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Investvanna - Peresada A.A.

Peresada A. A. ta іn.

P 26 Investuvannya : Navch.-method. Posibnik for samost. vivch Disc. / A. A. Peresad, O. O. Smіrnova, S. V. Onіkієnko, O. O. Lyakhova. - K .: KNEU, 2001. - 251 p.

ISBN 966–574–224–8

At the beginning of time, the methodological guidance of the organization of investment projects of financial and credit institutions has been established: methodological foundations of investment activity; obruntuvannya dotsіlnostіinvestuvannya; budget investment projects; management investment process; project investment; capital investment.

The ambassador has a detailed analysis of the various aspects of the organization and the implementation of the investment process: the formation of investment; sub'єkti investitііnoynoi dіyalnost; straight about that investment; investment rhiziki; financial case; beforeinvestment doslіdzhennya; process investment; Estimations of minor flows in the project; methods of real investment projects; to enter into capital; financial assistance plan investment; macroeconomic regulation of investment process; marketing in the investment sphere; investor's office; resource management and monitoring of investment process.

The material of the book is submitted to the forms of the stylish Wiklad thematic material, the task and control supplies for taking the course. Before the skin, give a list of the necessary literature. Okrіm addition, in kіntsі posіbnika led zagalny list of literature.

The book is insured for specials in a galvanized investment, financial institutions and loans, students of secondary and higher educational institutions, and also, it’s worth it.

BBK 65.262.1


1.1. Basic ambush problems in investment
1.1.1. Investment process at the state economy
1.1.2. Investment Market and Information Infrastructure
1.1.4. Glades of active investment
1.2. Form Investments
1.2.1. Financial Investments Features of Financial Investments Peculiarities of the stock market of Ukraine Characteristics of the central paper, scattered around the stock market of Ukraine
1.2.2. Investment in virobnі fondi
1.2.3. Initial Earth Investments
1.2.4. Internet Investments
1.2.5. Innovation form investment
1.3. Subinvestments Investments
1.3.1. Power yak sub'єkt інвестування
1.3.2. Initiatives and Institutions Investors
1.3.3. Functions of the investment process
1.4. Forcibly obstructed investment
1.4.1. Motivational Investment Investigations
1.4.2. Understand investment project
1.4.3. Tipi project fіnansuvannya
1.4.4. Investment Portfolio Theory
1.5. Workshop. Retail business plan investment project
1.6. The main terminology
1.7. Literature
2.1. Investment Riddles
2.1.1. Concept and Vimiruvannya Rizikov
2.1.2. See rizikiv
2.1.3. Call on the scared ziped
2.2. Financial case
2.2.2. Ways to get a caption
2.2.3. Structuring capital
2.3. Beforeinvest
2.3.1. Investment Strategy
2.3.2. Otsіnyuvannya efektivnostі investment
2.3.3. Viznachennya life cycle project
2.3.4. Viznachennya consolt in investment and private equity
2.3.5. Otsіnka minds rozmіschennya ob'єktіv іnvestuvannya
2.3.6. Evaluation of the investment project
2.4. The main terminology
2.5. Literature
3.1. The process of investing capital
3.1.1. Investment can
3.1.2. Strategic game
3.1.3. Otsinka
3.1.4. Hardened
3.1.5. Project control
3.1.6. Postaudit
Program Postudit
3.2. Otsіnka grotovyh potokіv for the project
3.2.1. View mіzh balanzim prefabrication and penny stream
3.2.2. Viznachennya grotovyh potokіv neopratsovani primary danih
3.2.3. Viznachennya minor streams on the basis of prognosticated financial links
3.2.4. Seven grossing flows
3.2.5. In a joint venture flow to investment project
3.2.6. Vrahuvannya materіalnih і immaterial penny potovіv
3.3. Methodology of real investment projects
3.3.1. Pure temperament
3.3.2. Internal rate of return
3.3.3. Index Pribkovkost
3.3.4. Pay period
3.3.5. Discount period
3.3.6. Dohіdnіst killed
3.3.7. Dohіdnіst on shares
3.4. Vartі Kapіtalu
3.4.1. Viznachennya vararost kapіtalu
3.4.2. Іndivіdualna vartіst dzherel kap_tal
3.4.3. Gіring and Vartі Kapіtalu
3.4.4. Vartі vlasnogo kapіtalu
3.4.5. Vartіst area ігаційної позики
3.5.1. Zvіt about supplies that zbitki
3.5.2. Balance
3.5.3. Plan of penny streams
3.5.4. Formulary of international financial documents
3.6. Practical employment and initial knowledge
3.7. The main terminology
3.8. Literature
4.1. Macroeconomic regulation of investment process
4.2. Indicative investment plan
4.3. Business plan of investment project
4.4. Contribute to real estate investment projects
4.5. Regulating the mutual participation of the participants
4.6. Tendery please
4.7. Practical employment and control supply
4.8. The main terminology
4.9. Literature
Dodatki to Rozdilu 4
Dodatok 1
Dodatok 2
5.1. Main design
5.2. Concert in the investment sphere
5.3. Technique proektnu tsin on budivno-montazhnyy robot that okrem_ about' обkti
5.4. Investorski koshtorisi
5.5. Practical employment and control supply
5.6. The main terminology
5.7. Literature
Dodatki to Rozdilu 5
Dodatok 1
6.1. Resource of investment in investment process
6.2. Vikonannya budivno-installation robot
6.3. Rosrahunki in investment spheres
6.4. Monitoring investment process
6.5. Vvedennya in the day ob'єktіv investment
6.6. Practical employment and control supply
6.7. The main terminology
6.8. Literature
Dodatki to Rozdilu 6
Dodatok 1
Dodatok 2
Dodatok 3
Dodatok 4
Dodatok 5
Dodatok 6
Literature to discipline