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Jeremiah 13

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1 So the Lord said to me: go, buy a linen belt for yourself and lay it on your loins, but do not put it in water.
2 And I bought a belt, according to the word of the Lord, and laid it on my loins.
3 And the word of the Lord came to me another time, and said:
4 take the belt that you bought, which is on your loins, and get up, go to the Euphrates and hide it there in the cleft of the rock.
5 I went and hid it at the Euphrates, as the Lord commanded me.
6 After many days, the Lord told me: get up, go to the Euphrates and take from there the belt that I told you to hide there.
7 And I came to the Euphrates, dug up and took the belt from the place where I hid it, and now, the belt was damaged, became useless for nothing.
eight And the word of the Lord came to me:
nine Thus says the Lord: In this way I will crush the pride of Judah and the great pride of Jerusalem.
ten This worthless people, who do not want to listen to My words, live by the stubbornness of their hearts and walks in the wake of other gods to serve and worship them, will be like this belt, which is useless.
eleven For, as the belt lies close to the loins of man, so I brought the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah to me, says the Lord, that they be my people and my glory, praise and adornment; but they did not obey.

12 Therefore, say this word unto them: thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: every wine-making fur is filled with wine. They will tell you: `Do we not know that every wine-fur is filled with wine? '
13 And you tell them: thus saith the Lord: behold, I will fill with wine until intoxication all the inhabitants of this land and the kings sitting on the throne of David, and the priests, and the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
fourteen and I will crush them together, and fathers and sons together, says the Lord; I will not spare or have mercy, and I will not regret to destroy them.
fifteen Listen and listen; do not be proud, for the Lord speaks.
16 Give glory to the Lord your God, until He has brought darkness and until your feet stumble on the mountains of darkness: then you will wait for the light, and He will turn it into the shadow of death and make it dark.
17 If you do not listen to this, then my soul in mourned places will mourn your pride, will cry bitterly, and my eyes will pour out in tears; because the flock of the Lord will be taken away captive.
18 Tell the king and the queen: humble yourself, sit lower, for the crown of your glory has fallen from your head.
19 The southern cities are locked, and there is no one to open them; All Judah is taken prisoner, all is taken prisoner completely.
20 Raise your eyes and look at those coming from the north: where is the flock that was given to you, your beautiful flock?
21 What do you say, [daughter of Zion], when He visits you? You yourself have taught them to rule over you; won't pain grab you like a woman giving birth?

22 And if you say in your heart: `for what has this befallen me? ' --For your many iniquities, your hem is open, your heels are bare.
23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin and the leopard his spots? so can you do good by becoming accustomed to doing evil?
24 Therefore, I will scatter them like dust, carried by a desert wind.
25 This is your lot, the portion measured out of you from Me, says the Lord, because you forgot Me and hoped for a lie.
26 For this, your hem will be raised on your face, so that your shame may be revealed.
27 I saw your adultery and your violent lusts, your indecencies and your abominations in the hills in the field. Woe to you, Jerusalem! after this you will not be cleansed. How long?

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