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About the cold
A funny incident happened to us with one familiar Spanish family. They invited them to visit and decided to treat typical Russian dishes. Including a chill. The guests, after reviewing the dish, politely noticed that this soup was a bit cold and was obviously forgotten to warm up. Even after a long explanation that it was planned, the Spaniards did not dare to try it.

Listed here translation of an English book on human anatomy for toddlers. The person is depicted as he is depicted in biological books, such as a cut - a body with internal organs. And the signatures, the brain, the trachea, the lungs, the heart, the stomach, etc. On the man are dressed shorts, at first translucent, the color is condensed to the opaque to the junction of the legs. And among the names of human organs there is an organ - Shorts. And then again - the femur, etc.

Idle scanner
And the essence is this: they called me into one office, fixed something, and at the same time asked to sort out the scanner, which supposedly suddenly stopped working. I go into the office to the chief, an important one, about 55 years old, and I see a shitty hand-held scanner on the table. Only I try to take this article, as a hysterical, wailing cry is heard:
- Do not you dare! I do not allow anyone to touch anything in my office! I'll show it to you!
Then he sits down in an armchair, takes out a document from the drawer of the table, puts it on the table and begins the circus:
the scanner is taken to the left hand, to its right 25-pin connector, a complex thought process is displayed on the face, after which the lanyard cord enters the technological socket of the mini-ATS hanging on the wall. You still laugh, but I'll tell you later.
The scanner is slowly, but very strongly rolled on the lying document and put on the table strictly booty up (so that the information is not erased?). The document is postponed to the side, and the face of the thought is again displayed, which ends with the following actions: the index finger is sloshing, a clean sheet of paper is extracted from the pack, placed on the table and slowly and strongly rolled by the same unfortunate scanner.
After that, the paper sheet is brought to the face and for some time is carefully studied from both sides and the lumen.
The focus was not successful and the paper remained clean.
The scanner is pulled out from the mini-ATS and a verdict is issued.
- Does not work.
A curtain. Want to know how I otmazalsya from this event? Just demanded a scheme for the device, which was searched in the table, in the closet, in the tables of all the employees and, naturally, was not found.

The printer has hung himself
Employees of our company serve a network of retail outlets. During the change (at 8 o'clock in the morning) calls from frightened aunt-operators go on a regular basis. And here's the oil painting: another call with a cry for help - we have a printer hanged. The people are trying to figure out what happened, how it hung ...
At the other end of the wire just hysterics - everything hangs.
They take the car out on the "scene of the incident", go into the room and against the window, the jalousie is seen:
a dangling printer with a cord pulled out of the socket. In short, the rope from the blinds got inside, wound up ...
I hope everyone imagines how the people in the office described this :)

Phrases that can spoil everything.

Sometimes it's better to be silent than to talk. Chewing at the same time is not necessary.
You're going on a date. You are young, good-looking, earn good money. Your career is taking off. You are clean-shaven and smell pleasantly expensive cologne.
Your tie is fine, the shirt is fresh, the shoes and teeth are polished to shine, elegant dark gray socks are stretched like a string.
You are in a hurry to a woman. You just got acquainted, but, it seems, you are already in love with her. To be frank, you're just in love with her. And you have good reason to hope for reciprocity. Perhaps, today you are her ...
... But in a couple of hours you are trudging home. The tie hangs dully. Complete failure. No, well, at first everything was just cool! And suddenly something happened to her. She became boring, angry and very quickly washed off.
What's the matter, huh? Maybe she just has schizophrenia with sharp mood swings? ..
HARDLY. SOON, YOU JUST SAID IT SOMETHING NOT THAT. And even this was not noticed. Generally speaking with women is not so difficult. For this, it is not at all necessary to be a genius in the forehead and to complete special psychological courses.
Just try to avoid the typical mistakes that most often lead to fatal consequences. In our opinion, there are about fifteen of them.
1. "Wow, you have torn pantyhose!"
Do you know how a gentleman differs from a well-educated person? If a well-mannered person accidentally enters the bathroom, where an unknown lady is washing, he exclaims: "A thousand apologies, madam!". And the gentleman calmly says: "Excuse me, sir, I seem to have forgotten my glasses here."
I bet 100 against 1, that she already knows. Up to you the nightmarish news about pantyhose she was informed by five colleagues, the headmistress, the guard and eleven case attendant passers-by. To imagine how she is feeling now, imagine that you forgot to put on your pants and showed up at a restaurant in blue underpants.
Strictly speaking, she might well have canceled the date. Minor trouble, whether it's a broken nail or a blot on a blouse, a woman often seems like a catastrophe. But she did come. Because I wanted to see you and sincerely hoped that you would not notice anything. Or notice, but behave like that gentleman. Alas, she was cruelly mistaken.

