folding
3.8. Control (monitoring) in the process of bank and investment credit
ROZDIL 4. Banking expertise and appraisal of economic efficiency and credit effectiveness of investment projects
4.1. Expertise of documents on investment and investment posichalnik
4.2. Expertise of the investment project
1. Forward review and analysis of the investment project
2. Absorption analysis of the investment project
4.3. Financial and economic assessment of the investment project
4.4. Rozrahunok indicator of effectiveness of real investment projects
4.5. Assessment of the investment project in the minds of uninterestedness
1. Influence of investment on the assessment of investment.
2. Analysis of sensitivity to the project
3. Bezbit-free analysis
4. Analysis of equivalence of performance
ROZDIL 5. The state is better than investing credit
5.1. Зміст і description of sovereign investment credit
5.2. Podatkove Investment Credit
5.3. Characteristics of a live investment credit
5.4. Derzhavne Investment Investment Credit Fund
РОЗДІЛ 6. Investment credit pid outpost unruch
6.1. Characteristics of mortgage investment credit
6.2. The principles of appraisal of non-ownership properties for mortgage lending
6.3. Methods for assessing non-ownership properties with mortgage lending
6.3.1. Gross rent method
6.3.2. The method of direct capitalization
6.3.3. Method of Investment Invested Capital
6.4. Victory of financial leverage and the method of investment group with mortgage lending
6.5. Traditsіna technology іnpoteko-іinvestitsіynogo analysis yak method otsіnki nerukhomostі
6.6. Features of land valuation under mortgage lending
ROZDIL 7. Leasing
7.1. Zmist, about that see leasing
7.2. Financial leasing yak dzherelo financial investment projects, organization and organization
7.3. Participants of the leasing operations, their mutual participation and regulation
7.4. The procedure for the payment of rozmіru leasing payment. Graph of leasing payments, first payment and order folding
7.5. Leasing contracts, 3rd destination, see that warehouse
7.6. Leasing in Ukraine: stand and prospect
ROZDIL 8. International investment loan
8.1. International Investment Credit and Role in Developing the Economy of Ukraine
8.2. The procedure for obtaining foreign investment loans and guarantee guarantees for Ukraine
The procedure for reviewing the proposal of Ukraine's foreign loans at the intervals of international agreements
The procedure for reviewing propositions about acquiring legal persons - residents of foreign loans, turning them over to be guaranteed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
The procedure for guaranteeing the guarantee of any goiter’s liability to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the protection of the work of the law as a legal resident - a resident of the goiter’s government so as to repay the foreign loans, to pay off all of the necessary budget
8.3. Investment credit in Ukraine by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
8.4. Investment credit in Ukraine by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Criteria of the bank-participant-participant
Vimogi ЄBRD to SME-posichalnik, project and posic.
8.5. Investment credit in Ukraine by the financial and credit organizations
8.6. Effectiveness of foreign investment
РОЗДІЛ 9. Management of riziks under investment credit
9.1. Visiting design risikov
9.2. Estimation of projects for methods of analysis and investment
9.3. Visiting Credit Risikov
9.4. Credit Risk Management
9.5. Management of hot-selling rhizics
9.6. Come on today!
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