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Credit and Retail Operations - Milay A.O.

A. O. Milay


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Milai A.O.

M60 Credit-rosrahunkov_operatsіi: Navch. posib - K .: MAUP, 2004. - 204 p. - Бібліогр .: с. 197-200.

ISBN 966-608-483-X

At the hospital, the main material was assigned and assigned for the course “Credit and Retail Operations”. Zokrem, rozglugno nutrition of the organization of the credit process in the commercial bank and the development of bezgotravki rohrahunkіv. Characterized by credit, management of the loan portfolio of the bank, the formation of reserves for pokrittya risks, the formation of bezgotovі rovyrahunkiv, special services related to customer service.

For students of different schools, as well as for all those who need to know more in detail about organizing a bank of robots and medical services without credit cards and credit operations.

BBK 65.262.Ія73


Rozdil 1 Bank yak pіdpriєmnitska structure
1.1. Understand credit system. Characteristics of commercial banks
1.2. Operations of commercial banks
1.2.1. Characteristics of passive operations of commercial banks
1.2.2. Characteristic of active operations of commercial banks
1.3. Osobennostі formuli vlasni і zluchenikh koshtіv komertsiy bankov
1.3.1. Deposit Operations
1.3.2. Manage passive operations of commercial banks
1.4. Order of registration of a commercial bank
Rozdil 2 Organizatsiya credit process in the bank
2.1. Principles of credit
2.2. The main forms and functions of the loan
2.3. Characteristics zagalnim mind otrimannya loan
2.4. Take care of a poverennennya bank
2.5. Method of managing credit risk
2.5.1. Method of managing credit rizik on rivny okremo ї pozika
2.5.2. Methods of managing the loan portfolio of the bank
2.6. Bank process
Rozdil 3. Rizvidy credit operations
3.1. Klasifіkatsіya credit_v
3.2. See credit
3.3. Bank Credit
Rozdil 4. Organizatsiya bezgotrivkovyh rozrahunkіv
4.1. Zagalnaya characteristic bezgotіvkovih rozrahunkіv
4.1.1. Organizing bezgotrivkovy rozrahunkіv
4.1.2. Rules of document circulation
4.1.3. See the documentary documents that form bezgot_vkovih rozrahunkіv
4.1.4. Rozrahunki іz zastosuvannyam rosrahunkovyh check
5.1. The role of the National Bank of Ukraine in reguliuvannі gotіvkovogo Obіgu
5.2. Characteristics of rosrahunk-kasovy operations of commercial banks
5.2.1. The procedure of preparation and development of forecasts of cash turnover
5.2.2. Organizing robots and commercial banks
5.3.1. Zagalnі umovi v_dkrittya rakhunkiv
5.3.2. Banks rahunkіv at national currencies sub'єktam gospodarskoi dіyalnostі
5.3.3 Interviews in national currencies for individuals and victories for rakhunkami
5.3.4. Sign in and out of the national currency of the national currency of Ukraine by representatives and non-resident investors
5.3.5. Reissued that zakrittya rahunkiv
Rozdil 6. Rosrakhunkovo-crediting service for the economic activities of the company
6.1. Vіdkrittya upovnovenzhennymi banks of Ukraine in the new currency currencies
6.2. International Rosrakhunki
6.2.1. Bankiv retelling
6.2.2. Letter of credit
6.2.3. Incaso
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