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Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnostі - Zhelіbo Є.P.

UDC 614.8 (042.4)

BBK 68.9 i 73

W 51

ISBN 966-7257-81-9

It was approved by the Academy of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. Protocol number 6 from January 25, 2001.


Mv Shabanov, Candidate of Chemistry, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Ecology NTUU (KPI).

A.I. Sabbath, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Combat and Specialized Physical Training, Colonel of the Police Department.

Zhelіbo Є.P., Chmir A.І., Troyan VS, Savinov Є.O.

G 51 Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnostі: Course lektsіy. - Ірпінь: Academіya DPS Ukraine, 2001. - 356 p.

The course is a lecture on the whole materi al, of the programs of the normative discipline “Bezpeka zhittєd_yalnost” for the most mortgages, hardened by the Ministry of Science and Science of Ukraine on the 4 th of 1998.

In the course of lectures a complex complex of food is given, which is the basis of the main aspects of mutual interaction between people and the middle of life.

A description was given of the dignity and breeding of them, which did not hesitate on the health and life of people in all spheres of activity, which could lead to a vicarious situation. In the lectures of the formulants of the main upper hand, go in and take a stand, to protect the security of the people. Significant respect is given to people, psychologic psychologic features, medical biologic and social health problems.

Recommended for students of specialties.


