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Leviticus 27

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1 And the Lord said unto Moses, saying:
2 declare to the sons of Israel and tell them: if anyone gives a vow to devote his soul to the Lord according to your assessment,
3 then your assessment of a man from twenty years to sixty should be fifty shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the holy;
4 if it is a woman, then your assessment should be thirty shekels;
5 from five to twenty, your man should be twenty shekels, and a woman ten shekels;
6 and from a month to five years, your rating for your man should be five shekels of silver, and for a woman your rating for three shekels of silver;
7 from sixty years old and above to a man your rating should be fifteen shekels of silver, and a woman ten shekels.
eight If he is poor and unable to [give] according to your assessment, then let him introduce him to the priest, and let the priest evaluate him: in proportion to the state of the person who made the vow, let the priest evaluate him.
nine If there will be cattle that are sacrificed to the Lord, then everything that is given to the Lord should be holy:
ten should not exchange it and replace the good with the bad, or the bad with the good; if anyone begins to replace cattle with cattle, then she and her substitutes will be a shrine.
eleven If there will be some unclean cattle that are not sacrificed to the Lord, then the cattle should be presented to the priest,
12 and the priest will evaluate her whether she is good or thin, and how the priest will evaluate, it should be so;
13 if anyone wants to redeem it, then let him add a fifth share to your assessment.

fourteen If someone consecrates his house to the shrine of the Lord, then the priest must evaluate it, whether he is good or thin, and how his priest will evaluate, this will happen;
fifteen if the initiate wants to buy his house, then let him add a fifth of the silver of your judgment, and [then] will be it.
16 If someone devotes the field from his possession to the Lord, then your assessment should be as you sow: for sowing homer, fifty shekels of silver;
17 if from the anniversary year who devotes his field, it should take place according to your assessment;
18 if, after the jubilee, who devotes his field, then the priest must calculate the silver according to the years remaining until the jubilee year, and should reduce it from your estimate;
19 if the initiator wants to buy the field, then let him add a fifth of the silver of your assessment, and it will remain with him;
20 if he does not redeem the fields, and the field is sold to another person, then it is no longer possible to redeem:
21 the field, when it departs on the jubilee, will be holy to the Lord, as though the field is sworn; the priest will get it into possession.
22 And if someone devotes to the Lord the purchased field, which is not from the fields of his possession,
23 then the priest must calculate the number of marks before the jubilee year, and he must give the calculation on the same day [as] the holy thing of the Lord;
24 in the anniversary year, the field will again pass to the one from whom it is purchased, to whom the possession of that land belongs.
25 Every estimate of yours must be in the shekel of the holy; twenty ger should be in the shekel.

26 Only the firstborn of cattle, which belong primarily to the Lord, should no one devote: whether this is ox, or small livestock, - Lord they are.
27 If the cattle are unclean, then they must redeem according to your estimate and attach a fifth of it; if they do not redeem, then it should be sold according to your assessment.
28 Only everything sworn that a person gives to the Lord from his property under a spell — whether a person, a cattle, or a field of his possession — is not for sale and is not redeemed: all the sworn is the great relic of the Lord;
29th everything sworn that is sworn from people is not redeemed: it must be put to death.
thirty And every tithe on earth from the seeds of the earth and from the fruits of the tree belongs to the Lord: it is the holy thing of the Lord;
31 if anyone wants to redeem his tithing, then let him add the fifth share to the [price].
32 And all tithes of cattle and small livestock, of all that passes under the rod, the tenth, should devote to the Lord;
33 should not make out whether it is good or bad, and should not replace it; if anyone replaces it, then it itself and its replacements will be a sanctuary and cannot be redeemed.
34 These are the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses for the sons of Israel on Mount Sinai.

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