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About jelly
A funny incident happened to us with a friend of the Spanish family. They invited them to visit and decided to treat them with typically Russian dishes. Including jellied meat. The guests, having examined the dish, politely noticed that this soup was a little frozen and they obviously forgot to warm it up. Even after long explanations that it was intended, the Spaniards did not dare to try it.

I was flipping through a translation of an English book on human anatomy for babies. A person is depicted, as he is depicted in biological books, such as a section - a body with internal organs. And signatures, brain, trachea, lungs, heart, stomach, etc. A person is wearing shorts, first translucent, the color thickens to opaque to the junction of the legs. And among the names of human organs there is an organ - Shorts. And after that again - the femur, etc.

Idle scanner
But the bottom line is this: they called me to one office to fix something, and along the way they ask me to deal with the scanner, which supposedly suddenly stopped working. I go to the office of the chief, such an important one, about 55 years old, and I see such a shitty hand-held scanner on the table. As soon as I try to take this product, a hysterical bossy cry is heard:
- Do not dare! I don’t let anyone touch anything in my office! I'll show you everything myself!
Then he sits down in a chair, takes out a document from a drawer of the table, puts it on the table and the circus begins:
the scanner is taken in the left hand, in the right 25-pin connector, a complex thought process is displayed on the face, after which the scanner cord decorously enters the technological connector of the PBX hanging on the wall. You laugh so far, and I will continue to tell.
The aforementioned scanner slowly but very strongly rolls over the lying document and is placed on the table strictly booty up (so that the information does not erase?). The document is laid aside, and the tension of thought is again displayed on the face, which ends with the following actions: the index finger slobbs, a blank sheet of paper is removed from the stack, put on the table and slowly and strongly rolled with the same unfortunate scanner.
After that, the paper sheet is brought to the face and for some time is carefully studied from both sides and into the light.
Focus failed and paper remained clean.
The scanner is pulled out from the PBX and a verdict is issued
- Does not work.
A curtain. Want to know how I got away with this event? I simply demanded a scheme of the indicated device, which was searched in the table, in the closet, in the tables of all employees and, of course, was not found.

The printer hanged itself
Our employees serve a network of retail outlets. During the shift change (at 8 o’clock in the morning), calls from frightened aunts-operators go regularly. And here is the oil painting: the next call with a cry for help - our printer hanged itself. The people are trying to find out what happened, how it hangs ...
At the other end of the wire is just a tantrum - that's all.
They take a car, go to the "scene of the incident", go into the room and against the background of the window, the shutters closed, they see:
a dangling printer with a cord pulled out of the socket. In short, the rope from the blinds got inside, twisted ...
I hope everyone understands how the people in the office narrated this :)

Phrases that can ruin everything.

Sometimes it's better to be silent than to speak. Chewing is not necessary at the same time.
You go on a date. You are young, good-looking, and make good money. Your career is on the rise. You are clean-shaven and smell nice of expensive cologne.
Your tie is beautiful, the shirt is fresh, the shoes and teeth are polished to a shine, elegant dark gray socks are pulled like a string.
You hurry to the woman. You met recently, but it seems you are already in love with her. Frankly, you just crushed her head over heels. And you have good reason to hope for reciprocity. Perhaps today you are her ...
... But after a couple of hours you are weaving home. The tie hangs drowsy. Complete failure. No, well, at first everything was just cool! And suddenly something happened to her. She became boring, angry and quickly washed off.
What's up, huh? Maybe she just has schizophrenia with sudden mood swings? ..
UNLIKELY. Rather, you just said something was wrong. And even this was not noticed. Actually, talking to women is not that difficult. To do this, it is absolutely not necessary to be seven spans in the forehead and finish special psychological courses.
Just try to avoid common mistakes, which often lead to fatal consequences. In our opinion, there are about fifteen of them.
1. "Wow! Your tights are torn!"
Do you know how a gentleman differs from a well-mannered person? If a well-mannered person accidentally enters the bathroom, where an unfamiliar lady washes herself, he exclaims: “A thousand apologies, madam!”. And the gentleman calmly says: "Excuse me, sir, I seem to have forgotten my glasses here."
I bet 100 against 1 that she is already in the know. Before you the nightmare news about tights, she was told by five colleagues, a boss, a security guard and eleven casual passers-by. To imagine how she feels now, imagine that you forgot to put on your pants and appeared in a restaurant in blue underpants.
In fact, she could well cancel the date. Minor troubles, whether it is a broken nail or a stain on a blouse, a woman often seems a disaster. But she did come. Because I wanted to see you and sincerely hoped that you would not notice anything. Or notice, but behave like that gentleman. Alas, she was cruelly mistaken.

