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Economical encyclopedia

Економічна енциклопедія

All in all, in Ukraine, for the whole of the history of the country, the original three-year cycle is available for all students, as well as for the rest of the world, and there are also more than two other courses for them.

For most of the articles, the characterization is the following up-front and theoretical and practical material, novelty, conceptualism, analysis are conceptual. You’ll stink at your own methodology of science of science. Of course, everything was no bigger than all the classical laws and categories and categories, and the new ones are low.

Duzhe yakіsne dzherelo іinformatsії with economic terms and understand that. Here you can know about 12,000 economic terms with groundwater signs and the sphere of zososuvannya. The poshuk is conducted according to the Ukrainian name, go seamlessly to the term, schoch you. Also, give a damn about the Russian equivalent of the whole word, but in fact the word of the foreign resemblance is the first basis for the second word, since it has come to us

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