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Explanatory constantly late

Explanatory constantly late

Explanatory constantly late

I'm late for several reasons. I drive by car - the road is not predictable and I risk my life for the sake of 10 minutes of working time, I think it's the height of idiocy. Since I see item 2, I do not smoke, which means that unlike 90% of the office staff, instead of 5 breaks for 10 minutes, more precisely 50 minutes a day, while others kick the bald, I'm on his workplace and WORK! Next, see paragraph 3. Since I am a responsible person, at least 2 times a month I have to sit at work until 23:00 (hereinafter office closes) and WORK! Because those who for 50 minutes a day smoke a month accumulate 16 hours and not coping with their work fail me. Thus, 16 hours of smoke breaks +8 hours of processing = 24 hours a month I WORK more and, than anyone else was in our office, and I am late for a maximum of 2 hours per month. If management does not see the economic benefits in my delays, I can be fired, and find another more punctual employee.

I wish that he was a smoker and, coming to work on time, "steal" you have 2 working days.




Explanatory Yuri

I was late for work because of a healthy lifestyle! I went to work early, but because of my lack of cigarettes, they gave me a hard tambourine. I went to the clinic, but it was closed. Then I bought a bottle of vodka and began to wash the wound. Therefore, I smell of alcohol, my face is broken, and bad speech and impaired coordination of movement is the result of a concussion!

I did not drink, honestly.


Explanatory GlavBu

I was late at three o'clock, because in the morning I had a dream that the balance had finally come together. A consequence of this was a series of powerful uncontrolled orgasms. I ask you to enter the position.


Explaining Sergei

I was late for work for half an hour, because I still will not do anything until ten, we drink tea in the morning, but I do not get into so much.



Explanatory Anna

I'm systematically late, because I think that everything related to work needs to be approached systematically.



Explanatory Deniski

I was not late, but corrected my current working day adequately inadequate yesterday and inversely proportional to the standard.



Explanatory of Paul

8 September 2006 . He was late for work, because before taking his child to a kindergarten, he at the most inopportune time was impatient for the most inappropriate need. The delay time corresponds to the duration of the same physiological process. This case can be attributed to the circumstances of an irresistible force, i. "Force Majeure", as they do not depend on my

Wish to have time to work.



Explaining Victor

I'm late because you do not pay a month in time for a salary!

You will be indignant at all!



Explanatory Yuri Yurievich

I was late for the service. The reasons for this unseemly act are very mysterious and are rooted more in the irrational field, so I can not give the event any reasonable explanation. As a man of subtle spiritual organization, I can not help but feel the depth of my fall, but the same reason will henceforth hardly allow me to even think about a possible



I suggest:

1. Consider what happened as a misunderstanding,

2. Treat me condescendingly, especially since I already received my portion of mental torment (see above).




Explanatory beginner

I'm new, I work in your company the second day. Since today is Monday, a hard day after the weekend, I got on the subway and came to my old job. And only in the astonished look of my former director I realized that I was not there.

Commentary: Everyone was crying.



Explanatory Sergo

Late, because drank very, very hot tea, my bladder burst and I scalded my feet.



Explanatory senior warrant officer

I, Guard Senior Senior Ensign of Special Forces Matveyev, about the delay in the service I can explain the following. As always woke up at 5.30, ran the cross 10 kilometers , wrung 200 times, tightened 100 times, then took an ice shower. Then he ate breakfast, cleaned his shoes, stroked his camouflage, put it on, put it on, loaded it with clips, grenades, took a pistol, machine gun, put on a helmet, showed a military coloring, put on gloves, looked in the mirror before going ... and shit!


Explanatory programmer

In the morning, as usual, I dressed, I was going to leave the house. I stepped over the bed and caught hold of the girl and, in order to disengage, I had to undress again. This procedure took some time, as a result of which I was late for work.

Comment: Late, by the way, for a good half a day! As punishment, the head of the department sent a happy lie to the pivasik. Democratic leadership, do not say anything, democratic. Just a dream of all poszdunov.


Explaining officer of the FSB

In the morning, on August 8, 2006, I was late for work, since I got into the human traffic jam in the metro.