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How to flood on bizzare

How to flood on bizzare

  1. download and install Active Perl (free) - this is an interpreter of the Perl language

  2. run the file with a double click.
    This is a script. No viruses. Text file (you can see it with a notepad, for example): (Make sure you save the file with the extension .PL )

  3. enjoy :) ))))


The $ NICK and $ PASS variables are the nickname and password in the chat. It must first be registered, naturally.

The $ PROXY variable is a proxy server in the IP: port format (for example, It is possible to work without a proxy. So even faster. They will only take you to the garden and your main nickname too.

$ MESSAGE [] is just the message that will be sent.

$ NUM_MESSAGES - the number of messages in the $ MESSAGE [] array.

A message with a zero number is sent immediately after entering the chat. The rest are randomly selected.

The script should work immediately with the default values.

Bizar chat lover. :)