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Фінанси зарубіжних корпорацій - Sutormina V.М., Fedosov V.М.

Фінанси зарубіжних корпорацій: posobnik for the self. vivch. dis. / VM Sutormina, VM Fedosov, V. M. Radzієvska, B. S. Stetsenko. - К .: КНЕУ, 2002. - 88 with.

ISBN 966-574-333-3

Навчально-методичний посібник містить to the standard program of the course "Finance of foreign corporations", methodical recommendations to the education of students, the plan of seminary and practical to occupy із zavdannami, short terminological dictionary. Self-vijivit riven zasvoennya know how to add food for self-conversion. Takozh filed criterions otsinyuvannya know students in the discipline.

For student-bachelor's, I'm on a mission for specialty 6104 "Finance", so I will graduate aspirants and science students, who will fail to finance the joint-stock companies.