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Political economy - Oganyan G.A.


For zag. ed. G. A. Ohanyan

P50 Political Economy: Nav. pos_b. / G. A. Oganyan, V. O. Palamarchuk, A. P. Rumyantsev ta іn .; For zag. ed. G.A. Ohanyan. - K .: IAPM, 2003 .-- 520 p.: Il. - Bibliogr .: p. 515-517.

ISBN 966-608-230-6

The first time a theoretician’s economics have been studied, the structure and logic of the political economics course have been revealed; the sound of the laws of economics is categorized, the category and understanding of real reality, economic policy, and the practice of state giving. It was given at the on-site catering of the economical rocudia of Ukraine from the victories of the home and of the world. The company also looks at the peculiarities of the historical process of the formation of different theories and direct thoughts, and take a look at the economics and economics.

For students of economical specialties and all, it is necessary to receive food from the political economy.

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1.1. The subject of political economy
Until the history of the subject of political economy
Зміст subject of political economy
The process of making the virobod vidnosin more comfortable
Methodology of Political Economy
Єdnіst and vіdmіnnіst the subject of political economy and the subject of economic theory
1.2. Economic consumption and virology Economic Interests
Economic activity of consumer
Formulation of suspension consumers
Managing Consumer Forms
Consume yak dzherelo activities osobistostі
Theorium consumer
See Economic Interests
Pridnannya ekonomіchnih іnterestіv
1.3. Economic suspension system
Sutnost economic system, її structural elements
Dzherela rukhu economic system
Classification of economic systems
The structure of economic vidnosin
1.4. Vidnosini moisture
Understanding v_dnosin moisture
Economy vidnosini moisture
Rozpodil rights of power
The structure of moisture in the economy
Intellectual power
Conservation of power - the central problem of a transitional economic system
1.5. Form Organizational Suspension Virobnitz
The natural form of organization is virobnitstva
Commodity form of organization
Good wart
Мінова вартість
Theory of labor wartosti
Theory of Popity and Proposition
Theory of the Three Factors of Virobnitstva
Theory of Border Corinosity
Theory of Alternative Vartosti
1.6. Sutnist i evolyutsіya pennies
Simple, single abo vipadkova form vartostі
Zagalna form vartostі
Groshova form vartostі
Sutnost pennies
World vartosti
Засіб обігу
Zasib nagromadzhennya
Credit to payment
Sweet Grosh
Alternative penny theories. Metal theory
Nominal Theory
Kіlkіsna teorіya
Commodity theory
Groshov's system. Tipi penny systems
The penny law
Groshova reform in Ukraine
1.7. Vitrati Virobnitstva i sidet
Economical day to understand "vitrati" and "sidetrack"
Klasifіkatsіya Vitrat
Economy pidkhid to pidrakhunku vitrat
Outreach and inside vitrati
Postіnі i zmіnnі Vitrati
Zagalnі, middle and border vitrati enterprises
Pributok yak ekonomіchna category
Economy pidkhid at klassifikatsії a profit
The rate of return and profitability
2.1. Rinok: daily life, functions and mind form
Understanding the market
Viznazhennya market
Functions Market
Structure of the market
Financial rinok
Rinok pracі
Wash the shape of the market
Models of market economy
2.2. Mechanism of the function market
Basics of the market mechanism
Popit. Value
Netsinov officials
Living vibir
Kriva Popit
Elasticity popit. See elastichnostі
Netsіnі officials are right on the proposition
Deficit goods and services
Overhead Proposition
Competitive Functions
Price competition
Netsіnova competition
Unfinished Competition
Internal Competition
Mizhgaluzeva competition
Comprehensive and incomplete competition
2.3. Infrastructure Market and Capital Spheres
Understanding Infrastructure Market, Element
Capital sphere of obigu
Understanding percent
Bank and Bank system
National Bank of Ukraine and that function
Commercial banks, see, functional main operations
Off-balance sheet operating bank
Install non-bank credit and financial
Rozdil 3. Sub'kti of the market economy
3.1. Harassment
Sub-structure of the market
Vitrati Housekeeping
Income housekeeping
3.2. Підприємство і підприємництво
Understanding "pіdpriєmnitsvo"
Understanding "business"
Understanding "speculation" in the minds of the market
Production in the system of virological vidnosin
Classification and functional functions
Legal Basics of Functions in Ukraine
Capital. Concentration and centralization of capital
Three stages of ruhu capital
Functional form of capital
Main virobnichi funds
Reverse turnover funds
Indicators, yakі characterize vikoristannya fondіv pіdpriemstva
Performance Indicators of the Victoria Fund of Business Administration