2. "You are very beautiful! Well, just like Kristina Orbakaite!"
On the way to a date, repeat the mantra: "She is the best, she is the best!"
This will help you avoid unpredictable comparisons.
the consequences. "Do you think I look like this freak ?!" here is the softest thing, then you can hear in response.
If you compare her with Venus Milosky, she will decide that you are hinting at her coldness and armlessness. If you risk a slap in the face with your adorable grandmother Anfisa Vsevolodovodnaya. Keep in mind that comparing a woman with men (“Darling, you work like Papa Carlo!” Or “Ha ha ha! Well, you’re right Zhva-Netsky!” Is also not recommended.
But this phenomenon has the opposite effect: the phrase "You are completely unlike anyone!" your girlfriend will take it as a compliment. Is always. Even if, in fact, you had in mind her unique ability to drop pizza on herself five times an hour.

3. "What is your orgasm? Vaginal or clitoral?"
Clumsy attempts to talk on such a sensitive topic will not lead to anything good. Women do not like to talk about sex, at least before it begins. No need to describe your fantastic erection in colors. And please do not retell her articles from our magazine, they are not written for this.
If you are lucky, then it will give you a chance to demonstrate all your sexual talents, knowledge and skills in practice. More action, less words!

4. "How are you, divorced? Or were you never married?"
A destroyed or failed marriage will not please your companion, especially if she is already over twenty. She was going to have a good time with you, so why remind her of something unpleasant? There is such a piquant moment: your lady may well be married.
The terrible situation in which you put it with your question will not contribute to your rapprochement. But what if she says "I am a widow" and furtively tear a tear away? Here you are in an awkward position.
The rest of the evening will be devoted to awkward apologies and talk about the untimely deceased. Who needs this?
You can rest assured: if you do not pester with questions and manage to rub your trust in the young lady, very soon you will know EVERYTHING about her personal life. And even more. In truth, you will dream that she will finally stop describing the scene of the acquaintance of her second husband and fifteenth lover!
But at this stage, you should not cause her to be frank. Everything too personal and sad (death, illness, abortion, dismissal) is better left for later.

5. "I have no luck all my life ..."
Pity brings together. Be sure to tell her how cruel the evil boss hurts you. Do not forget to mention that your wallet was stolen, your favorite cactus withered and the exercise bike broke. Add that a billboard has recently fallen onto your car and it is crying on your shoulder, saying:
"Poor you, poor ..."
Then he blows his nose, pays for your coffee, and leaves forever, leaving a packet of paper handkerchiefs as a keepsake.
In the eyes of a woman, the loser is far from the most attractive male type. In particular, if the loser is also an insecure bore. Therefore, even if your business has not been going very well lately, do not whine:
complaints are unlikely to improve the situation.

6. "You have to go in for sports!"

A friend of mine believes that most often this phrase is pronounced by men who are familiar with only two types of physical exercises: football on TV and rowing. All day, you know, they row and row food from the refrigerator! Of course, you are not one of them. But even if you don’t get out of the gym and colleagues respectfully call you Van Dam, this is still not a reason to insult your Van Dam! For your appeal in female language is translated as follows: "In my opinion, you are too fat!". Do you know what will happen next? Either you will never see each other again, or in six months she will turn into a skeleton, and in windy weather she will have to carry a pair of irons with her so as not to blow off.
... And maybe you just wanted to invite her to play a game of chess?

7. "Last summer, I bought a castle in Monte Carlo, but it does not compare with my residence in Hawaii."

You were not taught in childhood that boasting is not good? Or do you think money is your only manhood?
Of course, if you are sure that your companion also has her own villa in the Bahamas and a six-digit bank account, then everything is okay.

8. "A woman driving is a natural disaster!"
Since this is a men's magazine, I, of course, will not write anything about the fact that women know better traffic rules, drive more accurately, and their reaction is faster. What for? The editor will cross out anyway. There is a much more flattering idea for you:
woman by nature is a terrible coward. She is simply afraid to overtake and cut, and having dispersed to 45 km / h, she feels like a scorcher.
And that's why it is less likely to get into accidents.
But seriously, before you allow yourself such generalizations, make sure that your girlfriend really drives much worse than you. But didn’t she study at the Academy of Physical Education with a degree in motor racing?
Everything happens in life.
And do not forget that a female driver in some situations can be very helpful. For example, on a frosty winter evening after a corporate bachelor party, you don’t have to stomp on an empty highway: it will rush and take you to your destination. Of course, provided that you change the wording: "A woman driving this ... so comfortable!"

