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Orange babes ... (children of deputies, oligarchs)

Orange babies ... Part 1

The original: Andrey Yushchenko. Son of God? Leonid Amchuk, UP, 19.07.2005

Do you know why Ukraine does not hold a competition for children-majors? Because the champion is known in advance. And call him Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko, this is the eldest son of the president of Ukraine.

While the public is discussing the future son-in-law of Tymoshenko, the heir to the head of state somehow fell out of the foreshortening of public attention. As it turned out, absolutely undeserved.

Residents of the Lutheran Street, which is next to Bankova, retell each other's stories, as the president's son comes to one of the houses every day and does not behave very well. For example, it accelerates to 100 kilometers on this almost pedestrian street, becomes oncoming traffic lane, blocking other vehicles space. But the main interest should be cars, which are used by the son of the leader of the revolution.

Earlier, Andrei Yushchenko was seen driving an odious jeep-cube Mercedes. However, then more and more often he began to appear on the car Mercedes CLS 500. The car is not cheap - it costs over 90 thousand dollars - but very beautiful, sporty, pleases the eye ...

However, as it turned out, this transport miracle belongs to the girl Andrei Yushchenko, Anne Pavlovich, who lives in the Lutheran house. 24. She can only give permission to the president's son in her presence, since he has no independent right to drive with this car. In addition to the hostess, this can only be done by a certain gentleman or lady, whose surname, name and patronymic / begin with the letter "M". For ethical reasons, we will not quote it.

Mercedes CLS 500 friend of the son of Yushchenko
It is clear that the son of the president, who uses a more banal car than his girlfriend, could only perceive such a challenge as a challenge. The sense of male advantage and social status forced the 19-year-old son of the president to renew his fleet. And over the past few days, Andrei Yushchenko has been driving the BMW M6.

Admittedly, he has good taste. This year's model, forms can tear down the roof of the car enthusiast, and its price - to the tax inspector. We called the official BMW dealer in Ukraine - in AVT "Bavaria":

- Good day, do you have a BMW M6?

- Only under the order. The implementation period is three months.

- How much is?

- The basic model - 133 thousand euros.

- There are many such cars in Kiev?

- Only one.

"Have you been bought?"

- No. But what does it matter? ...

This is what they said goodbye.

Comparing the fact that this evening, Andrew Yushchenko appeared on the BMW M6 car on Lutheran Street, we realized who is the lucky owner of the car miracle. The correspondent of the Ukrainska Pravda tried to learn more about the son of the president's son, who, by the way, is still in the category of teenagers. An interesting story came out of this, which almost ended in a massacre.

This car is now driven by the president's son. Photos from the catalog
So, Andrei Yushchenko appeared near the house of his girl Anna about 23 hours. He parked on the envy of the traffic police, which had just been liquidated by his father. The car stood right in the middle of the dividing line.

While Andrei Yushchenko was sitting in the car in the middle of the road, his guards occupied combat positions near the rear body. True, they were better acquainted with the rules of the road and drove their BMW to the sidewalk.

A couple of minutes later, Andrei Yuschenko's car was passed by the son of Alexander Fokin, who was dismissed for suspicion of corruption. The children had a little chat.

Ten minutes later the picture was supplemented by the car of the State Automobile Inspection (blue numbers 2022), which at first wanted to break this idyll. But, having arrived and having thrown a few phrases with the guards, the traffic cops disappeared. BMW M6 continued to stand in the middle of the road, the oncoming cars pressed to the sidewalk, barely passing between the son-presidential and bodyguard cars.

Later we found these traffic cops and asked why they did not achieve the rules of the road. They ate sunflower seeds and said: "We are nobody else, because Yushchenko today liquidated us, and secondly, we already know who was in that car - whether the guard, or the driver of Yushchenko."

One evening from the life of Andrei Viktorovich

After some time, the motorcade of young Yushchenko left. But the author of these words had to continue to search for what he came for. Since not all could believe in the use of the son of the president of the car at the price of 810 thousand hryvnia, this fact had to be documented. Street Lutheran - dark, and the photos came out frankly bad.

In despair did not fall, but went to the concentration of "trumps places" near the Passage. He reached the restaurant "Fellini" on Gorodetsky Street, which, according to rumors, is also loved by Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko.

The car where the president's son drives
There was a miracle - this time the only BMW M6 in Kiev was not in the middle of the road, but on the side with the included "emergency". The salon was empty. Here, incidentally, Evgeny Lauer, editor of the Tribuna website, happened to witness the attempts to photograph an exclusive car, which drove past Gorodetsky. So we photographed together.

Approximately a minute later, the guard of Yushchenko Jr. came out of the Fellini. Then the events began to unfold very interesting.

"Hey, who are you?"

- Yes, here we photograph a beautiful car. How much is?

- Fifty thousand!

