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Proverbs 20

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1 Wine - mocking, strong drink - violent; and everyone who is keen on them is unreasonable.

2 The king’s storm is like a roar of a lion: whoever annoys him sins against himself.

3 It is an honor for a man to keep up with a quarrel; and every fool is arrogant.

4 The sloth does not plow in the winter: he will look in the summer - and there is nothing.

5 Thoughts in a person’s heart are deep waters, but a reasonable person draws them out.

6 Many praise a person for mercy, but who finds a true person?

7 The righteous walks in his integrity: blessed are his children after him!

eight The king, sitting on the throne of judgment, disperses with his eyes all evil.

nine Who can say: `I have cleansed my heart, I am clean from my sin?

ten Unequal scales, unequal measure, both are abominations before the Lord.

eleven One can even find out a young man by his studies whether his behavior will be pure and correct.

12 The hearing ear and the seeing eye - the Lord created both of them.

13 Do not like to sleep, lest you become poor; keep your eyes open, and you shall eat bread to the full.

fourteen `Bad, bad, 'the buyer says, and when he leaves, he boasts.

fifteen There is gold and a lot of pearls, but precious utensils are reasonable lips.

16 Take his dress, as he vouched for a stranger; and take a pledge from him as an outsider.

17 Sweet bread for man [acquired] by iniquity is sweet; but afterwards his mouth will be filled with shit.

18 Businesses gain firmness through meeting, and wage war through the meeting.

19 He who walks the carrier reveals a secret; and whoever opens his mouth wide, do not communicate with him.

20 Whoever speaks against his father and his mother, the lamp will go out in the midst of darkness.

21 An inheritance hastily captured at the beginning will not be blessed afterwards.

22 Do not say: I will repay evil; give to the Lord, and He will save you.

23 The abomination before the Lord is uneven weights, and the wrong scales are not good.

24 The steps of man are directed from the Lord; how can a man know his way?

25 The network for man is to hurry to take a vow, and to ponder after the vow.

26 The wise king will weave the wicked and turn the wheel upon them.

27 The lamp of the Lord is the spirit of man, experiencing all the depths of the heart.

28 Grace and truth guard the king, and by grace he supports his throne.

29th The glory of the youths is their strength, and the decoration of the elderly is gray hair.

thirty Wounds from beatings are medicine against evil, and blows penetrating the inside of the womb.

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