2. "You are very beautiful! Well, just like Christina Orbakaite!"
On the way to a date, repeat the mantra: "She is the best, she is the best!"
This will help you avoid comparisons that are fraught with unpredictable
consequences. "Do you think I look like this ugly creature ?!" Here is the softest, that you can hear in response.
If you compare it with Venus Milos, she will decide that you are hinting at her coldness and lack of hands. If with her adored grandmother Anfisa Vsevolodovna risk a slap in the face. Please note that comparing a woman to men ("Darling, you work like Papa Carlo!" Or "Ha-ha-ha! Well, you're right Zhvan-netsky!" Is also not recommended.
But this phenomenon has the opposite effect: the phrase "You absolutely do not like anyone!" your girlfriend will take as a compliment. Always. Even if in fact you had in mind its unique ability to drop a pizza five times per hour.

3. "Do you have an orgasm? Vaginal or clitoral?"
Clumsy attempts to talk on such a delicate topic will not lead to anything good. Women do not like to talk about sex, at least until it starts. It is not necessary to describe in your colors your fantastic erection. And please do not retell her articles from our magazine, they are not written for this.
If you are lucky, it will give you a chance to demonstrate all your sexual talents, knowledge and skills in practice. More work, fewer words!

4. "Are you in a divorce or not married at all?"
Destroyed or unsuccessful marriage to your companion this topic will not please, in particular, if she is already in her twenties. She was going to have a good time with you, so why remind her of the unpleasant? There is such a piquant moment: your lady may well be married.
The awful position to which you put it by your question will not in any way contribute to your rapprochement. And what if she answers "I'm a widow" and furtively whisk a tear? Here you are in an awkward position.
The rest of the evening will be devoted to embarrassing apologies and talk about prematurely deceased. Who needs it?
You can rest assured: if you do not bother asking and you can get into the trust in a lady, very soon you will learn everything about her personal life. And even more. In truth, you will dream of her finally stopping describing the scene of her second husband's and the fifteenth lover's acquaintance!
But at this stage, you should not call her to frankness. Everything is too personal and sad (death, illness, abortion, dismissal) is best left for later.

5. "I have not been lucky all my life ..."
Pity brings together. Be sure to tell her how cruelly the evil boss hurts you. Do not forget to mention that you stole a purse, dried your favorite cactus and broke the exercise bike. Add that your billboard recently fell a billboard, and she sobs on your shoulder, saying:
"Poor you, poor ..."
Then he blows his nose, pays for your coffee and leaves for good, leaving a stack of paper handkerchiefs to himself.
In the eyes of a woman loser is not the most attractive male type. In particular, if the loser is also unsure of himself a bore. Therefore, even if recently your business is not too rosy, do not whine:
complaints are unlikely to improve the situation.

6. "You need to go in for sports!"

One of my friends believes that most often this phrase is pronounced by men who are only familiar with two types of physical exercises: football on TV and artistic rowing. The whole day, you know, rowing and rowing food from the refrigerator! Of course, you are not one of them. But even if you do not get out of the gym and colleagues respectfully call you Van Dam-moom, it's still not an excuse to insult your Van Damu! For the language of your call translates as follows: "In my opinion, you are too fat!". Do you know what will happen next? Either you will never see again, or in half a year she will turn into a skeleton, and in windy weather she will have to carry a couple of irons with her, so as not to be blown away.
... And maybe you just wanted to invite her to play a game of chess?

7. "Last summer I bought a castle in Monte Carlo, but with my residence in Hawaii it can not be compared."

You were not taught in your childhood, what to boast of is not good? Or do you consider money your sole masculine dignity?
Of course, if you are sure that your companion also has his own villa in the Bahamas and a six-figure account in the bank, then all is ok.

