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Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnostі - Zhel_bo Є.P.

UDC 614.8 (042.4)

BBK 68.9 i 73

W 51

ISBN 966-7257-81-9

It was confirmed by the Radka of the Ukrainian State Service of Ukraine. Protocol No. 6 dated January 25, 2001.


M.V. Shabanov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Ecology NTUU (KPI).

A.I. Saturday, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Combat and Special Training, Colonel of the Patriotic Militia.

Zhelibo Є.P., Chmir A.I., Troyan V.S., Savinov Є.O.

F 51 Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnostі: Lecture course. - Irpin: Academy of the traffic police of Ukraine, 2001. - 356 p.

The lecture course covers the entire material, transferring to the program of normative discipline “Bezpeka zhittdiyalnosti” for your other mortgages, confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 4 th year 1998 rock.

In the course of the lecture, the complex of nutrition is considered, in order to relieve the main aspects of the interaction of people with the middle ground of the ж ж ит є є і і ​​ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост ост.

A characterization of the Dzherel and their relationship with them is not without reason, which can be spent on health and livelihood of people in these areas of the matter of which they can bring to the forensic of super-situations. At lecturers, they’ve formulated the most important ones, come in and take care of them, so that you can protect the security of people. Significant respect comes from people, physiological and psychological specialties, medical and biological and social health problems.

Recommended for students with special needs.


