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Credit-rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

A. O. Milay


Navalny pos_bnik

Milay A.O.

M60 Credit-rozrahunkovі operations: Navch. pos_b. - K .: IAPM, 2004 .-- 204 p. - Bibliogr .: p. 197-200.

ISBN 966-608-483-X

The company systematized and maintained the basic material necessary for the course "Credit and credit operations". Zokrema, the food of the organization of the credit process was examined in the commercial bank and the health-free bank. It is characterized by seeing loans, managing the loan portfolio of a bank, formulating reserves for opening loans, forming a ready-made loan, special cash servicing, and so on.

For students of other primary mortgages, as well as for all, in particular, more detailed information about the organization of a bank’s work and the availability of loan operations and credit operations.

BBK 65.262.Iya73


Rozdil 1 Bank yak pіdpriєmnitska structure
1.1. Understanding the credit system. Characteristics of commercial banks
1.2. Operations of commercial banks
1.2.1. The characteristic of passive operations of commercial banks
1.2.2. Characteristics of active operations of commercial banks
1.3. Peculiarities of the form of power and the profit of commercial banks
1.3.1. Operations for deposits
1.3.2. Management of passive operations of commercial banks
1.4. The procedure of registration of commercial bank
Rozdil 2 Organization of credit process to the bank
2.1. Principles of Credit
2.2. Basic form and function of the loan
2.3. Characteristic of the minds of the minds refusing credit
2.4. Form a secure turn of the bank posic
2.5. Methods of managing credit riser
2.5.1. Methods of managing a credit riser on a regular environment
2.5.2. Methods of managing a bank loan portfolio
2.6. The process of bank credit
Rozdil 3. Rzdnovidy credit operations
3.1. Klasifіkatsіya credit_v
3.2. See credit
3.3. Price Bank loan
Rozdil 4. Organizations of ready-made roses
4.1. The characteristic of bezgotovih rozrahunkіv
4.1.1. Organization of preparedness-free roses
4.1.2. Zagalі rules of workflow
4.1.3. See the payment documents and the form of the ready-made roses
4.1.4. Rosrachunks із to stasis of the rosrahunky checks
5.1. The role of the National Bank of Ukraine in the regulation of the prepared business
5.2. Description of rosrahunkovo-kasovih operations of commercial banks
5.2.1. The order of preparation and the fragmentation of forecasts in terms of turnover
5.2.2. Organizing robots of commercial banks in a ready-made account
5.3.1. Zagalny umov vіdkrittya rakhunkіv
5.3.2. Credit cards issued by national banks in national currencies
5.3.3 Vіdkrittya rakhunkіv in national currency and physical persons and vikoristannya koshtіv behind rakhunki
5.3.4. Vidkrittya and vikoristannya rakhunkіv in the national currency of Ukraine by representatives, attitudes and non-residents-investors
5.3.5. Redesigned and closed rahunkіv
Rozdil 6. Rozrahunkovo-credit servicing of the international economic dіyalnostі pіdpriymstv
6.1. Відкриття updated banks of Ukraine of Ukraine in foreign currency
6.2. International roses
6.2.1. Bank refusal
6.2.2. Letter of credit
6.2.3. Inkaso
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