The main indicators of efficiency and effectiveness
3.3. Capital and Naiman Prac
First Day Capitalu
Reintroduction of pennies on capital. The formula is ruh kapitalu
Kapital yak ekonomіchna category
Capital and Pracia
Vineyard for pratsu
Theory pay
Nominal and real pay
Minimum pay
3.4. Підприємництво in the agrarian sphere
Zmіst agrarian v_dnosin
The most special features of agricultural enterprises in the economic system
Such a camp of agribusiness of Ukraine
State sector at the state thanks
Kollektivnі sіlskogospodarskі pіdpriєmstva
Agropromislova Integration
Pіdpriєmnitsvo in the agricultural sector
Orenda. Rent
The price of land. Land reform
Tsinoviy mehanism
3.5. Power and Economic Functions
Underdevelopment of the market economic system
Vrazlivіst market
Economic Functions
Sutnist, ob'єkti and sub'єkti sovereign regulation of the economy
Principles and methods of sovereign regulation of the economy
The evolution of scientific views on the role of power in the economy
Advanced models of sovereign regulation: Keynesian and neoclassical
Rozdil 4. economic growth and social and economic progress
4.1. Form a suspension product in the process of production
Suspension product and form
Principles of the System of National Rahunks
Tinova economy
Tinova economy
Scale of economy
National buggery: days and structure
4.2. Rospodil national income. Living and forgiving
Vidnosini rozpodilu that іх mіssce u vidvtoryuvalnomu processes
Сутність розподілу national income
On the basis of the form of income income in the population
Differentiation of income in the population
Mezha b_dnostі
Prosperous minimum
4.3. Economic growth of that official. ECONOMIC CYCLES
Tempi ekonomіchnogo zrostannya
Officials zrostanny
Basic tipi ekonomіchnogo zrostannya
The economic cycle of the i-th phase
Mechanism of economic kolivan
Politics of stabilization
State regulation of economic growth
Features of regulation of economic growth in Ukraine
4.4. Zainyatіst і viddvorennya robochії sily
Zaynatіst: sutnіst і form
Theory loans
Povna zanyatіst
Zainyatіst і viddvorennya robochії sily
Nepovna zanyatіst
See and form unemployment
State regulation
Officials of the broadened work of force
Problems of employment and operational work in Ukraine
4.5. Gospodarsky mechanism in the system of regulation of suspension virobnitz
Organizational and economic vidnosini
Oznaki gospodarskogo mehanіzmu
Functions of the Gospodar Mechanism
Power and economy
Mechanism of regulation
Legal regulation
Rozdіl 5. form and development of current social and economic systems
5.1. Law and ethics and development of a capital-economical system
The law of formality of manufactory capitalism
Pre-coup d'etat: days and insights
The genesis of monopolistic capitalism
Oznaki of monopolistic capitalism
Aktsіonuvannya pіdpriєmstv
Antitrust Legislation
Rinkovі structures. Oligopoliya
Monopoly price
Financial capital and financial oligarchy
5.2. Economical system of capital capitalism
Understand the wisdom and the day of sovereign-monopolistic capitalism
Zmіshana ekonomіchna system
State and government sector
Sovereign contract system
Macroeconomic Planning and Economic Programming
Regulation of science and technology development
Fiscal (budget-tax) and pennile-credit regulation
Reguluvannya rinku pracі
Overdetermined income and social regulation
Policies of regulation of the state of the virology
Ecological regulation
Rozdil 6. svіtove gospodarstvo і mіzhdnarodnі іkonomіchnі vіdnosini
6.1. Svitov statehood
Concept of development of the structure of the economy of economy
Principles of Structuring
Special features of the development of holy statehood
Zagalny laws
Economy stars among countries
Forms of International Economic Integration
6.2. Form of international economic vidnosin
Take care of regular trading
International ruh capitals
International monetary and financial statements
Currency market. Exchange rate
International Monetary and Financial Organizations
6.3. Economic aspects of global issues
Global Issues, Classification and Oznaki
The problem of saving the world and raising it
Ecological crisis and form її viyavu
Food problem, hats її rozv'yazannya
Sandy-energetic and sirovinna problems
Problems of economic and environmental issues in the country and region
Dodatok. naris z ustorії ekonomіchnih vychen kraisk rykovo іkonomіki
Classical school of bourgeois politekonomії
The main direct postclassical economic theory in the first half of the XIX century.
Marginal theory and basic schools
American Institutionalism of the 20-30s of the 20th century
Rosette of neoclassical microeconomic analysis
Keynesianism and yoga in the world of thought
Neoclassical concepts of regulation of the national economy
Special Economic Theory
List of recommended and recommended literature