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Psalm 90

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1 (89-1) The prayer of Moses, the man of God.
2 (89-2) Lord! You are our refuge in the clan and clan.
3 (89-3) Before the mountains were born, and You formed the earth and the universe, and from century to century you are God.
4 (89-4) You bring man to decay and say: `Return, sons of men! '
5 (89-5) For in thy sight a thousand years, as yesterday, when he passed, and [as] a guard in the night.
6 (89-6) You [as a flood] carry them away; they are [like] a dream, like grass that grows in the morning, blossoms and turns green in the morning, cuts off and dries in the evening;

7 (89-7) for we disappear from your wrath and from your fury we are in confusion.
eight (89-8) Thou hast laid our iniquities before Thee, and our secret before the light of thy face.
nine (89-9) All our days passed in your wrath; we lose our summers like a sound.
ten (89-10) The days of our years are seventy years, and with a greater fortress, eighty years; and their best time is work and illness, for they pass quickly, and we fly.
eleven (89-11) Who knows the strength of Your wrath, and Your fury in proportion to Your fear?

12 (89-12) Teach us how to count our days so that we can gain a wise heart.
13 (89-13) Turn, Lord! How long? Have mercy on Thy servants.
fourteen (89-14) It is early to satiate us with Thy mercy, and we will rejoice and have fun all our days.
fifteen (89-15) We exulted us in the days [in which] You struck us, in the summers [in which] we saw distress.
16 (89-16) Let Thy work be shown on Thy servants and Thy glory be on their sons;
17 (89-17) and may the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and, in the work of our hands, come unto us, in the work of our hands come.

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