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Psalm 85

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one (84-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. Korean sons. Psalm. ^^ (84-2) Lord! You have been merciful to your land, restored the captivity of Jacob;
2 (84-3) He forgave the iniquity of Your people, covered all his sins,
3 (84-4) took away all your fury, turned away the fierce anger of your wrath.
4 (84-5) Restore us, God of our salvation, and cease Thy indignation at us.
5 (84-6) Will you ever be angry with us, will you spread your wrath from generation to generation?
6 (84-7) Can't you revive us again so that Your people rejoice over You?
7 (84-8) Show us, Lord, Your mercy, and grant Your salvation to us.

eight (84-9) I listen to what the Lord God will say. He will say peace to his people and his chosen ones, but may they not fall into recklessness again.
nine (84-10) So, close to those who fear His salvation, so that glory dwells in our land!
ten (84-11) Grace and truth will meet, truth and peace will kiss each other;
eleven (84-12) truth will arise from the earth, and truth will descend from heaven;
12 (84-13) and the Lord will give good, and our land will give his fruit;
thirteen (84-14) the truth will go before Him and put his feet on the path.

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