Somehow they bring two cops from the night shift to the detoxification center, but they are completely none - they are not standing on their feet, they can’t say anything, sorry, spit. They take a sample for alcohol, and they are sober as glass! Later, the cops came to their senses and that's what they told: they appointed them on a night shift to be on duty in the park on the amusement park. Well, there are all kinds of damn wheels, carousels, etc. And among other things, a carousel called "Surprise". This is such a healthy circle, along the perimeter of which are standing places. It begins to rotate and from a horizontal plane passes into a vertical one - people are held onboard by centrifugal force. Then all this business from the switch is turned off and this circle again goes into the horizontal plane and stops. So these two friends decided to ride. One climbed onto the attraction. Another turned it on ...
And while he accelerated, he also jumped ...
The watchman came at 6 in the morning ...

Armwrestling qualifiers are underway. Against a person with the complexion “shaved cabinet with a mezzanine” comes out “long and skinny” (apparently for an argument). When the judge gave the command to start and removed his hand from the partners' hands, the lean one rises and kisses the closet on his bald head ... after which he calmly tumbles his hand ... The lean one won the round, and while he was running away, the angry closet was kept by the audience ...

You will not recognise me?
I was riding the bus and watched this very picture. A drunk man enters the bus and gets in. A conductor grandmother comes up and asks what he has for the ride. Next comes the dialogue below. Man:
- You will not recognise me?
Conductor, with a dull mug:
- Not!
“Don’t you seriously recognize?”
Conductor, with even more stupid mug:
- Not!!!
- No, well, what kind of nature do not recognize?
Conductor, furious:
- Not!!! Who are you?
Man, with a pleased look:
- So I'm a hare.
I am crying.

Stage One: Romantic.
The first weeks of living together are characterized by increased accuracy on both sides, frequent sex in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in bed, on the wall, on the chandelier and God knows where else. Aunt shaves her legs daily and dresses beautiful underpants even under jeans, she herself is shocked by her culinary talents, the whole apartment is in wax smudges from romantic candles. Muschschina is also always clean-shaven, she carefully hides her socks in an unknown place, washes dishes, resignedly takes out garbage, carries expensive products, brews coffee in the morning and brings him to bed. BUT: you really take a steam bath about how to quietly shake. It’s impossible to fart smelling romantic beauty in tubs. Not wanting to swim turd turns into a problem of universal proportions.

Stage two: habitual.
The first six months of cohabitation are characterized by gradual settling. The toilet problem has disappeared, red panties from the rubbing anus of tulle have given way to sports underwear, smudges from candles are scraped off. Sex is regular, but more and more traditional. Legs are shaved daily, but you can already afford to stagger around the apartment in an old stretched T-shirt with a large inscription J..PA (a gift from friends for the 18th birthday). The aunt goes to the traditional menu, or even to McDonald’s or crab sticks. do the dishes, but the trash and the dog are still behind him. In general, everything is fine, BUT: during this period, the first quarrels begin about scattered clothes, dirt applied by the shoes and other rubbish - rubbish, cash, but the Tetky nature cannot forgive such things! Hard time, the fittest survive!

Stage Three: Young Families.
The first one and a half to two years of cohabitation is already a serious relationship. Moms and dads have already married you, they are waiting - they won’t wait when you can call relatives from Ukraine to eat salads at your wedding. During this period, roles are established, responsibilities are distributed - someone is involved in budget allocation, someone in economic problems, etc. (moreover, recently I have been meeting more and more often with couples where aunts are the first to take part, and the last to be Muscovites, so these roles are not axiomatic). Sex - if desired, couples mired with office life are less likely to find the strength for this athletic feat. Aunt goes to bed in a bikini nightie in ducks and clogs her daily shave, muschitsch scratches her eggs in the morning and roams around the apartment in stretched seme ynik. Farting in the toilet and unsinkable shit - an occasion for family rzhachki, scattered clothing, an occasion for sawing, garbage and a dog - according to the mood.

Stage Four: Family
Three to five years of cohabitation, whether there is a stamp in the passport is absolutely not important. Oh, this is a wonderful time! Aunt and Muscovite are so close that they can do such wonderful things as squeezing pimples on each other’s backside, studying and treating each other’s sores, wandering around the apartment in unshaven legs and armpits, and in severe cases, in curlers and dirty bathrobes. general, weak washes the dishes, the dog is dead, the bin is carried out after a long psychological treatment. They say that this period accounts for the largest percentage of divorces - like any routine, family life can be annoying: acne on the back can easily lose to the red tulle pants of another aunt.

A man in a female team.