1. The relevance of the discipline "Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnost".
2. Fundamentals of the development of problems and protection of discipline “Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnost”.
3. Understand the old development of the organization and its problems.
4. Functions, values ​​and discipline “Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnost”.
5. Ob'kti vivchennya discipline "Bezpeka zhittєdіyalnost".
Rozdil 1. Zagalnі bases bezpeki zhittєdіyalnostі
LEKTSIYA 2. Theme 1.1. Fundamentals of the understanding of the security of living
1. Understand respectable, not snezhepechnyh situatsіy.
2. Understand the potential of insecurity.
3. Klasifіkatsіya nebezpek.
4. Characteristics of security and shkidliwyh factors.
5. Rizik yak otsіnka nebezpek.
6. System analysis in the Belarusian Railway.
LEKTSIYA 3.Tema 2.1. Lyudin yak biologichesky that social sub' субkt
1. People that ta kazhenzhennya.
2. Biological and social signs of people.
3. The dignity of the people.
4. Pratsya yak form dіyalnostі.
LEKTSIYA 4. Theme 2.2. Physiological Features of Human Organism
1. Anatomical and physiological structure of the people.
2. Budova, power analizizers.
3. Characteristics of the main analysts in the bezpek zhittєdіyalnost.
4. The value of homeostasis for safeguarding the safety of human organisms.
LEKTSIYA 5. Theme 2.3. Psychological characteristics of human organisms
1. Psychic people and safety of life.
2. The importance of the nervous system in the life of the people.
3. The value of the human psyche of the bezpeks of living safety.
4. Razvitok psyche and behavioral people.
5. Powerfulness and humanity.
6. Attributes and Risi people.
LEKTSIYA 6. Theme 2.4. Medical-biological and social problems of health
1. The main reasons for health.
2. Bіologіchna, sotsіnalna that psychologically sudnit zdorovya.
3. Adaptation to the organization to the other factors of the middle age.
4. Indicators of health.
5. Factor, scoop vplivya on the health of people.
6. System of health protection in Ukraine.
LEKTSIYA 7. Theme 2.5. Seredovische zhittєdіyalnostі people
1. Zagalnі understand the middle of the life of people.
2. Characteristics of the natural medium.
3. Technosphere as one of the zhittитdіyalnost people.
4. Social and political means.
5. Negative factors in a large medium.
LEKTSIYA 8. Theme 3.1. Nebezpeki virobnicha sphere and pobutu (noise, vibe, ionization vipromіnyuvannya)
1. The main views about the technogenic nebezpek.
2. Zasobi collective and іndivіdualnogo zahistu people.
3. Good noise and vibrations on the organisms of the people.
4. Ionіzuyuchі vipromіnyuvannya and their characteristics.
5. Dzherela іonіzuyuchih vipromіnyuvan.
6. The children of various organizations for the people.
7. Radiation safe.
LEKTSIYA 9. Theme 3.1. Nebezpeki virobnicha sphere and pobutu (electric strum, elektromagnitnі vipromіnyuvnya)
1. The power of the electric tree on the organisms of the people.
2. Go in and pick up the people under the electric powerhouse.
3. Dzherela electromagnet vipromіvuvnya.
4. It is not the fault of the electromagnet vipromіvuvnya on the organism of the people.
5. Fundamentals come in and join the people behind the electromogetic industry.
LEKTSIYA 10. Theme 3.2. Khimichna that bіologіchni factori nebezpek
1. Zagalnaya characteristic shkіdlivih hemіchnyh rechovin.
2. Toxic action of shkidlivich rechovin on human organisms.
3. Characteristics of marches.
4. Understand the boundary of the permissible concentration of pupils.
5. Zagalnaya characteristics of the biological factors.
6. Otruyni Tvarini i Roslini.
7. Pathogenic organisms.
LEKTSIYA 11. Theme 3.3. Psychophysiological factors
1. Physical dyalnist people.
2. Rozumov dіyalnіst people.
3. Psychophysiological factors are not safe.
4. Factor, scho vplivit on productive pratsi.
5. Energovitrati people in the process of living.
6. The role of biorhythms in living people.
7. Basic ergonomіki.
LEKTSIYA 12. Theme 4.1. Natural nebezpeki
1. Klasifіkatsіya natural nebezpek.
2. Tectonic poetry likha.
3. Topologicheskie verse live.
4. Meteorological points of life.
5. Fire.
LEKTSIYA 13. Theme 4.2. Nezhezpeki man-made character
1. Historical development of man-made infestations.
2. Avariya with the Wikid radioactive speeches at the naval site.
3. Avaria with a revolution of strong competitive speech.
4. Avars on transport.
5. Burn that vibhuhi.
LEKTSIYA 14. Theme 4.3. Social polity and kombinovі nebezpeki
1. Fight.
2. Terrorism.
3. Extreme situations of criminogenic character and ability of them uniquely.
4. Social security is alcoholism.
5. Tyutyunopalina.
LEKTSIYA 15. Theme 4.3. Social polity and kombinovі nebezpeki
1. Natural-technogenic nebezpek.
2. Natural-social nebespek.
3. Welcoming, yakі are transmitted by the goods of the way.
4. SNID - syndrome of immunodeficiency.
5. Drugs and drug addiction.
LEKTSIYA 16.Tema 4.4. Nebezpeki in the urban center of the middle
1. Zabrudnennya atmosphere mіst.
2. Zabrudnennya mіskih prim.
3. Zabrudnennya Pitno Vod v misty.
4. Shumov, vіbratsіyne ta elektromagnitne zabrudnnnya mіst.
5. Bezpeka behavior of people in the minds of mist
Rozdil 5. Bezpek Zhittudiyonnost In Umovykh SITUATSII
LEKTSIYA 17. Theme 5.1. Zahist populated by the most advanced situations and lions
1. Visnachny and signs of the National Assembly: avarії, catastrophe, poetry likha.
2. Cause NA.
3. Classification NS.
4. The structure and headquarters of the PDSD.
5. The right of Ukraine’s homicides to the living people of their lives and health in the best of their lives.
6. A complex of entry for the ordinary life of ordinary minds in the National Assembly.
7. Organizing evacuation population at NA.
8. Organizing living without a population in the National Assembly.
9. Lіkvіdatsіya naslіdkіv NA
LEKTSIYA 18. Theme 6.1. The foundations of the right bezpekit
1. The legislation of Ukraine on the protection of health.
2. Legislation of Ukraine about the protection of the pratsi that she will be safe.
3. The Law of Ukraine “On Road Roof”.
4. Law of Ukraine “About Civil Defense”.
5. Legislation of Ukraine on the protection of the military medium.
6. Government and visitor for bezpekeyu zhittєdіyalnost.
LEKTSIYA 18. Theme 6.2. Management and visualization for bezpekoyu zhittєdіyalnostі