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Medical fіnansi - Gaponyuk M. A., Yatsyuta V. P.

Missi fіnansi: Navch.-method. Posibnik for samost. vivch Disc. / M.A. Gaponyuk, V.P. Yatyuta, A. Є. Buryachenko, A. A. Slavkov. - K .: KNEU, 2002. - 184 p.

ISBN 966–574–361–9

Primary discipline “Medical Finances” should be subject to special regulatory financial disciplines for the preparation of magic programs for the program “Managing Power Funds”.

Discipline is theoretically applied. In a theoretical plan of expansion, the knowledge of students about sutnom and the role of martial arts in economical and social development of social affairs, looking at the order form on the basis of social and political maturity, looking at the order form, on the basis of uniform and ritual mathematics, the order of the form and the foundation of the maturity of the mathematics, rotate the order form on the basis of the uniform and rhythm of maturity In applied science, it is possible to give birth to a fahіvtsyu mobility in an active way, which is important to the process that you can use in regions.

For students of economical occupational schools and faculties.

BBK 65.261.8