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Ekonomіka naturekoristuvannya


Topic 1. Subject, method and study of the course "Economics of Nature Nature"
1.1. The interrelationship of the people, the entities and the natural medium
1.2. Biosphere and the noosphere, their interconnections
1.3. Ekonomіka naturekoristuvuvnya yak science that Ії місце middle інших наук
1.4. Methodological issues and methodological issues to the course
1.5. Law and legislation of nature conservationists
1.6. Zavdannya eco naturalist
Theme 2 Natural resources and its assessment
1.1. Natural resources of natural resources, their classification and value
1.2. The main problems of natural resources
1.3. Go to economical assessments of natural resources
1.4. Principles for the value of payment for the environmental protection of natural resources and retailing
Theme 3. Naukovі foundations rational nature conservationist
3.1. Ekonomichny mekhanizm okhoroni і rational of natural resources
3.2. Derzhavna Environmental Expertise in Ukraine: її Role i zavdannya
3.3. Understanding environmental auditing, management and marketing
3.4 Environmental Indicators
Topic 4 Лісові Ресурси, їх викристанняня и охорон
4.1. The role of lisu in saving ecosystems
4.2. Vikristannya lisovy resources_v that ecologichesky rayonuvannya l_s_v
4.3. Lisove gospodarstvo, your specialty and scattering
4.4. Indicators of Victory Victory and Foreign Language
4.5. Zakhisne lіsorozvedennya
4.6. Come on, polodschiko poliksovennya vikristannya, vіdnovlennya і okhoroni lisovy resurtiv_