First week at work.
Well, it’s just awesome! This I successfully hit - eight women in the room, for every taste! Still, how great it is to work with women - clean, comfortable, cactus flowers! Feed homemade dinners - grace! Look to the right whose thread is the ass, to the left is the leg, and such a chest sits next to me! Everyone is quietly doing something, working moments are discussed in a whisper, no one screams or laughs at jokes with udff.s. They shoot with eyes, sparkle with stockings: Well, it’s a hell, guys, I'm in paradise!
A month at work.
The chest is next to married, the most beautiful legs in the room are lesbian. But in general - nothing! I work in three directions - a widow at the age of a window, a young intern at the door, and I don’t leave my breasts nearby (if there is at least one chance, I must take it!). The widow wears dinners, the intern takes her to the subway, her chest nearby inspires. Yesterday I told the girls a vulgar joke, they turned red, but giggled - normal aunts! They like to keep secrets - they will gather at someone else's computer thread and whisper to themselves, I come up and disperse. Funny! .. Three months at work. The breast quit, the intern fell away, the widow switched to a new facility. He planted his aunts on udff.som, hung a poster "All power to the bastards" over the entrance. They stopped feeding, painting and whispering - they are discussing gaskets aloud: my mother, how much heaped up there! Now I’m going through a workshop "female orgasm for dummies" - I get first-hand information: I learned to distinguish fake from the real one. Eh, all of a sudden you’ll get lucky and get to practice? I go for tea rolls, carry heavy folders, move tables. In general, it is tolerable, but if only a peasant would come here at least one - it would be more fun.

Six months at work.
I know everything. The gynecologist for insurance - a man, Leonid Arkadyevich, pads for every day - it is harmful, you often want to write during pregnancy, you need to change the tampon every four hours, during menstruation they drink noshpu, the bra and underpants should be the same color, the varnish on the arms and legs - also . Loreal and Bourgeois - rolls, Garnier - shit, peasant goats (the factual base has been summed up under the application), George Clooney - sweetheart, preziki are often rubbed, Poor Nastya is a series, and not an abstract woman-loser. Aunts often quarrel among themselves, but in the end I always get it - at the first sign of scandal I squeeze into a chair and mimic under the keyboard. Damn, how hard it is with them - they would take at least one normal guy !!!

Seven months at work.
What could be worse than PMS and March 8? Only PMS in eight aunts in one room on the eve of March 8. I am silent. I am transparent. I am not, this is an illusion. The main thing is not to move - there is a maze to get a hole punch on the head: I bought them a cake, and they all dieted on the room - stumbled. Kick, guys, I'm in hell!

Year at work.
Yesterday, they were appointed head of the department. Today, he hired one with a chest and one with legs, threw all the cacti and hole punchers to hell. Again they began to feed, be silent and smile: He put his chest next to him. Still, there is a buzz in the work in the women's team, men, I answer!

Woman in the men's team

The first month. Hello.
This is horror - there are only men around! I am alone, and there are ten of them (and among them there are pretty ones)! You can go crazy: it’s better not to put on a skirt (it's like naked), don’t ask anyone for anything (or there’s a crowd of idiots around you for an hour), you can’t pee (there is always a group of smoking employees in front of the cardboard door to the toilet (and among of course, they’re all pretty.) They all work hard - they stare at the monitor like crazy. You won’t talk to your girlfriend - all men talk on the phone for no longer than 5 minutes and only at work, you won’t go to the site with tights, and you won’t discuss Jennifer Lopez You can go crazy!

The second month. Well, it seems to be nothing.
You can write to your neighbors (there is a separate female toilet), you can sit on a site with tights if you make the face with a brick. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t roll here, some Anita Blond rolls here. All the talk about winter tires, engine oil and computer brains, my Peugeot 206 causes contemptuous convulsions in them. My requests are much more relaxed, pretty men are getting smaller every day.

The third month. You can live.
Anita Blond is a German babe with 10 breasts, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t really roll against her. Studded tires suck, now nobody drives it, the best oil is synthetics, the site with tights is approved, a friend is presented and also approved. The skirt is approved, the number of handsome men has decreased to one. The men in the tubzik evaporate after the phrase: "Boys, I want to write," the phrase on the phone, "I'm on a different level!" refers to network shooter, not hard work.

Sixth month. All of their own.
I changed Peugeot to nine, it’s not a big deal to suck, Lopez has a thick ass - he’s not rolling, yesterday the men and I were given the logistics department to Doom, a box of beer from them. They ordered prostitutes on the site - advised their guys how to distinguish native boobs from silicone. Okay guys, I’ll go piss. And one pretty face, at least change work!

