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It's pointless to prohibit something that can not be controlled!
Cradle. Diapers. Cry. Word. Step. Cold. Doctor ... School. Two. Troika. Five .... The ball. Step. Gypsum. The bed ... The fight. Blood. Broken nose ... Yard. Friends. Tusovka. Force ... Institute. Spring. Bushes ... Summer. Session. Tails .... Beer. Vodka. Jin with ice ... Coffee. Session. Diploma of Romanticism. Love. Star ... Hands. Lips. Night without sleep ... Wedding. Mother-in-law. Father-in-law. A trap ... A quarrel. Club. Friends. A glass ... A house. Job. House. Family ... The sun. Summer. Snow. Winter ... Son. Diapers. Cradle ... Stress.Lyubovnitsa. Bedding ... Business. Money. Plan. Avril ... =)
I love you passionately. I'll give my life for you. I'll endure it all for you. I'll leave the world at your feet. I'll turn the earth over. I will fly a bird to the sky. I'll get you the moon. I want to give you the sun. I'll dive into the abyss without fear. I will become a sea wave. I'll take you to the depths. I'll be there for you. I'll never betray you. I will be faithful, like a dog. I will not let you cry. I can not bear your tears. I can cope with any trouble. I will not die, I will live. I will be your destiny. I will love you! =))
The ideal solution to the problem of morality would be a society where each individual becomes completely independent of others and can act in accordance with his ideas about good and evil. A similar world would probably be monstrous in terms of any outside observer. Fortunately, this is impossible, since it requires, in fact, the creation of billions of universes - for every intelligent organism. =)))

Youth is characterized by maximalism, this is natural. I want to change something, go somewhere, do something. And then begins the adult life: work, wife, children, debts for the apartment, you need a new car, where to get money, where to attach children for the summer? Happy plant, evening bar or TV. Children grumble "everything is fine," and that's enough. And no one notices the nimble guys who revolve around schools and discos. And if they do, then "this is not my business," "they are tough, but we are weak," "let those who are paid do it." It's much easier to watch the three hundred and tenth episode of your favorite series about anything and drink a bottle of beer. Indifference, youthful maximalism gives way to adult indifference. I understand that the family is sacred, most importantly, but it is impossible to forget that our small "I" should be a part of society. And every "I" should not be indifferent to what is going on around. But to awaken these "I" is extremely difficult. You need a unifying idea, power, if you want. But there IS a power that awakens people. Distracting them from the TV and makes you think not only about what will be in the next part of the series. Or are you opposed to the penetration of the True Faith into the souls of people? Because it is PRINCIPAL. =))))
Life has chosen you - but you have the right to reject the challenge. What would the world be like without wild grapes and autumn rains? What will become the road without dust and steel without rust? What will you become without people? Yourself. We were not asked if we wanted to live. But only we are given the choice of the path. Understand your path, catch your wind. Let the world remain a plain - you are destined to be a rock. As long as there is light, you can drop the shadow. As long as there is sun and air, there will always be a wind. And it's good that he sometimes hits his face. I'll tell you about myself - but this will be your story. You have the right to rewrite it anew - probably, this is exactly what I want. Learn to write - on fallen leaves and streams of a mountain river. Learn to answer for yourself - and do not ask questions to others. I start. And you put a point - where you find it necessary. Probably there was a time when people - adults and children - wanted to feel like someone: let only be a wild grapes, or road dust, or rust on the irreproachable steel of society? Nada Stay yourself. Never think that with the help of words you can smooth out your shortcomings or shine your dignity ... A person who does not tell anything about himself or tells everything, no one will trust anything. I took the words to tell you everything. Do not believe me. Do not trust your soul. But a hot wax of words on my hands. And when the words cool, they turn into black shadows on the white, they will retain the imprint of the palms. Read from my hands ... I'm ridiculous and expensive books that deny the power of the word. Mad words that deny the power of books. I lived their lives - before I started my own. The words that have passed through the ages taught me love. I knew it was about me. It made me a living flower, a happy flower, and I was waiting for the heat to make me open. But there was no heat - probably it was left with those who knew how to love and suffer. With those who saw a living flower in love, with those who found love words about love, with those who talked about the death of love so that they wanted to die. How I hated writers who are forced to invent good grades to their books! How I fell in love with them - they could not lie ... How they loved their heroes - writers could die, and the books lived ... "He realized that it was necessary to kindle a fire," they said of my hero, my book love. Nowadays they do not like to kindle a fire. They say that the flame is out of date with the wheel. I'll learn how to kindle a fire. And I do not mind the wheel. It is better to walk on the ground.