8. "The woman behind the wheel is a natural disaster!"
Since this is a men's magazine, I, of course, will not write anything about the fact that women know the traffic rules better, drive more accurately, and the reaction is faster. What for? The editor will still cross out. There is a much more flattering idea for you:
a woman by nature is a terrible coward. She is simply afraid to overtake and cut, and accelerating to 45 km / h, feels like a lick.
And only because of this, it rarely falls into an accident.
But seriously, before you allow yourself such generalizations, make sure that your girlfriend really drives much worse than you. And whether she studied at the Academy of Physical Education in the specialty of "auto-sport"?
In life, after all, anything can happen.
And do not forget that the female driver in some situations can be very handy. For example, on a frosty winter night after a corporate bachelor party, you do not have to stumble on an empty highway: it will rush and take you to your destination. Of course, provided that you change the wording: "The woman behind the wheel is ... so comfortable!"

They bring some two cops from the night shift to the sobering-up station, and they are absolutely none at all. They can not say anything and everything, sorry, pissed off. Take a sample for alcohol, and they sober like glass! Later the cops came to their senses and that's what they told: they appointed them on a night shift to be on duty in the park on the alley of amusement. Well, there fucking wheels all sorts, carousels, etc. And among other things a carousel called "Surprise." This is such a healthy circle, on the perimeter of which are standing places. It starts to rotate and moves from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane - people are held centrifugally by the sides. Then all this is switched off from the switch and this circle again goes to the horizontal plane and stops. So these two friends decided to go for a ride. One climbed onto the attraction. The other one turned it on ...
And while he accelerated, too, jumped ...
The watchman came at six in the morning ...

There are qualifying competitions in armwrestling. Against a man with a complex "shaved cabinet with mezzanine" comes out "long and skinny" (apparently on a dispute). When the judge gave the command to the beginning and removed his hand from the hands of the partners, the skinny man rises and kisses the closet in his bald head ... after which he quietly flops his hand ... The skinny won the round, and while he ran away, the audience was holding the furious cabinet ...

You will not recognise me?
I traveled by bus and watched this picture. A drunk man comes into the bus and sits down. A grandmother-conductor comes up and asks what his ticket is for. Then the below dialogue takes place. Man:
- You will not recognise me?
Conductor, with a dull face:
- No!
"Do not you know seriously?"
Conductor, with an even more stupid face:
- No!!!
"No, well, what in nature do not you recognize?"
Conductor, furiously:
- No!!! And who are you?
A man, with a satisfied air:
- So I'm a hare.
I'm crying.

Stage one: Romantic.
The first weeks of cohabitation are characterized by increased accuracy of both sides, frequent sex in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in bed, on the wall, on the chandelier and God knows where else. The aunt daily shaves her legs and puts on beautiful panties even under jeans, she herself is shocked by her culinary talents, the whole apartment is waxed in stains from romantic candles. Muschschina is also always clean-shaven, socks neatly hides in an unknown place, washes dishes, resignedly takes out garbage, drags expensive products, brews coffee in the morning and brings it to bed. NO: really steamed about how to quietly poke. Pukat smell in tubzike romantic beauty is impossible. Not wanting to swim away the turd turns into a problem of universal scale.

Stage two: addictive.
The first six months of cohabitation are characterized by a gradual phasing out. The toilet problem has disappeared, the red panties from the rubbing anus of the tulle have given way to sportswear, the streaks from the candles have been scraped off. The regular soda, but increasingly traditional. Legs shave daily, but you can already afford to stagger around the apartment in an old stretched T-shirt with a large inscription .. pa (gift of friends on the 18th birthday). The restaurant switches to the traditional menu, or even McDonald's or crab sticks. wash the dishes, but the garbage and the dog are still behind it. In general, everything is fine, BUT: during this period the first quarrels begin about the scattered clothes, the dirt and other nonsense put on shoes - nonsense, cache, but the tetkinskaya nature of such things can not forgive! Hard time, the strongest survive!

Stage three: the family.
The first one and a half or two years of living together is a serious relationship. Mom and Dad have already married you, they are waiting - they will not wait when you can call relatives from Ukraine to devour salads at your wedding. During this period, roles are established, responsibilities are assigned-someone is engaged in the distribution of the budget, someone with economic problems, and so on (recently I have increasingly met couples where the aunts are the first to do business, and the latter are the people, so these roles are not axiomatic). Seks - at will, the couples, mired in office life, are less and less likely to find the strength for this sporting feat. The mother lays down to sleep in a nocturnal nightclub in dentures and clogs her daily shave of legs, the muschschina in the morning scratches eggs and rushes around the apartment in extended seed yniki. Pukanie in the toilet and unsinkable shit - an occasion for a family rzhachki, scattered clothing, an occasion for sawing, garbage and a dog-in the mood.

