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Psalm 69

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1 (68-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. On the Shoshannim. Psalm of David. ^^ (68-2) Save me, God, for the waters have come to my soul.
2 (68-3) I am mired in a deep swamp, and there is nothing to become; He entered the depths of the waters, and their rapid current carries me away.
3 (68-4) I was exhausted from the cry, my larynx withered, my eyes were worn out by the expectation of God [mine].
4 (68-5) There are more who hate me without fault than the hair on my head; my enemies, persecuting me unjustly, have intensified; what I didn’t take, I must give.
5 (68-6) God! You know my madness, and my sins are not hidden from you.
6 (68-7) May not everyone ashamed in me hope in You, Lord, God of strength. May those who seek you, God of Israel, not be ashamed in me,
7 (68-8) for for your sake I bear reproach, and they cover my face with dishonor.
eight (68-9) I became an alien to my brothers and an outsider to the sons of my mother,
nine (68-10) for jealousy in thy house eats me up, and the slander of your reproaches fall upon me;
ten (68-11) and I cry, fasting with my soul, and this is reproached to me;
eleven (68-12) and I lay sackcloth on myself instead of clothes, - and I become a parable for them;
12 (68-13) those sitting at the gate speak of me, and drink wine in songs.

13 (68-14) And I, with my prayer, to thee, Lord; during pleasing, God, by your great goodness hear me in the truth of your salvation;
fourteen (68-15) remove me from the mud, so as not to bog me; may I get rid of those who hate me and of deep waters;
fifteen (68-16) May the longing of the waters not carry me away, May the abyss swallow me up, and let not the abyss of my throat be over me.
16 (68-17) Hear me, Lord, for your mercy is good; according to the multitude of thy bounties, look upon me;
17 (68-18) do not hide Your face from Your servant, for I grieve; hear me soon;
18 (68-19) draw near to my soul, deliver it; for the sake of my enemies save me.
19 (68-20) You know my reproach, my shame and my shame: all my enemies are before you.
20 (68-21) Reproach has broken my heart, and I am exhausted, waiting for compassion, but there is none, comforters, but I cannot find.
21 (68-22) And they gave me bile for food, and in my thirst they gave me drink of vinegar.

22 (68-23) May their meal be their net, and their peaceful feast a trap;
23 (68-24) may their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and loins their loins forever;
24 (68-25) pour Thy rage upon them, and the flame of Thy wrath may wash them;
25 (68-26) Let their dwelling be empty, and in their tents not be living,
26 (68-27) for whom they struck, they [still] persecute, and multiply the sufferings of those wounded by You.
27 (68-28) Apply lawlessness to their lawlessness, and may they not enter into your righteousness;
28 (68-29) may they be blotted out of the book of the living, and with the righteous may they not be written.
29th (68-30) But I am poor and suffer; Thy help, God, raise me up.

thirty (68-31) I will praise the name of God [mine] in song, I will exalt Him in praise,
31 (68-32) and it will be more pleasing to the Lord than an ox, rather than a calf with horns and hooves.
32 (68-33) The afflicted will see [it] and rejoice. And your heart will come to life, seekers of God,
33 (68-34) for the Lord hears the poor and does not neglect his prisoners.
34 (68-35) May His heavens and earth, seas and all things moving in them be praised;
35 (68-36) for God will save Zion, create the cities of Judah, and dwell there and inherit it,
36 (68-37) and the offspring of His servants will be established in him, and those who love His name will dwell on him.

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