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Psalm 55

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1 (54-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. On the string [instruments]. Teaching of David. ^^ (54-2) Hear, my God, my prayer, and do not hide from my prayer;
2 (54-3) Listen to me and hear me; I moan in my sorrow, and am embarrassed
3 (54-4) from the voice of the enemy, from the oppression of the wicked, for they raise lawlessness against me and are in a rage against me.
4 (54-5) My heart trembles in me, and mortal horrors attacked me;
5 (54-6) Fear and awe came upon me, and terror seized me.
6 (54-7) And I said: `Who would give me wings like a dove? I would fly away and calm down;
7 (54-8) I would go far away, and remain in the wilderness;
eight (54-9) I would hasten to hide from the whirlwind, from the storm. '

nine (54-10) Upset, Lord, and stripped their tongues, for I see violence and strife in the city;
ten (54-11) day and night they walk round about its walls; atrocities and calamity in the midst of it;
eleven (54-12) in the midst of his perniciousness; deceit and deceit do not leave his streets:
12 (54-13) for it is not the enemy that reproaches me, - that I would bear; my hater is not dignified over me, - from him I would have taken refuge;
13 (54-14) but you, who were for me the same as I, my friend and my close one,
fourteen (54-15) with whom we shared sincere conversations and went together to the house of God.
fifteen (54-16) May death come upon them; may they go down to hell alive, for evil in their dwellings is in their midst.

16 (54-17) I will call to God, and the Lord will save me.
17 (54-18) In the evening and in the morning and at noon I will beg and cry, and He will hear my voice,
18 (54-19) He will deliver my soul in the world from those who rebel against me, for I have many of them;
19 (54-20) God will hear and humble them from the age of the Living, because there is no change in them; they are not afraid of God
20 (54-21) stretched out their hands on those who are with them in the world, violated their union;
21 (54-22) Their mouth is softer than oil, and their heart is enmity; their words are more tender than oil, but they are naked swords.
22 (54-23) Put your cares on the Lord, and He will support you. He will never let the righteous hesitate.
23 (54-24) You, God, will bring them to the pit of perdition; bloodthirsty and treacherous will not live to half their days. And I trust in Thee, [Lord].

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