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Ecclesiastes 10

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one Dead flies spoil and make the stinking fragrant suit of a world-maker: the same does a little stupidity of a respected person with his wisdom and honor.
2 The heart of the wise is on the right side, and the heart of the fool is on the left.
3 Whatever road a fool takes, he [always] lacks meaning, and to everyone he will say that he is foolish.

4 If the wrath of the leader flares up on you, then do not leave your place; because meekness also covers great misconduct.
5 There is evil that I saw under the sun, this is, as it were, an error originating from the ruler;
6 ignorance comes at a great height, and the rich sit low.
7 I saw slaves on horses, and the princes walking, like slaves, on foot.
eight He who digs a pit will fall into it, and he who destroys the fence will be stung by a snake.
nine He who moves stones can plant himself, and he who cuts firewood may be in danger from them.
ten If the ax is dulled, and if its blade is not sharpened, then it will be necessary to exert strength; wisdom can fix it.
eleven If the snake stings without a glamor, then it is no better than him and evil-spoken.

12 Words from the lips of the wise are grace, but the lips of the fool destroy him:
thirteen the beginning of words from his mouth is stupidity, [a] the end of speech from his mouth is insanity.
fourteen The fool speaks a lot, [though] the person does not know what will happen, and who will tell him what will happen after him?
fifteen The work of a foolish tires him, because he does not know [even] the road to the city.

sixteen Woe to you, land, when your king is a boy, and when your princes eat early!
17 It is good to you, land, when the king is from a noble family, and your princes eat on time, for reinforcement, and not for satiety!
18 The ceiling hangs from laziness, and when hands fall, the house will leak.
19 Feasts are arranged for pleasure, and wine entertains life; and silver is responsible for everything.
twenty Even in your thoughts do not slander the king, and in your bedroom do not slander the rich; because the bird of heaven can bear the word [yours], and the winged one can retell the speech [yours].

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