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The secret of Coca-Cola formula is revealed (updated)


The secret of Coca-Cola formula is revealed (updated) The mystery of the Coca-Cola formula, which the world-famous company keeps as the apple of the eye since 1886, is disclosed.

Last September, the head of the Peace Council of the World Fund of St. Nicholas Muammar Karabulut in Turkey sued the Coca-Cola company, demanding to disclose the formula of its soft drink.

"We got to know the most protected professional secret in the world, and we learned the formula of Coca-Cola when studying materials that were presented by lawyers of the company at the trial in the court on consumer affairs of Antalya," Karabulut said.

The composition of the drink includes a dye made from cochineal smelters (

The secret recipe of the pharmacist from Atlanta John Pemberton, according to the agency's interlocutor, includes: sugar (% 10.58 W / V), phosphoric acid (0: 544 G / L), caffeine (150 MG / L), caramel (% 0, 11), carbon dioxide (7.5 G / l) and Coca-Cola extract (% 0.015 W / V).

"Previously, information on the composition of the beverage appeared in the press, but it was not so detailed and did not contain precise information about the extract, it was reported in particular that there is an extract of different leaves, mimosa tree roots and aromatic additives in Coca-Cola, continued Karabulut.

"Meanwhile, according to the results of our study, it was found that this extract is a natural dye" carmine "or food additive" cochineal ", extracted from cochineal chervens.In the food industry it is also known as carminic acid, which is assigned the international index E-120" , - the interlocutor said, without specifying what kind of research was conducted.

As is known, raw materials made from cochineal insects are not a kosher product.

"In Turkish law there is no ban on the use of natural dyes for the production of soft drinks," said Karabulut. At the same time, he added that some religions consider it sinful to eat insects, as well as drinks containing extracts from them.

Karabulut recalled that the process against Coca-Cola was initiated by him on the basis of local legislation, which instructs food producers to inform consumers about the substances contained in them.

"Even on bottles of plain water, which is sold in Turkey, there is complete information about the substances contained in it." Coca-Cola also hides information that consumers are legally entitled to.

For the sake of our children's health, we want to know what specific substances are used for the production of the drink, and whether they are harmful. Coca-Cola can not produce its products in Turkey, if on the decals of soft drinks there will not be detailed information on the substances contained in it, "Karabulut said on the eve of the start of the trial.

As assured by the head of the Peace Council of St. Nicholas Foundation, he will seek to place the formula of the drink on his label. He did not rule out that the next stage of the litigation with the company would be consideration of his suit in the Court of Cassation of Turkey.

"Those who consume the drink, which is considered the most sold in Turkey for 50 years, should know that they drink," said Karabulut.

At the same time, the Istanbul lawyer of Coca-Cola, Binnur Kortun, denied the disclosure of the secret formula of the popular soft drink.

"The formula of the drink is kept in strict secrecy, only two people know it," said the lawyer who represents the interests of the world-famous company at the trial in the consumer court of Antalya.

"The file we sent to the court contains general data relating to Coca-Cola, and its formula is not disclosed in them," added Kortun.

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