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Economical encyclopedia

Економічна енциклопедія

In Persia in Ukraine for the whole history of the original tritomna encyclopaedous practice of practical students, economists, yak okhlyuє vіdomostі z mayzheyu fifteen economically disciplined disciplines, as well as a representative of the subject, on the same day, I am trained on the subject, I am trained, I am trained, and I am trained on the subject, I am trained, I can learn how to learn how to do this, and I also learn how to learn more

For most articles there are characteristics of a theoretical and practical material, a conceptual novelty, poshukov, analogy. Stinks of accumulation in their own methods of scientific research. More and more, all those who are interested in all the traditional economic laws and categories, and those that are low, are low.

Even worse is the understanding of economic terms that understand. Here you can know about 12000 eco-friendly terms for soil conditions and that area. Poshuk is conducted according to Ukrainian names, perevyuchi non-afore the term, it is important to you. Takozh vi pobachite rosiyskogo екkvіvalent tsogo words, and yakscho word іnozemnogo kokhozhennya - yogo first Pershobasov on tiy movі, from yakoi vono came

Zboku storinki images of alphabets, having leaned on the letter of the visi, move up to the list of words, you can use the vibranny vibran by you to the letter