Stage four: family.
Three to five years of cohabitation, whether there is a stamp in the passport is absolutely not important. Oh, this is a wonderful time! Aunt and muschschina are so related that without problems they are engaged in such wonderful things as squeezing acne from each other on the back, studying and treating each other's sores, wandering around the apartment in unshaven legs and armpits, in severe cases, in hair curlers and dirty gowns. common, the dishes wash the weak, the dog died, the trash can be taken out after a long psychological treatment. They say that this period accounts for the highest percentage of divorces - like any routine, family life can get bored: acne on the back can easily lose to the red tulle underpants of another aunt.

The man in the women's collective.

The first week at work.
Well, just Otpad! That's what I hit successfully - eight women in the room, for every taste! Still, it's great to work with women - clean, cozy, flowers-cacti! Lunch at home is fed - grace! To the right you'll look at someone's thread ass, to the left - a leg, and next to me there is such a chest! All quietly doing something, working moments are discussed in a whisper, no one is yelling at the floor and does not laugh at the jokes with udraff.som. Eyes shoot, stockings sparkle: Well otpad, guys, I'm in paradise!
A month at work.
The chest is next to her, the most beautiful legs in the room are lesbian. And in general - nothing! I work in three directions - a widow at the age of a window, a young intern at the door, well, I do not leave my breast next to me (if there is at least one chance, I must take it!). The widow bears lunches, trains the trainee to the subway, the chest beside inspires. Yesterday I told the girls a trite anecdote, turned red, but I was abused - normal aunts! They like to be secretive - they will gather from someone's computer thread and whisper to themselves, come up - diverge. Three months at work. Breast resigned, the intern stays out, the widow has switched to a new object. He planted his aunts on udraff.som, hung over the entrance poster "All power - padonkam." To feed, paint and whisper ceased - discuss the pads out loud: my mother, how many they have there all is fancy! Now I pass the master class "female orgasm for teapots" - I get the information first-hand: I learned to distinguish fake from the present. Oh, suddenly still luck, and it will reach practice? I go for rolls to tea, I carry heavy folders, move tables. In general, it is tolerable, but there would be another guy here at least one - it would be more fun.

Half a year at work.
I know everything. A gynecologist for insurance - a man, Leonid Arkadyevich, pads for every day - is harmful, during pregnancy you often want to write, a tampon should be changed every four hours, with a monthly drink, a bra and panties should be the same color, a varnish on the hands and feet - too . Loreal and Bourgeois - rolls, Garnier - shit, peasants goats (under the statement the actual basis is put), George Clooney - sweetheart, preziki often rub, Poor Nastya - serial, instead of the abstract woman-loser. Aunts often quarrel among themselves, but in the end it always goes to me - at the first signs of a scandal I squeeze into an armchair and mimicry under the keyboard. Damn, how hard it is with them - they would take at least one normal guy!

Seven months at work.
What could be more terrible than PMS and March 8? Only PMS from eight aunts in the same room on the eve of the eighth of March. I'm silent. I'm transparent. I'm not, it's an illusion. The main thing is not to stir - there is a maz to get a punch through the head: I bought them a cake, and they all the room on a diet - stumbled. Pipets, guys, I'm in hell!

Year at work.
Yesterday I was appointed head of the department. Today I took a job with one breast and one with legs, threw out all the cacti and punchers for fuck. Again they started feeding, silent and smiling: Chest planted next to him. Vse-taki is kajf in work in a female collective, muzhiks, I answer!

A woman in a man's team

Month one. Good.
That's the horror - all around the muzhiks alone! I'm alone, and there are ten of them (and among them there are cute ones)! You can go nuts: you do not have to put on a skirt (it's like naked), you do not have to ask for anything (or another hour around you there will be a crowd of scampering peasants), you can not pee (in front of the cardboard door there is always a group of smokers They all work very hard - they stare at the monitor like crazy, you can not talk to a friend - all the men talk on the phone for no longer than 5 minutes and solely for work, you will not go to a site with tights, and Jennifer Lopez will not discuss You can go crazy!

