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Songs of Songs 7

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1 (7-2) Oh, how beautiful your feet are in sandals, the distinguished daughter! Rounding your hips like a necklace is the work of a skilled artist;
2 (7-3) thy belly is a round bowl [in which] aromatic wine is not depleted; thy womb is a heap of wheat, surrounded by lilies;
3 (7-4) your two suckers are like two kid, twins of chamois;
4 (7-5) your neck is like a pillar of ivory; Thy eyes are the Lake of Heshbon, which is at the gates of Batrabbim; thy nose is the tower of Lebanon facing Damascus;
5 (7-6) your head is on you like Carmel, and the hair on your head is like purple; the king is carried away by [your] curls.
6 (7-7) How beautiful you are, how attractive, beloved, by your good looks!
7 (7-8) This camp of yours is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like grape brushes.
eight (7-9) I thought: if I climbed on a palm tree, I would grab hold of its branches; and your breasts would be instead of brushes of grapes, and the smell from your nostrils, as from apples;
nine (7-10) Thy mouth is like excellent wine. It flows straight to my friend, sweetens the mouth of the weary.

ten (7-11) I belong to my friend, and his desire is turned to me.
eleven (7-12) Come, my beloved, we will go out into the field, we will remain in the villages;
12 (7-13) in the morning we will go to the vineyards, see if the vine has blossomed, the buds have opened, or the pomegranates have blossomed; there I will render my affection to you.
13 (7-14) Mandragors have already started incense, and at our doors all sorts of excellent fruits, new and old: [I] have saved for you, my beloved!

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