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Фінанси of foreign corporations - Sutormina V.M., Fedosov V.M.

Фінанси foreign corporations: Navcha.-method. Posibnik for samost. vivch Disc. / V.M. Sutormina, V.M. Fedosov, V.M. Radziivska, B.S.S. Stetsenko. - K .: KNEU, 2002. - 88 p.

ISBN 966–574–333–3

The initial methodological manual of the type program for the course “Financing abroad corporations”, the methodical recommendations to the discipline, the plans of seven practical and practical ones to occupy the head, a short term vocabulary. Self-sustaining knowledge of knowing knowledge to feed for self-reclamation. Takozh submitted criteria otsіnyuvnya znanu studentіv with discipline.

For undergraduate students, they will study for the 6104 Finnish specialty, as well as for the young aspirants and students, who are financed by the partnerships.