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Фінанси підприємств - Філімоненков О.С.


Filimonenkov O.S.

Ф53 Фінанси підприємств: Навч. posib - 2nd view., Pererobl. and dopov. - to: MAUP, 2004. - 328 p .: іl. - Бібліогр .: с. 318-321.

ISBN 966-608-465-1

At the primary conference, the financial institutions of the organization and the principles of their organization; pits, channels of the nadhodzhennya, the order of the zberіgannya and vitrachannya; results, see, ordering and rooting; tax-executing, їх classification, order rozrahunku i put into the budget; Organizations of working capital and credit facilities; capital investment, ih vidi, order of success and financing; financial plan planning, your view and characteristics; The situation and the procedure for adding a financial enterprise plan.

When rokkritti materiu vikorisovuvalisya v_dpovіdnі legislation and regulatory documents (to urahuvannyam introducing them to them іn dopovnenie), scho regulyut fіnansovu dіyalnі pіdpriєmstv.

For students of economics specialties, they are taught the course “Financing Companies”, practical training courses, which are taken into account by means of economics, the accounting area and the general practice basis.

BBK 65.290-93ya73


Rozdil 1. Foundations of Organizing Organizations of the Company
1.1. Sutnіst fіnansіv pіdpriєmstv, the principle of their organisation and that
1.2. Functions of financial institutions supporting and characterizing
1.3. Financial resources pidprimstv, their warehouse and characteristics
1.4. Obshchivost_ organizatsії fіnansіv pіdpriєmstv ізних forms vlasnost_
1.5. Zmіst, zavdannya that organizatsiya fіnansovo п roboti on poddpriєmstvah
1.6. Managing companies pіdpriєmstv
Rozdil 2. Grove Cotes and Organizations of Rozrakhunkiv in the Company
2.1. Groshi Kosti, channels ıх nadikhodnya, order zberіgannya і vitrachannya
2.2. Ekonomichny zm_st, principles of the organisation and the classifications of rozrahunkiv
2.3. Potochnі that інші рахунки підприємств at banks, the order of їх vіdkrittya that ruhu koshtiv on them
2.4. Rosrahunki іz zastosuuvannyam platіzhnyh doruchen
2.5. Rosrahunki іz zastosuvannyam platinum vimog-doruchen
2.6. Checkers
2.7. Letters of credit
2.8. Rosrahunki іz zasosuvannyam promissory notes
2.9. Іnshі form bezgotіvkovy rozrahunkіv
2.10. Plastic cards
2.11. Sanctions for the destruction of rosrakhunkovo-platinum and discipline
Rozdil 3. Fіnansov results and personal contingencies, іх zmіst, roshehkun and rosodіl
3.1. Entrepreneurship yak sub' госп gospodjuvannya, otrimannya income і economical vіdnosin
3.2. Final results for individual partnerships, their results and value for roster education.
3.3. Vitorg, yogo planuvaniya і Vikoristannya
3.4. Economic benefit to profitability and profitability, their role in developmental development
3.5. Planing the tide
3.6. Rosrakhunok, rozpol_ і vikristristannya zagalnaya that clean addition
Rozdil 4. Opodatkuvannya pіdpriєmstv
4.1. Sutn_st, assignment і functions of the podkkіv
4.2. Understand, zhoso zasosovuvatsya in opodatkuvannі
4.3. Sutn_st podatkovo ї sistemy, principles її podbudovi, see podkіv і dzherela їх play
4.4. Indirect fees
4.4.1. Charge on doddnu vartіst
4.4.2. Excise zbіr
4.5. Straight
4.5.1. Opodatkuvannya arrival p_dpri прибmstv
4.5.2. Opodatkuvannya incomes fіzichnyh Osіb
4.5.3. Obshchivosty opodatkuvannya income_v_d busy busy pіdpriєmnitskoyu dіyalnіstyu іnshih dohodіv
4.5.4. The tribute to the authorities of the transport units and the best self-contained machines and mechanics
4.5.5. Ground Fee
4.5.6. Water charge
4.5.7. Splata single tax
4.5.8. Фіксований сільськогосподарський filler
4.6. Missing і zbori
4.6.1. Utility tax
4.6.2. Pay with ad
4.6.3. Missouri zbori
