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Finance _priprimstvo - Filimonenkov O.S.


Filimonenkov O. S.

F53 Financials: Nav. pos_b. - 2nd view., Recycle. I special stages. - to: IAPM, 2004 .-- 328 p .: il. - Bibliogr .: p. 318-321.

ISBN 966-608-465-1

At the beginning of the meeting, financial attention and principle of organization; groshivi koshti, channels õkh nadhodzhennya, order zberigany and vitrachannya; financial results, see, order of form and distribution; taxes, classifications, the order of the lottery and the budget; organization of negotiable assets and credit; capital investment, see, order of health and finance; financial plan, yogi see and characteristic; zmіst і order folding of the financial plan of business.

When the material was raised, there were more legal and regulatory documents (with amendments to them added and additional), which regulate financial activity.

For students of economical specialties, as a whole, take a course in Finance and Practices, as well as practical courses, as well as take care of the economics, accounting and accounting policies.

BBK 65.290-93ya73


Rozdil 1. Fundamentals of the organization of financial resources of enterprises
1.1. The essence of financial resources, the principle of organization and property
1.2. Functions of financial resources and characteristics
1.3. Financial resources of enterprises, warehouse and characteristic
1.4. Peculiarities of organizing financial resources of various forms of moisture
1.5. Zmіst, zavdannya and organization of financial robots at enterprises
1.6. Management of financial resources
Rozdil 2. Groshovi koshti і organizatsiya rozrahunkіv on consumer goods
2.1. Groshovi koshti, channels õh nadhodzhennya, order zberigany and vitrachannya
2.2. Economic zmist, principle of organization and classification of roses
2.3. Potacha іnshі rahunki pіdpriєstvstva at banks, the order of their input and that rush to them
2.4. Rozrahunki із to zasosuvannyam of paid handrails
2.5. Rozrahunki із zasosuvannyam pay_vimog-handrail
2.6. Rosarahunky checks
2.7. Letter of Credit
2.8. Rosrachunks iz from zakosuvannyam bills
2.9. Інші form of bezgotіvkovih rosesrahunkіv
2.10. Razrahunki plastic cards
2.11. Sanctions for the destruction of rozrahunkovo-payment and casino discipline
Rozdіl 3. Financial results of the business, financial statements, rozrakhunok i rozpodil
3.1. Pіdprimstvo yak sub'єkt gosodaryuvannya, deceiving income and economic vidnosin
3.2. Financial results of dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstv, õh zmіst і value for the expansion of viro6nitsva
3.3. Vitorg, yogi planuvannya i vikoristannya
3.4. Economic profit and profitability, their role in the minds of development
3.5. Plan a little extra
3.6. Rozrahunok, rozpod_l and vikoristannya zagalnogo that pure clean
Rozdil 4. Opodatkuvannya pіdpriєmstv
4.1. Сутність, designation and functionality
4.2. Ponyattya, schos zasosovatsya in opodatkuvannі
4.3. The confusion of the tax system, the principle of incite, see the tax code and pay back
4.4. Indirect taxes
4.4.1. Fee for the next day
4.4.2. Excise zbir
4.5. Direct tents
4.5.1. Opodatkuvannya pribdumstv
4.5.2. Opodatkuvannya income_ in physical terms
4.5.3. Peculiarities of income generation and employment busy income and income generation
4.5.4. Subticker from the owner of transport hardships and the latest machines and mechanisms
4.5.5. Payment (surcharge) for land
4.5.6. Water charge
4.5.7. Split Single Drop
4.5.8. Fiksovaniya sіlskogospodarsky tidy
4.6. Mіstsevі tidings і zbori
4.6.1. Communal Tidy
4.6.2. Ad payout
4.6.3. Mistsevі zbori
4.6.4. Dzherela І the order of repayment of patrimonial goiters'yazan a payer of taxpayers
Rozdil 5. Reverse assets of enterprises
5.1. Summary of current assets, warehouse structure
5.2. Organization of reverse assets and Jerela формуx form
5.3. The lower-order order of the norm of the volatile wereworthy assets
5.4. The norm of the power of werewolf assets for ix elements
5.4.1. Rosrakhunok to the norm of the most active circulating assets on syrovine, the main materials and napivfabrikat
5.4.2. Rozrdkhunok to the standard of the volatile circulating assets on the stocks of the pool
5.4.3. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the volatile circulating assets on additional materials
5.4.4. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the current circulating assets on stocks of a tariff
5.4.5. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the current reverse assets for spare parts for repair
5.4.6. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the volatile circulating assets on stocks of small and shvidkoznoshuvanih objects
5.4.7. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the volatile circulating assets on incomplete virobnitstvo
5.4.8. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the current circulating assets on stocks of finished goods
5.4.9. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the werewolf Werewolves of Aktiv_ on vitrati maybutnіkh perіod_v
5.5. Rosrakhunok to the standard of the volatile circulating actives in an economical method
5.6. Viznenzhennya to the normative standard of volatile circulating assets and that dzherel yogo pokritty
5.7. Indicators of victorious assets
5.8. Control over Wikipedia assets
Rozdil 6. Credit and credit
6.1. Neobkhіdnіst, essence, see and function loan
6.2. Bank credit, yogi see, type of loan, principle of credit
6.7. The procedure for filling out a loan to a bank
6.4. Type of loan
6.5. The procedure for repaying a loan і vіdsotkіv for koristuvannya him
6.6. Control over bank loan and repaid loans
6.7. Інші forms of loans, like reckoning with loans
Rozdil 7. Financing of fixed assets
7.1. The main funds of enterprises, warehouse, appraisal, depreciation, amortization and depreciation
7.2. Indicators will be that of the capital of fixed assets and roxraunks
7.3. Capital investment, see the form of health
7.4. Dzherela financial investment capital contribution, form і vikoristannya
7.5. The order of execution of financial statements of capital contributions to the bank
7.6. The order of financial and credit capital contribution
7.7. Rosrachunks for vicon robots in capital budіvnitsvі
7.8. Repair of fixed assets and financial services
Rozdil 8. Financial plan for enterprises
8.1. Financial plan, yogo zmіst, designation, warehouse that zavdannya
8.2. See the financial plan and characteristics
8.3. The financial plan of the company, the first place and the order of folding
8.4. Operational financial plan
Rozdil 9. The financial mill of the enterprise and that assessment
9.1. The essence of the Financial Campaign, the indicators are the technique of the rosery
9.2. Sutnost іkvіdnostі pіdpriemstva, її indicators and the technique of хh rosrahunku
9.3. Platospromozhnіst, її indicators that technique õх rozrahunku
9.4. Financial style of business, indicators and methodology
9.5. Complex assessment of financial stan
Rozdil 10. Financial sanitation and bankruptcy of enterprises
10.1. Financial crisis on business and the reasons for the winnings
10.2. Sanitation and restructuring of enterprises
10.2.1. Economy of sanitation, vipadka and meta carried out
10.2.2. Sanitary audit procedure
10.2.3. The procedure for the implementation of sanitation
10.2.4. Financial Dzherela of sanitation and that of Victoria
10.2.5. Restructuring of enterprises, see those indicators of efficiency
10.3. Bankruptcy and liquidation
10.3.1. Sutnist and the causes of bankruptcy
10.3.2. The procedure for the recognition of the bourgeois by bankrupt i yogo lіkvіdatsіya
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