Apparently, the president's son does not tell the truth about the car even to his guards, so he had to call the real cost. Then he decided to ask, "on whose orders you work."

Suddenly the son of the president himself left the Fellini. It was difficult to count on the best gift - after all, it was possible to make his photo against the background of the car. Although it would seem that not to compromise his father, he quietly had to sit out in the restaurant this splash of public activity around the car.

But it happened differently. Without a word, Andrei Yushchenko sat behind the wheel and parked the car on the other side. Absolutely senseless maneuver, because here he did not bother anyone, but even there, this chic 800-thousand-pound BMW caught your eye.

Andrei Yushchenko sits the steering wheel of the BMW M6. Fellini's Restaurant, Gorodetsky Street
In principle, Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko had several options for action. And the most appropriate would be to approach the press and come up with a story along the way. But instead of the president's son, his guard approached us, who began to demand documents - for some reason he decided to stick to Evgeny Lauer.

Since the bodyguard himself refused to show his identity cards, it became clear that this was clearly not a representative of the State Guard Agency, which serves the country's top officials.

Requirements from the guard to show documents came up against similar ones. After some time of ineffectual communication, this man went to the restaurant. But a minute later he returned again - nothing original, except a couple of matyukov and the same requirement to show documents, he was not pleased. And when we were about to leave, I decided to make an attempt to penetrate Lauer's car. He doused "gas", and the guard of the President's son was left alone with his questions.

This entire story, of course, is an interference in the personal life of the President's son of impudent journalists. It just seemed to us that, despite this, there is the right of citizens to know what the third-year student of the Institute of International Relations, Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko, born in 1986 is on.

Also we are interested in what kind of finances allow him to drive a BMW M6 - whose price equals his father's 25-year salary (as is known, until June the president of Ukraine received 2600 hryvnia).

In addition, there is a question why the President's son drives a car with Czech numbers. It is necessary to admit that we could not find out when the car crossed the border of Ukraine, whether it will be registered here and how much it will have to pay the customs fee for it. Therefore, for the deputies who want to file a request, we give the license plate of the car: cz 3U1 0401.

Well, the last thing - the passion of Andrei Yushchenko to the objects of luxury captures. It is known that, for example, a mobile phone from the president's son is not some kind of banal "Nokia" or "Motorola", but of Vertu. If someone does not know, then this is such an exclusive tube of the minimum cost of a small car.

Vertu phone
In Kiev Vertu is sold in the store "Crystal" on Vladimirskaya Street. There you can find out that the male model of the Vertu phone costs from 4,850 to 30,000 euros. At the same time, in the online store ibasta, the cost of the most expensive reaches 43.5 thousand dollars. The last price is for the platinum case. This is what witnesses say is in use at the president's son. Although, maybe he has a tube of "white gold."

Other people tell us how they saw Andrei Yushchenko recently at the club Ibiza in Odessa - for his table he paid seven hundred dollars for seven banknotes. In the capital, Andrei Viktorovich prefers the club "Decadence". There he drinks French champagne "Crystal". The cost of a bottle is also worthy, over 6,000 hryvnia.

In general, contrary to their dislike for publicity, the legend's son is legendary. Another people even managed to find out where he had found his "delicate" guards. It turns out that the peace of Andrei Viktorovich guarded ... the former bouncers from the Kiev club "Tchaikovsky."

True, this is also an interesting story. How can you trust the president's child with people who do not have the right to carry firearms? Or are they still carrying it - breaking the law?

PS "Ukrainska Pravda" asked for a comment about these events to Andrei Yushchenko through the mediation of the press secretary of the president, Irina Gerashchenko. She handed us the statement of the president's son, which is quoted verbatim:

"That evening I was going to the cinema." (From UE: at this time in the cinema "Ukraine", which is in the same room as the restaurant "Fellini", the screen version of the comic "Fantastic Four" and the comedy "If my mother-in-law is a monster" was shown).

The car I came to belongs to my friend. His name for ethical reasons and without his consent, I will not call.

Concerning the protection, during the election campaign my parents decided to hire security guards from a private structure for understandable reasons.

During this time, this guy became more of an assistant and a friend. And, frankly, it does not rarely help in situations such as the evening when he asked journalists to respect my right to privacy.

Services for the security company are paid by the family. (I am contributing my contribution here). To admit, to be the son of a politician is a great responsibility and a great test. Especially when it comes to the president's son. I respect the journalists' right to information and understand their special attention to the children of politicians.

On the other hand, I would like journalists to understand my right to privacy. I'm not a politician, and, frankly, I'm not always ready to show my personal life for general gossip.

I realize the responsibility that surnames of Yushchenko imposes upon me. At the same time, I am an adult, independent person and do not want to be perceived only as a son of the president.

