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Naum 3

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one Woe to the city of blood! he is all full of deceit and murder; robbery does not stop there.
2 You can hear the flapping of a whip and the sound of spinning wheels, the neighing of a horse and the roar of a galloping chariot.
3 The cavalry rushes, the sword sparkles and the spears glisten; there are many killed and piles of corpses: there is no end to corpses; they stumble over their corpses.
4 This is for the many fornication of a lecherous woman of a pleasant appearance, skilled in sorcery, who sells her people with fornication and her tribes with her charms.
5 Here I am - at you! says the Lord of hosts. And I will raise up the edges of your garments on your face and show the nations your nakedness and your shame kingdoms.
6 And I will throw you abominations, I will make you despicable and put you to shame.
7 And it will be that everyone, having seen you, will run away from you and say: `Nineveh is ruined! Who will regret it? where will I find comforters for you? '

8 Are you better than No-Ammon, located between the rivers, surrounded by water, whose rampart was the sea, and the sea served as his wall?
nine Ethiopia and Egypt, with countless others, served as reinforcements to him; Copts and Libyans came to help you.
10 But he was also resettled, he was captured; even his infants were defeated at the crossroads of all streets, and lots were cast about his nobles, and all his nobles were bound in chains.
eleven So you too - get drunk and hide; so you will seek protection from the enemy.
12 All your fortifications are like a fig tree with ripe fruits: if you shake them, they will fall directly into the mouth of the person who wants to eat.
thirteen Behold, your people are like women among you: the gates of your land will be wide open for your enemies; fire will devour your constipation.
14 Siphon water during the siege; fortify your fortresses; go into the mud, trample the clay, fix the brick kiln.
fifteen There the fire will devour you, the sword will chop you, eat you like a caterpillar, even if you multiplied like a caterpillar, multiplied like a locust.
sixteen You have more merchants than stars in the sky; but this locust will disperse and fly away.
17 Your princes are like locusts, and your commanders are like swarms of midges that nest in the cracks [walls] during the cold, and when the sun rises, they fly apart and you don’t recognize the place where they were.
eighteen Thy shepherds sleep, king of Assyria, thy nobles rest; your people scattered in the mountains, and no one to collect it.
nineteen There is no medicine for your wounds, your ulcer is painful. Everyone who hears the news of you will applaud for you, for who has not your anger spread continually?

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