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Mistsevі financials - Gaponyuk M.A., Yatsyuta V.P.

Місцеві фінанси: Nav.-method. companion for self. vivch disc. / M.A. Gaponyuk, V.P. Yatsyuta, A. Є. Buryachenko, A.A. Slavkova. - K .: KNEU, 2002 .-- 184 p.

ISBN 966–574–361–9

The main discipline of “Financial Institutions” is to set up to special normative financial disciplines for the preparation of masters for the program “Management of sovereign finances”.

Discipline is a theoretical and applied nature. The theoretical plan has expanded the knowledge of students about the day and the role of government finances in the economic and social development of administrative and territorial approval, considering the order of the form of the resources of the country. The applied - yes Maybach fahivtsiu - can efficiently evaluate and economize processes, which will be in regions.

For students of economical basic mortgages and faculty.

BBK 65.261.8