I have been studying and have been working in a commercial company for several years now, trying to be financially independent. I do not have car fleets, but I make my living on an independent basis. Regarding auto, then how personal I use a car that belongs to my mother. "

Orange babes ... Part 2

The original: Andrey Yushchenko. Son of God? Part 2. Leonid Amchuk, UP, July 22, 2005

The story with the BMW M6 machine of Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko aroused great interest in the Ukrainian masses. The appearance of the president's son on a car worth 800 thousand hryvnia and in addition to Czech numbers - this is not tabloid journalism, as some figures from Yushchenko's entourage try to convince in private conversations.

This is the execution of the president's order, which he himself swore that everyone would be equal before the law, and called on others to believe. Reasons for suspicion, this car history gives more than enough. Therefore, "Ukrainian Truth" decided to help the father of our hero. We tried to continue the research - and learned something new, although not very much.

First of all, we should applaud the commentary by Andrei Yushchenko, which Ukrainska Pravda received from the press secretary of the head of state. There, the son of the leader of the nation frankly confessed to violating the law, for which he had to confiscate this most miraculous car on the spot.

No, we are not talking about the fact that he parked right in the middle of the road on the dividing strip and somehow with a phraseological miracle convinced the traffic police, who disturbed the rest, not to touch it. It's different.

Penalty for the son of Yushchenko

Andrei Viktorovich Yushchenko found the most unconventional explanation, what he is now driving this too expensive car for the 19-year-old son of the president. He did not say that he found in the forest an empty car with keys in the castle. No, according to Yushchenko, Jr., this car was given to him to ride a "friend", whose name "for ethical reasons," he did not call.

If you make yourself believe the president's son that the car is not his - then that means he had no right to steer her. We got an explanation from a representative of the recently liquidated State Automobile Inspection who asked not to be named.

So, on the legendary BMW M6 there were Czech numbers. This allows the owner of the car, if he is a foreigner, after going through certain procedures on the border to ride it on the territory of Ukraine for two months.

If the owner wants to continue to use such a car, he must leave these fertile lands and then again go to Ukraine to re-obtain a similar two-month right. It turns out such a legal scheme of evasion from registering a car in Ukraine and payment of customs clearance - that in the case of the BMW M6 would reach 30-40 thousand dollars.

If the car belongs to a Ukrainian who temporarily imported it from abroad, then he needs to register with the traffic police for 10 days, hang up temporary Ukrainian numbers, and put his native foreign in the MREO. There he must take a temporary technical passport.

All this the president's son or his mythical "friend" did not do - although they exploited the BMW M6 with foreign numbers for more than ten days.

From this it can be concluded that his hypothetical "friend" is a foreigner if he can fearlessly travel with Czech numbers.

But in this legend of Andrei Yushchenko "about the friendship with the bimmer" there is a weak point - on such machines, which are imported temporarily, it is impossible to issue a power of attorney. And without it, the president's son can not lead the BMW M6. Unless, of course, the owner of a Czech car who can confirm his right to the car is constantly in the next seat. However, Andrey Viktorovich in this BMW M6 carries himself and his girlfriend Anna, but by no means this phantom friend.

There is another almost incredible option - let's say that the power of attorney to Andrei Yushchenko was formalized directly in the Czech Republic. There is a definite conflict here. Notaries say that it is enough to just confirm this document in the Czech authorities and, with observance of all norms, to translate into Ukrainian - and the power of attorney will be valid.

But the consultation "Ukrainian Truth" appealed to the Kiev MRE-8, where they serve foreigners, and the State Customs Service. Both there and there they assured that wherever the power of attorney was issued, if the car with foreign numbers, only the owner can ride it. Otherwise - a direct violation of the law "On the procedure for importing into Ukraine, customs clearance and taxation of personal items, goods and vehicles that are imported by citizens to the customs territory of Ukraine."

It says: "Vehicles (...) temporarily imported under a written obligation to re-export, can not be transferred to the possession or use of others."

Therefore, there can be two conclusions - or Yushchenko's son really is the owner of this car for 800 thousand hryvnia, then he violated only that for ten days he did not register with the traffic police.

Or the machine is not his, and the president's son systematically sneezes at the law. What was supposed to be at the first control was to cause the delivery of this car to the penalty area before finding out all the circumstances - because there was a man behind the wheel who does not have the right to do so. It would also entail a small penalty and a fee for a place for a car in the traffic police.

However, as you know, no one arrested the car. Despite the fact that Andrei Yushchenko did not just take her to ride for one evening. He used - and maybe continues to do it all the time.

The son of the president was seen every evening on her in the Lutheran Street in Kiev. Moreover, on July 9 in the company of this car it was fixed in Odessa on Richelieu Street. There are people who are ready to publicly confirm this - journalist of the ICTV channel Alexander Butyrsky.

Machine from the town of brothels

Meanwhile, the "Ukrainian Pravda" continued to look for a Czech garage, from which this BMW M6 left for Ukraine.

