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Psalm 77

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1 (76-1) ^^ To the Chief of the Idifumov Choir. Psalm of Asaph. ^^ (76-2) My voice is to God, and I will cry; My voice is to God, and He will hear me.
2 (76-3) On the day of my sorrow I seek the Lord; my hand is stretched out at night and does not fall; my soul refuses consolation.
3 (76-4) I remember God and tremble; I think, and my spirit is exhausted.
4 (76-5) You do not let me sleep in my eyes; I am shocked and cannot speak.
5 (76-6) I reflect on the days of the ancients, on the years of centuries [past];
6 (76-7) I recall my songs in the night, I speak with my heart, and my spirit experiences:
7 (76-8) Has the Lord cast off forever, and will no longer be favored?
eight (76-9) did His mercy endure forever, and His word was cut off in generation and generation?
nine (76-10) did God forget to have mercy? Did he shut His bounties in anger?
ten (76-11) And I said: "here is my grief - a change in the right hand of the Most High."

eleven (76-12) I will remember the work of the Lord; I will remember the wonders of Your ancients;
12 (76-13) I will delve into all Your affairs, reflect on Your great deeds.
13 (76-14) God! holy is thy way. Who is God as great as God [ours]!
fourteen (76-15) You are a God who works miracles; You have shown your power among the nations;
fifteen (76-16) You have saved with your muscle your people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph.
16 (76-17) They saw you, God, waters, saw you waters and were afraid, and the abysses trembled.
17 (76-18) Clouds poured out water, clouds emitted thunder, and Your arrows flew.
18 (76-19) The voice of Thunder in a circle of heaven; lightnings illuminated the universe; the earth shook and shook.
19 (76-20) Thy way is in the sea, and Thy path is in the great waters, and Thy footsteps are unknown.
20 (76-21) Like a flock, You led the people with Your hand through Moses and Aaron.

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