The second month. Well, it seems nothing.
You can write to the neighbors (there is a separate female toilet), you can sit on the site with pantyhose, if you make a muzzle brick. Jennifer Lopez does not roll here, some kind of Anita Blond is driving here. All the talk about winter tires, engine oil and computer brains, my Peugeot 206 causes them contemptuous spasms. To my requests are all much calmer, cute men with every day is becoming less.

The third month. You can live.
Anita Blond is a German woman with a chest of 10 numbers, against her Jennifer Lopez really does not roll. Studded tires - it sucks, now nobody rides it, the best oil is synthetic, the site with pantyhose is approved, the girlfriend is presented and also approved. The skirt is approved, the number of cute men has decreased to one. Guys at tubtsik evaporate after the phrase: "Boys, I want to write," the phrase on the phone "I'm on a different level!" refers to the network shooter, and not to hard work.

Month of the sixth. All their own.
I changed Peugeot for a nine, I do not go to slacker, I have a fat ass at Lopez - I do not roll, the logistics department has done with the peasants in Doom, they have a box of beer with them. They ordered prostitutes on the site - advised their guys how to distinguish their own tits from silicone. All right, guys, I'll go get the piss. No one nice face, even work change!

Year. Brothers.
Changed the brains of the company, made the men in the brothel, drank the sysadmin on Friday. Yesterday came a new girl, nothing like that, with a strong ass. She hesitates to go to the toilet and sit on women's sites. Salaga.

A note found on the windshield:

I'm not kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From March 1, 200 * your car "Toyota Lexus" state. No 307-56 is located in the parking lot near the house on the street. Lermontov, 10.

Every night tenants of this house are forced to listen for a few hours to a variety of tones, issued by the burglar alarm of your car. During this time, you have never deigned to remotely or directly cancel the alarm, having the opportunity to do so. But you are absolutely unable after your nocturnal orgies to wake up and turn off your "siren".

I have a huge request to you: to be more respectful towards people living near you and to try to control the sounds produced by your new beautiful machine from now on. I strongly recommend that in the next few days it is a good idea to turn off the false alarms issued by your car's security system in the coming days with the slightest extraneous sounds, such as the passage of a patrol car along this parking lot, the barking of stray dogs, a brief alarm on the neighboring car, and so on.

In the case of dissatisfaction with my request in the near future (two days), and ignoring the disconnection of the "alarm" signal within 10 minutes, your luxurious car will suffer the following fate:

First, a sharpened drill, I almost silently pierce the glass of the driver's door, penetrate into the interior and press the button to open the hood. If the alarm does not give the command to unlock the lock, then, by mounting the hood slightly lifted and, through the gap formed in 2 cm, I snack the hydraulic lock with the hydraulic scissors, the hood lock, I will penetrate into the engine compartment and break into the plastic siren of your e # signaling. Then I'll tear out the ignition wires and put my "spider" wires with a processor for distributing pulses.

After the "siren" will fly and bitten locks on the steering wheel and pedals. Then I connect the hose to the fuel injection system from the pre-stored 5-liter gas canister, I will throw it directly under the hood. There I will stretch the "whip" wires, to bypass the electrical system.

A minute later, I pass the hydraulic locks of the lock of the lock "Multi-Loka" on the gearbox and start the engine. In two minutes and twenty seconds I will leave the parking lot on your Lexus.

After a week of unsuccessful search, when the power supply of the immobilizer sits down, I will pull out the car in a secluded place from the river, find a # $% immobilizer and do it in a rented garage. And a week later your former car will be alarming the other with a # $% like you, in another yard, in another city, where I will not be fortunately at that moment.

You have two days to think about. During this time, I will try to improve my skills and try to hijack your car in 53 seconds, like the one # #% "Lincoln Navigator" that gave night concerts under the windows of my mother's apartment ...

