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Jeremiah 12

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1 You will be righteous, Lord, if I sue Thee; and yet I will speak with You about justice: why is the path of the wicked prosperous, and all the treacherous prosper?
2 You planted them, and they are rooted, grown and bear fruit. You are close in their mouth, but far from their heart.
3 And you, Lord, you know me, see me and experience my heart, what it is like to you. Separate them like sheep for the slaughter, and prepare them for the day of the slaughter.
4 How long will the earth complain, and will the grass in all the fields dry out? cattle and birds perish for the wickedness of its inhabitants, for they say: `He will not see what will happen to us. '
5 If you ran on foot and they tired you, how can you compete with horses? and if you were safe in a peaceful country, what will you do in the flood of the Jordan?
6 For both your brothers and your father’s house, and they treacherously do with you, and they shout after you with a loud voice. Do not trust them when they tell you good.

7 I left my house; left my inheritance; He gave the most gracious to My soul into the hands of his enemies.
eight My destiny became for me like a lion in a forest; He raised his voice against me: for that I hated him.
nine My destiny became with Me, like a multi-colored bird, which was attacked from all sides by other birds of prey. Go, get ready, all the wild animals: go devour him.
ten Many shepherds spoiled My vineyard, trampled down My plot with their feet; My favorite site was made an empty steppe;
eleven they have made it a desert, and in desolation he weeps before Me; the whole earth is devastated because no man applies this to his heart.
12 Devastators came to all the mountains in the desert; for the sword of the Lord devours [everything] from one end of the earth to another: there is no peace for any flesh.
13 They sowed wheat, and reaped thorns; exhausted, and received no benefit; be ashamed of your profits because of the fiery wrath of the Lord.

fourteen Thus says the Lord about all my evil neighbors attacking the inheritance that I gave as a legacy to my people, Israel: behold, I will cast them out of their land, and I will cast out the house of Judah from among them.
fifteen But after I cast them out, I will return and have mercy on them again, and I will bring each one to his inheritance and each to his land.
16 And if they learn the ways of My people to swear in My name: `` the Lord lives! '', As they taught My people to swear to Baal, they will be set up among My people.
17 If they do not obey, then I will uproot and completely destroy such a people, says the Lord.

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