If you can not become happiness, be a pain. Having not been able to love, do not hurry to hate. Remember that they said a long time ago: Very few people (and this especially applies to people young) knows how to love and hate. Their love is an unbridled weakness, destructive for the object of their love, hatred is a hot, impetuous, blind force, always destructive for themselves. When you feel that you are capable of love, get off the Road and build the House. If it seemed to you that you can hate, - run!
A man who defied destiny is a favorite sight of the gods. Oh well. Trivial truth, but to the place ... But the day comes when the gods are tired of watching. Even the all-powerful one wants to be measured by force. And it's scary, when there is no lock to which the key does not fit, questions disappear for which there are no answers. Power exists only in confrontation, absolute power is indistinguishable from impotence.
I love summer more. Only it always ends. Endless summer. Let it be in the electronic world. Let even there you will not be entirely you .., but after all there will always be summer. Do you remember when we stood there, in the depths, and you said that the summer was over? So in fact now it can become eternal. Hot wind on cheek, taste of strawberry on lips, stars in the sky, touch of warm water ... Summer ... It leaves so quickly that you do not have time to shout "Wait!" And it seems, it seems for a long time, that it is still here. In the tips of the fingers is the memory, the memory of the summer. A shiver, a spasm, a head thrown up to meet the rain, a quiet laugh and an occasional smile - summer ... Still summer. You are told that it has already gone, but you are looking for its tracks, running, late, you do not have time ... But all the same summer. And you walk along its melting tracks .., two hours in the car, three hours by plane, a little on foot - let's go! I do not know where. Come on. All for the summer. Little pre-malenkogo. A piece of slimy summer. And you do not need any more, otherwise you will die from heat ... Summer ... Give me my piece of summer ... And he is with me. Forever. My summer. What was, what is, what will be. Summer forever! I remember how it goes. As the yellow sun melts into a scarlet sunset. As the wind begins to smell of snow. I smiled at the wind. I asked him: "Wait!" A little bit! Leave me a little summer! And the wind saw people like me, more than once. While it was warm, he did not argue with me. But it became cold, and the wind whispered: "Summer is over". I did not believe at once. But the summer was over. Rain is coming. Cold, dull, gray. I reached out and caught a drop of water. I did not like the reflection. "It's not me!" I said to the water. But the drop froze with a grain of ice. And I realized that this is my reflection. And the worst thing is, it does not melt in my hand. So the palm is not warmer than ice. Do not you feel it yet? This great temptation? This breath of eternal summer?
Love is a drug. At the beginning there is euphoria, lightness, a feeling of complete dissolution. Next day you want to do it again. You have not yet managed to get involved, but, although you like the feeling, you are sure that you can do without them at any time ...
There are such minutes and days, When you want to change everything to the roots ... Your view of life, Your existence, Forget about pain, Forget about suffering !!! To love, to be loved, To give joy and happiness, To overcome All grief, bad weather ... To laugh and cry, But not from pain ... To give in embraces of Passion and will !!!
You can only know yourself after you open the edges of your own possibilities. I wish that the opportunities were huge !!!!