GREAT AND MIGHTY NOT ONLY RUSSIAN (real story about the discrepancies)

A certain young lady successfully settled on the specialty (engineer) in a solid Israeli firm. I quickly got used to it, got a decent salary, bought a car. And it took her to go on business, she asked the head of the hospital and went. And the chief made a conference. Everyone is sitting, talking and there is a call. The boss was too lazy to pick up the phone and pressed the selector button, as a result the whole staff heard a touching story in a still fragile Hebrew:
"Haim, I'm in trouble." I went out onto the road (here it is, the promised diversion: in Hebrew, identical to Russian, "went to the panel") and some goat fucked me from behind, I told him "What are you doing?", And he " You yourself are to blame. "I say," I'm not guilty. If you fucked me in front, you could argue, but you fucked me from behind, so pay money. "And he replies" You got up so that I could not fuck you. "I explain to him that it does not matter , because the one who fucks from behind, always pays, and he says he does not want to pay, and I say that I have men who will not give anyone who wants to fuck me from behind and not pay money. you are welcome".
The employees turned out to be gentlemen and when they could get out from under the table, they plunged into the car and went to rescue the victim. She worked in the firm for a long time, promoted, but from time to time, one of the old-timers was interested in her how much it was worth fucking her from behind.
Inscriptions on mattresses
Pioneers - fuckers! 1991
Pioneers - chmyri! 1992
And who are the pioneers? 1996
I want to go home! Olezhka, 3rd unit, 1997
We are very sad, we so do not want to leave! .. Hooray! At the father's factory there was a fire and the bus did not come for us !!! We stay for another day! Hooray!!! Anya and Olya, 3rd unit, 1997.
Leader of the 7th detachment is a fool! Serezha, the senior educator.
I want to go home! Oleja, 2nd Detachment, 1998
And they bought me Dendy! Sanka, 2 children.
And to me - SEGA! Lech, 2 ex.
Simply, I was less humiliated! Sanka, 2 children.
Sashenka rests here for the third year, he likes everything, thank you very much! Antonina Nikolaevna, mother.
We told this to Mama Sani Bald that it is a mattress of complaints and suggestions! And she believed! HY-GY !!! Boys 2 otr.
Yesterday night, the boys from the 4th detachment fastened me to this mattress.
They fastened and left. Children ... Lucy, the leader of the 4 detachment.-
Zemfira - RULEZ! I got stuck in this gadyushnik with pop-tiny babies!
Zemfira, if you did not like working in our camp, you could write a statement.
Pattsan from 2 children. SMOKING!
And they beat the informers! HY-GY !!! Boys 2 otr.
I love Sergei from the 6th squad! Olya from the 5 th.
I love Olya from squad 5! Sergei from the 6th detachment.
I want to go home! Oleg, 1 detachment, 1999
What a fool I was! Serezha from the 5th detachment.
Yes, you were a fool! Olya from the 4th order.
Sasha Masha = L! Jean, 1 squad.
Jean! Enough of singing! Zadolbal!
Fizruk is a fool! The girls are 3 off.
You yourself are fools, who writes like this on mattresses! It seems to be grown-ups, we must understand that only stupid little children write on mattresses!
The whole mattress will be written down - the clever man has nowhere to put the word in!
The upbringer sucks! And we are such cute cormorants and all that! B. and B., not in the detachment, but so, drove to the heifer ...
I want to go home! Oleg, counselor, 2000.
Enough to write on mattresses! Olya, the 2nd.
Olya, put stress in the word "write"! Kostya, 2 flights
HY-GY !!! Boys 2 otr.
Anarchy is the mother of gymnastics! In the third unit there is a thin boy, and the cook has stolen a kilogram of butter! The system of our camp dulls a free person! Give the UN address !!! Ksyusha, 7 years old, 8 squad.
Write to me at the address: Kemerovo region, Kurkino village, Bold Cattle Breeders, 7 Olya, 5 Ot. 2000
Sign the index, a scarecrow! I missed such boys! HY-GY !!! Boys 2r.- I want to go home! Oleg, educator, 2001
Jura of connecting rods !!! Backstreet Boys, VIRUS !!! Nataha, 4th of.
Do you dishonor the detachment, gopota? BlackHateGirl, 4 ot
SchA non-formal all the pins from the nose pull out! Nataha, Mach and the implied Gray and Kostik, 4f.
Mom, take me away from here! Anton, 8 years old.
Antokha, but what for 8 years? HY-GY !!! Boys 2 otr.
I want to go home! Oleg I., Senior Teacher, 2002.
If you are reading this mattress, then I'm no longer in the camp ..
Anton Vera = L. Sasha Vera = L. Anton Serega = L ... Serega and Anton! Then either A or A!
I want to go home! Oleg Ivanych, Camp Director, 2003
What an old mattress! Urgently replace! Casteljansha, 2003