Instead of "Afftar Zhzhosh! Peshy Ischo!" (Albanian)

Instead of "Afftar Zhzhosh! Peshy Ischo!" Should write:
In my soul the fire burns beautiful,
You lit him - the author of words of priceless.
Feather in hand, ink, satin scarf ...
Write on, please us.

Instead of "Zachot!" Should write:
Your creative is a sample of thought, syllable,
Until you just did not write that!
You will be counted before the face of God,
That you published it for us ...

Instead of "Afftar - aztsky Soton" it is necessary to write:
When you go on stage,
Then immediately in the hall silence.
Great is your creative priceless,
Oh, the author is hell satan!

Or so:

The author is the pride of generations
And the property of the country.
He is in the hellfire of Gehenna
He appeared in the guise of Satan.

Or so:

Your syllable is beautiful like the face of Palmyra!
But the thought is sharp, like a sharp keel of a canoe!
But I reverence the commandment: "Do not make a idol"
And I call you the "Attic Soton"!

Instead of "Poztolom" you should write:
Colleagues scowl their foreheads in bewilderment:
I sob in three streams, falling under the table!
You are a kind genius of laughter therapy,
I'm laughing like a horse, reading your joke!

Instead of "In the memorial" should write:
I read the entire entry twice,
Clicked on the button with a heart,
So that everyone would enjoy it.
From now on, forever and forever ...

Instead of "+1" you should write:
The wonders of nature
And the colors of fairy-tale pictures fade.
My words will not make the weather.
I'll tell you modestly: "+1"

Instead of "Ubeisshibaapstenu" should write:
You, O absurd creature,
What makes the world a terrible evil,
Save: on the wall of the universe,
Hit the abominable brow ...

Instead of "Aftar, drink yada" you should write:
You, who created this lampoon,
Cast aside doubts and anxieties,
Fill your glass and drink,
The poison that the Gods gave you ...

Instead of "In Bobruisk snail" should be written:
What a fatal mistake
Fate brought you with me?
Swine, wolf, lany, flexible,
Go to Bobruisk, to your home ...

Instead of "KG / AM" you should write:
You wrote a nonsense,
All this is unworthy of man,
Go, rascal, to the country, to the wilderness,
And there live until the end of the century ...

Or so:

I could point out to you mistakes.
I could ruffle about this all.
However, I see how talented you are.
So I'll write: "KG / AM"!

Instead of "In Gazenvagen" should write:
You are an unworthy scribbler!
Do not build a fat man.
Go now to Dachau
And close the doors behind you.

Instead of "Nyasilil patamushta verses":
Your ideas have not mastered,
I read some strokes,
Not because there are many letters,
But because there are verses.

Instead of "Under the cut" should be written:
Your post is huge, what for nafig?
And I want to say: "Go to the garden!"
This creator gobbled for a month traffic.
Oh, the author! Hide it faster under the cut!

Instead of "Bayan" should write:
I'll tell you, comrade, for the hundredth time:
"We do not play Samaritans here!"
I recommend that you remove this feature.
It's a comrade, comrade, a button accordion!

Instead of "Ahtung!" Should write:
I'm suspicious of the words that you said,
I see in them the desire to substitute ass.
I am very much saddened by this fact.
I'll exclaim: "Ahtung, it's not my comrade!"