Eye color ....... ~ Eye color - and only ... Green eyes will show the shades of the grassy emerald, and their calm light will soften the space ... Blue eyes - will decorate the world with patches of ocean water, forcing anyone to believe in life itself ... Blue - will charm with the meek shamelessness of the azure spring sky ... Gray ones will remind of the strict, clear lines of the city, or they will entangle themselves in soft silvery silk ... The brown ones will reflect the silhouettes in the dark, delay the night for a second, for a moment ... What color are your eyes? I do not know ... I do not have time to understand ...
What smells like love ...? The caramel smells of love - It's the smell of his hair. And the love smells like spruce ... Although ... I'm not serious. There is a love of the smell of the sea, And a little more thunderstorms. She smells at times with pain And with the scent of tears. And it also happens that it smells of Light in the window of him. If love does not wither, there is always a smell in her. The love smells of perfume, That at the first meeting there were. It's the perfume from Armani, we did not forget the smell. The smell of love smiles And the kiss in the wind Sometimes it smells like a mistake ... No ... not so ... I can not ... Smells love only with happiness, There is no evil in it. Smells like love is not often, Only if there is enough heat. The smell of love is different, He has his own for everyone.
If you want your life to smile at you, first you can smile at life!
i`ll stay with you for. fot you sweetheart, i will sing my song before you fall asleep. and suddenly the bleak and empty house. i`ll cherish all my love to you. don`t be afraid of troubles-i`ll be with you forever. jh, dear! why it is so warm? the only reason is you fall as airily asleep, calmed down with my loving arms, just having a gantle kiss on your smiling lips.
I'll stay with you and sit quietly. for you my love, a tale for the night will tell. and it becomes warmer suddenly the house is cold and empty. I'll give you all my love, do not be afraid, I'm with you. why is it so warm? It's you in my hands. fall asleep so easily with a kiss on your lips ...
Good girls do everything the same as bad, but because they are good, they do it much better
If you have been driven to sin, it is a sin not to use it.
Despite all the protests of men, it has long been known that they do not favor intelligent women. Although, of course, this applies only to a serious relationship, which is proved by as many as 4 universities - 3 Scottish and 1 English. Scientists from Bristol, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow argue that successful women at work are unlikely to be as fortunate in their personal lives. The research was based on observations of the fate of 900 Britons, whose intelligence coefficient was determined 40 years ago, when they were still at tender age - they were 11 years old. It turned out that the higher the IQ of the observed person, the more difficult it was for her to find a man who wished to create a family with her. And, conversely, with a decrease in this indicator, the chances of acquiring a husband increased significantly. Meticulous Scots even calculated that every extra 16 points reduced the attractiveness of the fair sex as much as 40%. For comparison: the presence of every following 16 points in men just raised their attractiveness in the eyes of potential brides and increased the chances of success by 35%.
Scientists believe that everything is explained by cowardice and insecurity of the stronger sex. Ostensibly, gentlemen subconsciously fear the remarkable mind and high achievements of the second half, which they themselves may not possess. It's better that "mom", who does not have enough stars from the sky, does not talk about business and asks too many questions, but she will understand, feed and reap. According to researchers, men who prefer to control their relationship with the weaker sex, from a highly intelligent business woman are more likely to betray treachery than from hand-held fools. Such a place in a crowded place is not scary - it still will not get anywhere from being "sick". This sense of ownership does not go so easily, according to scientists from the University of Michigan, it evolved over a long period of evolution, when the male attempted to reduce the possibility of unauthorized treason to zero.
When communicating, try to adhere to the normal Russian language - this makes it easier for the interlocutors to understand your statements. The muttering of the tongue and pseudo-jargon only lowers the appreciation of you as a professional.
An erroneous but authoritatively sounding answer is worse than an absence of an answer. Do not direct people on the wrong path simply because you are pleased to be in the role of an expert. Be humble and honest; show a good example for asking and colleagues.
If you can not help, do not interfere. Do not joke about the procedures that can destroy the user's environment - this dolt can take your jokes as a guide to action.