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Amos 6

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1 Woe to the careless in Zion and hoping for the Mount of Samaria by the eminent primitive people, to whom the house of Israel comes!
2 Go to Kaln and look, from there go to the great Hamath and go down to Gath of the Philistines: aren't they better than these kingdoms? Are the limits of their limits not vast?
3 You, who consider the day of disaster far and bring the triumph of violence closer, -
4 you, who lie on ivory lodges and bask in your beds, eat the best rams from the herd and calves from the fat pasture,
5 sing to the sounds of a gusli, thinking that you own a musical instrument, like David,
6 drink wine from bowls, smear with the best suits, and do not get sick of Joseph’s calamity!
7 For this they will now be taken prisoner at the head of the captives, and the rejoicing of the pampered will end.

eight The Lord God swears by Himself, and thus says the Lord God of hosts: I disobey Jacob's arrogance and hate his halls, and I will deliver the city and everything that fills it.
nine And it will be: if in which house ten people remain, then they will die,
ten and their relative or burner will take them to take their bones out of the house, and he will say to those who are at the house: do you have anyone else? He will answer: there is nobody. And this one will say: be silent! for you cannot mention the name of the Lord.
eleven For behold, the Lord will give a command and smite large houses with fissures, and small houses with fissures.
12 Do horses run on a rock? Is it possible to open it with oxen? Meanwhile, you turn the court into poison and the fruit of truth into bitterness;
13 you, who admire the insignificant things and say: 'have we not gained power by our strength?'
fourteen Here I am, says the Lord God of hosts, I will raise up a people against you, the house of Israel, and they will crowd you from the entrance to Hamath to the stream in the wilderness.

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