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Економічна енциклопедія

Економічна енциклопедія

The goal in Ukraine for all Ії історію is the origin of the tritomical encyclopaedic tradition of student students, economists, people who are interested in the work of the economical disciplines, and such are the scientific paths that have been enlarged by the notorious students.

For bіlshostі of articles, the characteristic of pseudo-theoretical and that of practical material, the conceptual novelty, пошуковість, аналітичність. Вони акумулюють у собі різноманітні методи наукового дослідження дійсності. Sternally, everything has been tinkering with all the visibility of the classic economical laws and categories, and the obroundness is low.

Duzhe yakisne dzherelo інформації з економічних термінів та understand it. Here you can see close to 12,000 economical terms with ground-level viznachennyam that sphere is zastosuvannya. Poshuk conducted on the Ukrainian name, go without a mediocre until the term, but you tiikavit. Takozh Vee pobachite rosiyskiy ekvіvalent tstsogo words, and yakshcho the word of the earthly march - yogo pershoosnovu on ti movi, z obeya vono to us came

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