LECTURE 1. Entrance
1. The relevance of the discipline “Bezpeka zhidtdiyalnosti”.
2. The main stage is to develop the problems and security of the discipline “Bezpek zhittdyalnosti”.
3. Understanding the steel development of suspension of this problem.
4. Functions, values ​​and commissions of the discipline “Bezpeka zhytduyalnosti”.
5. Ob'kti vivchennya discipline "Bezpeka zhittdiyalnostі".
Rozdil 1. The main foundations of Bezpeka’s lifelessness
LECTURE 2. Theme 1.1. Basic understanding and visibility of the Bezpek
1. Understanding not unsafe, non-secure situations.
2. Understanding the potential potential reason.
3. Klasifіkatsіya nezbezpek.
4. Characteristics of non-tertiary factors and factors.
5. Rizik yak otsіnka nezbezpek.
6. Systemic analysis in Belarusian Railways.
LECTURE 3. Theme 2.1. Lyudina Yak Biological and Social Sub'єkt
1. Lyudina that її is similar.
2. Biological and social signs of people.
3. Dyalnist people.
4. Pratsya yak form dyalnostі.
LECTURE 4. Theme 2.2. Фізіологічні special features organizm people
1. Anatomical and physiological structure of people.
2. Budova, power analysis.
3. The characteristic of the main analyzers of a bespeka zhidtdiyalnost_.
4. Significance of homeostasis for the safety of bezpeka organіzmu people.
LECTURE 5. Theme 2.3. Psychological features of human organisms
1. The psychology of people and the lack of life.
2. The value of the nervous system in the life of people.
3. Significance of the psychics of people in the secure bezpity of life.
4. Development of psychics and behavior of people.
5. Power and humanity.
6. Attributes and draw people.
LECTURE 6. Theme 2.4. Medical and biological and social problems of health
1. The main health benefits.
2. Biological, social and psychological day of health.
3. Adaptation to organism to the most important factor in the middle.
4. Health indicators.
5. Factors that can be poured into healthy people.
6. Health protection system in Ukraine.
LECTURE 7. Theme 2.5. The middle of the world’s people
1. Zagalі understanding of the middle of the lifeless people.
2. Characteristics of the natural medium.
3. The technosphere is one of the brains of life-giving people.
4. Socially-political medium.
5. Negative factors of a mid-way remedy.
LECTURE 8. Theme 3.1. Nezpeziki virobnicho ї spheres that will be confused (noise, vibration, ionization, vibration)
1. Zagalnі vіdomostі about technogenic nezabpekah.
2. Take care of the collective and indivisible zahistu people.
3. Diya noise and vibratsii on the organism of people.
4. Інізуючі випромінювання та їх characteristics.
5. Dzherela іonіzuyuchih vipromіnyuvan.
6. Diya іonіzuyuchih vipromіnyuvan on lyudin.
7. Radiatsіyna bezpeka.
LECTURE 9. Theme 3.1. Nezpeksy virobnicho ї spheres that will be confused (electric power, electric magnetization)
1. Diya electric strumu on the organism of people.
2. Come in and get rid of people from the electricity market.
3. Dzherela elektromagnitnogo vipromіnyuvannya.
4. The reason for the electromagnet vipromyuvannya on the organism of people.
5. Mainly come in and interrupt the people of the city of the electromagnet.
LECTURE 10. Theme 3.2. Chemical and biological factors
1. The characteristic of shkіdlivіkhіііmіchnyh rechinov is irrelevant.
2. Toxicity of dyka shkidlivih rechinov on the organism of people.
3. Characterization of other creeps.
4. Understanding the boundary permissible concentration of shkidlivyh rechovin.
5. The characterization of biological factors is not obscure.
6. Otrujnі creatures and roslini.
7. Pathogenic organisms.
LECTURE 11. Theme 3.3. Psychophysiological factors
1. The physical nature of people.
2. Rozumova dyalnist people.
3. Psychophysiological factors are not unspecified.
4. Factors that are important for productive practices.
5. Energovitrati people in the process of life-giving.
6. The role of biorhythms in secure lives of people.
7. The main position of ergonomics.
LECTURE 12. Theme 4.1. Natural beauty
1. Classification of the natural people.
2. Tectonic verses of dashing.
3. Topological verses.
4. Meteorological verses.
5. Pozhezh.
LECTURE 13. Theme 4.2. The reasons for the technogenic nature
1. Historical development of technogenic non-pecuniary.
2. Avaris with a Wikid of radioactive speeches at the Naval Collar Middle.
3. Failures with a coil of strong, strong outreach.
4. Failures on transport.
5. Fire and vibuhi.
LECTURE 14. Theme 4.3. Social and political combos
1. Viniy.
2. Terrorism.
3. Extreme situational criminal nature of the way that they are unique.
4. The social community is alcoholism.
5. Tyutyunopalіnnya.
LECTURE 15. Theme 4.3. Social and political combos
1. Naturally-technogenic humanities.
2. Naturally-social not uneasy.
3. Zamvoryuvannya, yakі be transmitted by a dressing gentleman.
4. SNID - the syndrome of stuffed imunodefitsy.
5. Drugs and drug addiction.
LECTURE 16. Theme 4.4. Nebespeks in the hottest urbanized environment
1. Difficult atmosphere m_st.
2. Obstruction
3. Zabrudnennya drinking water in the cities.
4. Shumov, Ukraine and the United States.
5. Bezpeka human behavior in the minds of Mist
LECTURE 17. Theme 5.1. Zakhist populations in suprasubstantial situations and liquidity
1. Visiting and signs of the National Assembly: accidents, disasters, poems.
2. The reasons for the National Assembly.
3. Classification of the National Assembly.
4. The structure of the Є SDZR.
5. The right of the people of Ukraine to the zahist of their life and health, with non-pecuniary nature.
6. The complex of calls for normal thinking of life in the National Assembly.
7. Organizational evacuation of the population at the National Assembly.
8. Organization of livelihood care of the population in the National Assembly.
9. Liquidation of the National Assembly
LECTURE 18. Theme 6.1. Legal basis of the security of life
1. The legislation of Ukraine on health protection.
2. Legislation of Ukraine on the protection of the prats and I will burn the bezpek.
3. The Law of Ukraine “On Road Ruh”.
4. Laws of Ukraine “On Civil Defense”.
5. Legislation of Ukraine on the protection of the mid-village treasury.
6. Management and supervision over the trouble-free life.
LECTURE 18. Theme 6.2. Management and glimpse for the trouble-free living