4.6.4. Dzherela and the order of repayment of tax zobov'yazan platnik podatkіv
Rozdil 5. Revolving assets of the company
5.1. The holding of active assets, its warehouse and structure
5.2. Organizational revolving activists and Їх formavaniya
5.3. Zagalniy order normuvannya vlsnyh working capital assets
5.4. Normal vvolnyh revolving actives for their okremi elements
5.4.1. Rozrahunok norm vlasnyh active assets for sirovinu, the main materials and napfavatriati
5.4.2. Rozrdhunok norm vlasnyh active assets for stockpiling
5.4.3. Rozrahunok norm vlasni active working capital on additional materials
5.4.4. Rozrahunok norm vlasnyh active assets for stock and tariff
5.4.5. Rozrahunok norm vlasnih active working capital for spare parts for repair
5.4.6. Rozrahunok norm vlasnyh active assets for the stock of small and shvidkoznosuvanih them
5.4.7. Rozrahunok norm vlasnih active working capital on the incomplete virobnitstvo
5.4.8. Rozrahunok norm vlasnyh active assets for stock and ready-made products
5.4.9. Rozrahunok norm vlasnyh revolving Aktiv_v on Vitrati Maybutnіh perіodіv
5.5. Rozrahunok norm vlasni active working capital by economical method
5.6. Viznachennya sukupnogo normative vlasnyh active and active in that dzherel yogo pokrittya
5.7. Indicators of vicarist revolving active and rohrahunok
5.8. Control over vicarious active assets
Rozdil 6. Kredituvannya pіdpriєmstv
6.1. Necessity, essence, type and functions of the loan
6.2. Bank credit, you see, a form of a vision, a principle that ob'єkti kredivuvannya
6.7. The procedure for issuing a loan to a bank
6.4. Order of loan type
6.5. The order of repayment of the loan і vіdsotkіv for koristuvannya him
6.6. Control the bank for victoristan and repay the loan
6.7. Іnshі form credit_v, yakі nadatyaetsya at credits pnidpriєmstv
Rozdil 7. Financing of the main foundations
7.1. Fundamentals of the Fund, Warehouse, Assessment, Vnos, Depreciation and Distribution
7.2. Indicators will become the mainstream foundations of rosrahunok
7.3. Capacity, see the shape of the building
7.4. Dzherela fіnansuvannya kapіtalnyh insert, їх formed and іх
7.5. The order of registration vіdkrittya fіnansuvannya kapіtalnyh deposits by the company in the bank
7.6. The order of the financing and the credit contribution
7.7. Rosrahunki for Vikonanі robots in the capital budivnitstvі
7.8. Repair of the main funds of the fi
Rozdil 8. Finansove planuvannya on p_dprimstvah
8.1. Financial plan, yogo zm_st, assigned, warehouse and search
8.2. See the financial plan and the characteristics
8.3. Financial Management Plan, Your Adoption and Folding Order
8.4. Operational financing plan
Rozdil 9. Financial Campus of the Company and Young Evaluation
9.1. The worthiness of the financial institution of the company, his showings and methods of our rosrahunku
9.2. Сутність ліквідності підприємства, її demonstrations and methods of our rosrahunku
9.3. Platform, showings and methods of the Rosrahunku
9.4. Finansovoy ptypriєmstva ptypriєmstva, її demonstrators and methods of our rosrahunka
9.5. Integrated assessment of the financial center of the company
Rozdil 10. Finansov sanatsіya that bankruptcy pіdpriєmstv
10.1. Financial crisis on partnerships that cause penalties
10.2. Sanatsіya i restructuring p_dpriєmstv
10.2.1. Economical sutnosti sanacіі, vipadki ta meta conducted
10.2.2. The procedure for sanation audit
10.2.3. The procedure of the sanatoria pidpriєmstv
10.2.4. Finanzovі dzherela sanaci і pіdpri mstv that їх vikristannya
10.2.5. Restructuring of the company, demonstration of efficiency
10.3. Bankruptcy and lіkvіdatsіya pіdpriєmstv
10.3.1. Sutnіst that cause bankruptcy
10.3.2. The procedure for the design of borzhnika bankruto і yogo lіkvidiya
The list of Vikoristo ї recommended by ї literature.