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Joshua 15

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one The lot for the tribe of the sons of Judah, according to their families, fell like this: in the adjacency of Edom, there was the desert of Sin, to the south, at the end of Feman;
2 their southern limit was the edge of the Salt Sea from the bay extending to the south;
3 in the south he goes to the Upland of Acravvim, passes Qing and, ascending from the south to Kades Varna, passes Hezron and, ascending to Addar, turns to Karkai,
4 then Atzmon passes, goes to the stream of Egypt, so the end of this limit is the sea. This will be your southern limit.
5 The limit to the east is the Salt Sea, to the mouth of the Jordan; and the border on the north side [begins] from the bay of the sea, from the mouth of the Jordan;
6 from here the limit goes back to Beth-Hogl and passes from the north side to Beth-Arava, and the limit goes up to the stone of Bogan, son of Reuben;
7 then the limit rises to Davir from the valley of Achor and in the north turns to Gilgal, which is against the hill of Adummim lying on the south side of the stream; from here the limit passes to the waters of En-Shemesh and ends at En-Rogel;
eight from here the limit goes up to the valley of the son of Ennomov from the south side of Jebus, which is Jerusalem, and the limit rises to the top of the mountain, which is to the west against the valley of Ennomova, which is on the edge of the valley of Refaim in the north;
nine from the top of the mountain, the limit turns to the source of the waters of Neftoah and goes to the cities of Mount Ephron, and turns the limit to Baal, which [is] Kiriath-jarim;
ten then he turns the border from Baal to the sea to Mount Seir, and goes on the north side of Mount Jearim, which is [is] Kesalon, and, descending to Bethesamis, passes through Fimnu;
eleven from here the limit goes to the north side of Ekron, and turns the limit to Shikaron, passes through Mount Baal and reaches Jabneel, and the limit ends by the sea. The western limit is the great sea.
12 This is the border of the sons of Judah with their families on all sides.

thirteen And Caleb the son of Jephthonne [Jesus] gave a portion among the sons of Judah, as the Lord commanded Jesus; Kiriath-Arba, father of Enakov, aka Hebron.
fourteen And Caleb drove out from there the three sons of the Anakovs: Sheshay, Achiman and Falmay, the children of the Enakovs.
fifteen From here he went against the inhabitants of Davir (the name of Davir before [was] Kiriath-sefer).
sixteen And Caleb said: whoever hits Kiriath-sefer and takes it, I will give Ahsu, my daughter, to his wife.
17 And Gothoniel the son of Kenaz, the brother of Halev, took him, and he gave his wife Ahsu his daughter.
18 When she was to go, she was taught to ask her father for her field, and she got off the donkey. Caleb told her: what do you want?
19 She said: give me a blessing; you gave me the land of the afternoon, give me water sources too. And he gave her the upper sources and the lower sources.

twenty This is the inheritance of the tribe of the sons of Judah according to their families:
21 the cities from the edge of the tribe of the sons of Judah in the adjacency with Idomea in the south were: Kavtseil, Eder and Jagur,
22 Kina, Dimona, Adad,
23 Kedes, Hazor and Ifnan,
24 Zyph, Telem and Walof,
25 Gatsor-Hadafa, Kiriath, Hezron, otherwise Gatsor,
26 Amam, Shema and Molada,
27 Hazar Gadda, Heshmon and Bet-Pallet,
28 Hazar Shual, Bathsheba and Viziofeya,
29th Baal, Jim, and Atzam,
thirty Elfolad, Kesil and Horma,
31 Cyclagus, Madman and Sansana,
32 Levaof, Shelikhim, Ain and Rimmon: all twenty-nine cities with their villages.
33 In the lowlands: Eshtaol, Zora and Ashna,
34 Zanoah, En-Gannim, Tappuah and Gaenam,
35 Iarmuf, Odollam, Soho and Azeka,
36 Shaaraim, Adifaim, Gedera or Gederofaim: fourteen cities with their villages.
37 Tsenan, Hadash, Migdal-Gad,
38 Dilean, Mitzphe and Jokfeil,
39 Lachis, Wotskaf and Eglon,
40 Hubbon, Lahmas and Hiflis,
41 Gederof, Beth-Dagon, Naema and Maked: sixteen cities with their villages.
42 Livna, Ether and Auchan,
43 Iffah, Ashna and Netziv,
44 Keila, Ahziv, and Maresha: nine cities with their villages.
45 Ekron with its dependent [cities] and its villages,
46 and from Ekron to the sea all that is near Nitrogen, with their villages,
47 Nitrogen, the cities that depend on it, and its villages, Gaza, the cities that depend on it, and its villages, until the very stream of Egypt and the great sea, which [is] the limit.
48 On the mountains: Shamir, Iattir and Soho,
49 Danna, Kiriath-Sanna, aka Davir,
fifty Anaf, Estemo and Anim,
51 Goshen, Holon and Gilo: eleven cities with their villages.
52 Arav, Duma and Yeshan
53 Ianum, Beth-Tappuah and Afeka,
54 Khumta, Kiriath-Arba, aka Hebron, and Zigor: nine cities with their villages.
55 Mahon, Carmel, Zyph and Utah,
56 Jezreel, Yokdam and Zanoah,
57 Cain, Giva, and Fimna: ten cities with their villages.
58 Halhul, Beth-Tzur and Gedor,
59 Maaraf, Beth-Anoth, and Eltekon: six cities with their villages.
60 Kiriath-Baal, aka Kiriath-Jarim, and Aravva: two cities with their villages.
61 In the desert: Beth-Arava, Middin and Sekah,
62 Nivshan, Ir-Melakh and En-Gedi: six cities with their villages.
63 But the Jebusites, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, could not be driven out by the sons of Judah, and therefore the Jebusites lived with the sons of Judah in Jerusalem even to this day.

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