As you know, license plates of the car - cz 3U1 0401. "Ukrainian Truth" in the Czech embassy in Kiev explained that the letter U means the place of registration of the car - in the region of стеstí Region.

Almost simultaneously, our reader Sergei from Dresden came out to the editorial board. His city is located 45 kilometers from the regional center of the neighboring state - Usti nad Labem (or Usti nad Elbe) - and Sergei often happens there.

"In your photo (a car driven by Yushchenko's son), I see that these are not transit numbers, the owner of the car must officially reside there." Usti nad Labem has the biggest criminality and unemployment in the Czech Republic, famous for brothels, nightclubs and the Ukrainian mafia "Customers for sex work come from Germany, because Usti nad Labem is 30 km from the German border, and even if this machine is a son friend - as he says - there are certain questions here," Sergei wrote.

Questions have arisen and we have. On the other hand, we must admit that we do not know if BMW M6 is registered in this suspicious city, or in the neighboring towns of the стеstí region.

In addition to the license plates, on the enlarged photo of the BMW M6 one can consider the name of the showroom where this car was purchased. It is called "Autonagy" and is located in the city of Chomutov (Chomutov), ​​which is in the same territory of the Ustec region.

"Ukrainian Truth" phoned the owner of the car dealership, who called himself Nagy and spoke bad German and Russian. According to him, they sold only one BMW M6, and the owner was ... a customer from Ukraine.

"This car is rarely wanted, and it is not easy to buy it - as, indeed, sell," said Mr. Nagi.

On the cherished question, who bought this car, he disappointed: "This is classified information." There is nothing strange in this answer, so we asked directly that in Ukraine there are suspicions that the president's son is the owner. To this Mr. Nagi said: "This is your information, not mine!"

Then we tried to explain that if the fact of buying his car by Andrei Yushchenko was confirmed, it would be a wonderful advertisement of his car dealership. Mr. Nagi did not even let his teeth speak: "I do not need to know who bought the car." The main thing is that everything should be okay when buying, and so it happened. "And who was the buyer is another matter."

In such a situation it is possible to find out the ownership of the machine only at the Ukrainian customs and border services, where, at the entrance, it was entered in the database. But, as they say, they do not have a centralized system. Therefore, in order to check for whom the BMW M6 is registered, which is used for its own needs by the president's son, one must know the name of the customs house where the car crossed the Ukrainian border.

"Ukrainian Truth" hopes in this issue to help deputies who can send a request and refuse to which the relevant authorities will be more difficult.

"My family will report to you!"

Since the publication of the first publication, other details have also become known - the conduct of the protection of the President's son. According to the law, he must be protected by state bodyguards. But, as you know, Andrei Yushchenko said that this is a private company, whereas the source of the "Ukrainian Truth" is recognized in them as a bouncer from the nightclub "Tchaikovsky".

In "UE" received a letter from the representative of the editorial office of a Ukrainian magazine. It tells a story that almost ended in a fight in the favorite club of the son of Yushchenko "Decadence."

The quarrel took place between the owner of this glossy edition and the protection of the younger Yushchenko. The reason was that the photographer of the magazine fixed on the film the son of the president. The final was a huge scandal, which they described as follows:

"The dialogue looked like the most common disassembly, which was attended by all visitors present at the restaurant, the security was armed and allowed a few" extra "phrases and frank threats." Andrei himself encouraged such behavior of his "bodyguards", which more resemble bandits than guards. He sat and sipped champagne, embracing his passion with Anna. "

The journalistic investigation of the "Ukrainian Truth" concerning Andrei Yushchenko will continue, and we still hope to find out who owns the BMW M6, which replaces the son of the president of the iron horse.

I would also like to know where the president's son earns so much money, if he leads the way of life of the heir to the Arab throne. And, of course, in this situation, one can not dispense with the requirement to publish a declaration on the incomes of the president, his wife and son over the past year.

Just as on Tuesday, during a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yushchenko said: "I give you my word, for each of my actions, I will personally report to you." For each private operation, my family will report to you. " We will consider, the moment when the president should fulfill this promise, has already come.

"Ukrainian Truth" appealed once again for commenting on Yushchenko's press secretary Irina Gerashchenko, who said she would be able to answer questions on her return from Japan.

Perhaps, the secretariat of the president, as usual, hopes that the scandal will "resolve". This time it will not be possible to hush. Only on the site of "Ukrainian Truth" the first part of the story about Andrei Yushchenko was loaded almost 70 thousand times.

For a complete reprint, several newspapers have circulated a total circulation of about 100,000. In addition, this story about the BMW M6 came out in the most popular Ukrainian editions of "Today" and "Facts" and spread to the Russian press.

To save the president's reputation in this situation can only frankness, which we hope.

It will not be superfluous for your friends to know this information, share their article with them!

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