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Ways of targeting and removing damage

Good day, dear friend!

Defacement . What is it and how to remove damage ? How to damage the abuser? On this page you can get this information. I just want to warn you that it is difficult to diagnose damage. Therefore, if you feel something incomprehensible, contact a specialist or send a photo to me at e-mail: Within 3-4 days I will answer you.

Damage is a conscious (as opposed to the evil eye) infliction of evil that violates the energy of a person. The consequences can be very different and affect all areas of human life. Namely, it is failure in business, illness, bad habits, personal life, etc. Corruption to death usually leads to an unexpected, non-treatable lethal disease.

Ways of pointing and removing damage quite a lot. I want to give you a tried and working way to get rid of damage. You will need a Bible, a candle (you can use a regular white one) and patience. It is necessary to read the Bible aloud with a lit candle for at least 20 minutes a day. You start from the very first page, where you stop, put a mark and continue from this place the next time. It takes a lot of time, but the method is very effective.

If help is needed by your loved ones, put a photo of the person so that the light from the candle falls on the photo. For seven nights, three cups of salt, sugar and flour should be placed near the headboard. In the morning, throw it all down the toilet or trash can. During sleep, negative information gradually passes into crystals of salt and sugar, into flour particles. The body will begin to cleanse and gain its former strength.

Additionally, you can put under the bed, where you sleep in the area of ​​the head mirror (mirror side down). All negative energy trying to penetrate to you from below will be mirrored. Be sure to do a general cleaning at home, throw away old unnecessary things. Remove all strange foreign objects from your home. Perhaps someone brought them to your house with bad intentions.

Cleaning the shelter with church candles helps very well. Take in the church holy water and candles, as well as you need the prayer "Our Father." Negative clusters are mainly located in the corners of apartments and houses. Therefore, with a lit candle, starting from the far room, we clean the corners of the rooms. The movements of the lit candle are cruciform, and at the same time without stopping, we recite “Our Father”. Bathrooms, glazed balconies and balconies are also cleaned. We finish at the front door with the words: "Amen, amen, amen."

Holy water sprinkle the walls of the premises. You can fumigate the room with incense. So do seven days in a row. Then you can perform a good ritual. Take a broom, sweep over the whole apartment with the words: "With this besom, all my misfortune and failure will go away." Speak without stopping while you sweep. Broom with garbage carry at the crossroads and leave there (you can by the road, somewhere in the bushes, etc.).

All these methods work well, but if you have such an opportunity, it is better to seek advice from a specialist or use my free consultation. As for other methods of removing and targeting damage, write to my e-mail: . I will describe in detail to you the ways out of this situation.