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Proverbs 10

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one Proverbs of Solomon. A wise son pleases his father, and a foolish son - chagrin for his mother.

2 The treasures of the unrighteous do not bring good; the truth saves from death.
3 The Lord will not allow hunger to endure to the soul of the righteous, but the acquisition of the wicked will be cast out.

4 The lazy hand makes the poor, and the diligent hand enriches.

5 The one who gathers during the summer is the rational son, and the one sleeping during the harvest is the dissolute son.

6 Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked will block violence.

7 The memory of the righteous will be blessed, and the name of the wicked will freeze.

eight The wise in heart accepts the commandments, and the fool stumbled through the mouth.

nine He who walks in integrity, walks safely; but he who turns his ways will be punished.

ten He who blinks his eyes causes annoyance, and the fool stumbles with his lips.

eleven The mouth of the righteous is the source of life, but the mouth of the lawless will block violence.

12 Hatred arouses contention, but love covers all sins.

thirteen There is wisdom in the lips of a rational, but a rod on the body of a fool.

fourteen The wise preserve knowledge, but the mouth of a fool is near destruction.

fifteen The wealth of the rich is his strong city, the trouble for the poor is their poverty.

sixteen The works of the righteous are for life, the success of the wicked is for sin.

17 He who keeps the instruction is on the path to life; but he who rejects reproof wanders.

18 He who hides hatred has false lips; and he who divulges slander is foolish.

19 With verbosity, sin cannot be avoided, but the one who restrains his mouth is intelligent.

twenty Selected silver is the language of the righteous, but the heart of the wicked is worthless.
21 The lips of the righteous graze many, and the foolish die of a lack of reason.

22 The blessing of the Lord - it enriches and does not bring sorrows with itself.

23 For a fool, a criminal act is kind of fun, but wisdom is characteristic of a rational person.

24 What the wicked fears, he will comprehend it, and the desire of the righteous will be fulfilled.
25 As a whirlwind sweeps, [so] there is no more wicked; and the righteous on an eternal basis.

26 That vinegar for teeth and smoke for the eyes, then lazy for sending it.

27 The fear of the Lord adds days, but the summers of the wicked will be shortened.
28 The expectation of the righteous is joy, and the hope of the wicked will perish.

29th The way of the Lord is a stronghold for the immaculate and fear for those who work iniquity.
thirty The righteous will not be shaken forever, but the wicked will not live on earth.

31 The mouth of the righteous exudes wisdom, and the evil tongue is cut off.
32 The mouth of the righteous knows the auspicious, but the mouth of the wicked knows the perverse.

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