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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

Peresada A.A.

P 26 Investment : Nav.-method. companion for self. vivch disc. / A.A. Peresada, O.O. Smіrnova, S.V. Onikіnko, O.O. Lyakhova. - K .: KNEU, 2001 .-- 251 p.

ISBN 966–574–224–8

At the beginner-methodical consultant I look at the nutrition of the organization of investment and financial institutions: methodological foundations of investment; ґruntuvannya dotsіlnostі іinvestuvannya; budget investment projects; managing an investment process; project investment investment; capitalization and investment.

Have a detailed analysis and practical aspects of the organization and implementation of the investment process: formation of investment; sub'єkti іinvestitsіyno dіyalnostі; direct that ob'єkti investuvannya; investment riziki; financial security; before investment; the process of investment capital; Estimation of groshy streams for the project; Methods for evaluating real investment projects; vartіst capital; financial plan investment; macroeconomic regulation of the investment process; value creation in the investment sphere; investor koshtorisi; Resource security and monitoring of the investment process.

The material of the presentation was filed with the form of a dedicated wiki report of thematic materials, to take the task and control power for the acquisition of the lecture course. A list of necessary literature is provided to those with skin. In addition, in the end of the posting, an out-of-town list of literature is compiled.

The book is scrapped for special services at the Gala Investment, loan and credit, students of higher and middle primary mortgages, as well as us, which should be seen in an economical environment.

BBK 65.262.1


1.1. Main ambush that problem
1.1.1. Investment process in a state with a market economy
1.1.2. Investment Rinok and Infrastructure
1.1.4. Shlyakhi active_investuvannya
1.2. Formy Investment
1.2.1. Financial Investments Features of financial investment Features of the stock market of Ukraine Characteristics of valuable folders, which will wrap themselves around the stock market of Ukraine
1.2.2. Investment at virobnichi funds
1.2.3. Foreign Investments
1.2.4. ЕктIntellectual іinvestitsії
1.2.5. Інноваційна investment form
1.3. Sub'єkti іinvestitsіyno dіyalnostі
1.3.1. Power yak sub'єkt investuvannya
1.3.2. Indivisual and Institutional Investors
1.3.3. Functional participants in the investment process
1.4. Directly that ob'kti investuvannya
1.4.1. Motivation and investment
1.4.2. Ponyattya about investment project
1.4.3. Tipi project finance
1.4.4. Theory of Investment Portfolio
1.5. Workshop Rozrobka business plan investment project
1.6. Main terminology
1.7. Literature
2.1. Investment riziki
2.1.1. Concept і vimіryuvannya rizikіv
2.1.2. See rizikiv
2.1.3. Come on in today’s rizikam abo õh zmenshennya
2.2. Financial security
2.2.1. Financial resources investuvannya
2.2.2. Promote capital
2.2.3. Structurization of capital
2.3. Before investment
2.3.1. Investment Strategy
2.3.2. Assessment of effectiveness and investment
2.3.3. Introducing the life cycle of the project
2.3.4. Visa Consumption in Investment and Development
2.3.5. Otsіnka umov rozmіschennya o'єktiv in investuvannya
2.3.6. Assessment of the project and the health of the investment project
2.4. Main terminology
2.5. Literature
3.1. The process of investment capital
3.1.1. Investments
3.1.2. Strategic Mіrkuvannya
3.1.3. Otsіnka
3.1.4. Hardened
3.1.5. Project control
3.1.6. Will hear
Tsіlі postaudita
Postaudit program
3.2. Estimation of groshy streams for the project
3.2.1. Vіdmіnnіst mіzh balance sheet income and groshovym flow
3.2.2. Vizneshennya groshovyh streams in neopratsovanih first tributes
3.2.3. Viznashennya groshovih streams on the basis of forecast financial calls
3.2.4. Winter grocery streams
3.2.5. Presentation of groshy streams before the investment project
3.2.6. Vrahuvannya material and non-material groshih streams
3.3. Methods for assessing real investment projects
3.3.1. Chista teperіshnya vartіst
3.3.2. Internal rate of return
3.3.3. Приб Yandex pributkovostі
3.3.4. Period payback
3.3.5. Discounting period
3.3.6. Dokhіdnіst healed capital
3.3.7. Dokhidnist on share
3.4. Vartіst capital
3.4.1. Viznazhennya vartostі capіtalu
3.4.2. Індивідуальна вартість джерел капітала
3.4.3. Gіring і vartіst capital
3.4.4. Vartіst vlasnogo capital
3.4.5. Vartist regional poses
3.5. Financial Plan Investment
3.5.1. Zvit about profits that zbitki
3.5.2. Balance
3.5.3. Groshy Stream Plan
3.5.4. Form of financial documents
3.6. Practical and first-time employment
3.7. Main terminology
3.8. Literature
4.1. Macroeconomic regulation of the investment process
4.2. Іindicate plan investitsіy
4.3. Business Plan for Investment Project
4.4. Methods of realizing investment projects
4.5. Regulatory participation in participation in investment
4.6. Tendering
4.7. Practical employment and control power
4.8. Main terminology
4.9. Literature
Dodatki to 4
Dodatok 1
Dodatok 2
5.1. Zagalny position of the project
5.2. Investment in the investment sphere
5.3. Methodology of projecting the price of the installation and installation work and the environment
5.4. Investors koshtorisi
5.5. Practical employment and control power
5.6. Main terminology
5.7. Literature
Dodatki to razdіlu 5
Dodatok 1
6.1. Resource security and investment process
6.2. Weekend work and installation work
6.3. Rosrachunks in the investment sphere
6.4. Monitoring of the investment process
6.5. Introduction to the Investment Index
6.6. Practical employment and control power
6.7. Main terminology
6.8. Literature
Dodatki to razdіlu 6
Dodatok 1
Dodatok 2
Dodatok 3
Dodatok 4
Dodat 5
Dodatok 6
Literature before discipline