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Legal Encyclopedia

Big legal encyclopedia.

Big legal encyclopedia. - M.: Publisher Eksmo, - 2005.

Team of authors:

V.V. Avanesyan, S.V. Andreeva, E.V. Belyakova, E.V. Glazova, L.V. Dudkina, E.A. Isaicheva, L.N. Levina, L.V. Smolina, L.N. Terekhova

The Big Legal Encyclopedia is a collection of terms and explanations for them, drawn up with the aim of correct and uniform interpretation and application of legal concepts.

A large legal encyclopedia gives a more complete exposition of the current Russian and international legislation, and also allows you to familiarize yourself with the provisions of the current Constitution of the Russian Federation, the features of the state structure, political regime, the status and competence of state bodies, public servants and the situation of the subjects of the Federation.

The Encyclopedia reveals in detail the main institutions of sectoral legislation, the law enforcement system, the situation of minors, and also considers the features of the organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity.

Particular attention is paid to the disclosure of concepts such as religious rights of citizens, privacy, correspondence, inviolability of property, political, personal, economic rights of citizens and foreigners.

The proposed publication gives the most complete picture of the current law, sets out information about almost all of its branches and related disciplines. Articles of the Big Legal Encyclopedia reveal all the main institutions of existing Russian law.