Year. Bro.
I changed the brains of the computer, gave the men in a walker room, cut the sysadmin on Friday. Yesterday a new girl came, nothing like that, with a strong ass. Shy about going to the toilet and sitting on women's sites. Salaga.

Note found on the windshield:

It's not a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since March 1, 200 * your car Toyota Lexus state. No 307-56 is located in the parking lot near the house on the street. Lermontov, 10.

Every night, residents of this house are forced to listen for a few hours to a variety of overflows of tunes issued by the alarm system of your car. During this time, you have never deigned to remotely or directly cancel the alarm, having the opportunity to do so. But you are absolutely not able to wake up and turn off your siren after your night orgies.

I have a huge request for you: to respect people living near you and try to continue to control the sounds made by your new beautiful car. In the coming days, I strongly recommend that you make it a rule to turn off the false alarms issued by the security system of your car at the slightest extraneous sounds, such as: passing a patrol car along this parking lot, stray dogs barking, short-term standby alarms in a nearby car, etc.

In the event that my request is not satisfied in the near future (two days), and ignoring the alarm is off for 10 minutes, the following fate will befall your luxury car:

First, with a sharpened drill, I almost silently break through the driver's door glass, penetrate the interior and press the hood open button. If the alarm doesn’t give a command to unlock the lock, then, by means of mounting, I will slightly raise the hood and, through the gap of 2 cm, have a bite of the hood lock block with hydraulic scissors, penetrate the engine compartment and break out the plastic “siren” of your e # $ noah alarm. Then I will tear out the ignition wires and put my "spider" of wires with the processor of distribution of impulses.

Following the “siren”, snacking steering wheel and pedal locks will fly. Then I connect the hose to the fuel injection system from a pre-stocked 5-liter canister of gasoline, throw it directly under the hood. I’ll stretch a “whip” of wires there to bypass the electrical system.

In a minute I will transfer the Multi-Lok lock cylinder on the gearbox with hydraulic clamps and start the engine. In two minutes and twenty seconds I will leave the parking lot at your Lexus.

After a week of unsuccessful search, when the power of the immobilizer sits down, I will pull out a car sunk in a secluded place in a secluded place, find a b # $% immobilizer and do it for prevention in a rented garage. And in a week, your former car will beep with a new alarm already at another p # $% ra like you, in another yard, in another city, where fortunately I will not be at that moment.

You have two days left to think. During this time, I will try to improve my skills and try to steal your car in 53 seconds, like the f # $% “Lincoln Navigator” that gave night concerts under the windows of my mother’s apartment ...

GREAT AND MIGHTY NOT ONLY RUSSIAN (the real story of the misunderstandings)

A certain young lady successfully settled by profession (engineer) in a respectable Israeli company. I quickly got used to it, got a decent salary, bought a car. And so she needed to go on business, she asked for help from the chief and went. And the boss started a meeting. Everyone is sitting, talking and then the call. The chief was too lazy to pick up the phone and pressed the selector button, as a result the whole team heard a touching story in still fragile Hebrew:
"Haim, I’m in trouble. I went out on the road (here it is, the promised discrepancy: in Hebrew identical to Russian," went to the panel ") and some goat fucked me from behind. I told him" What are you doing? ", And he" You are to blame. "I say," I am not to blame. If you fucked me in the front, you could argue, but you fucked me in the back, so pay the money. "And he replies," You stood so that I could not help but fuck you. "I explain to him that it does not matter because the one who fucks from behind always pays, and he says he doesn’t want to pay, and I say that I have men who will not let anyone who wants to fuck me from behind and not pay money. Haim, come you are welcome".
The employees turned out to be gentlemen, and when they were able to get out from under the table, they plunged into the car and went to rescue the victim. She worked in the company for a long time, promoted, but from time to time, one of the old-timers asked her how much it would cost to fuck her from behind.
Inscriptions on mattresses
Pioneers are suckers! 1991 year
Pioneers - Chmyr! 1992
And who are the pioneers? 1996 year
I want to go home! Olezhka, 3rd detachment, 1997
We are very sad, we do not want to leave like that! .. Hurray !!! There was a fire at my father’s factory and the bus didn’t come for us !!! Stay another day! Hurrah!!! Anya and Olya, 3rd squad, 1997
The leader of the 7th detachment is a fool! Seryozha, head teacher .-
I want to go home! Olezha, 2nd squad, 1998
And they bought me Dendy! Sanka, 2 neg.
And ME - SEGA! Lech, 2 neg.
I just humbled myself less! Sanka, 2 neg.
Sasha has been resting here for the third year, he likes everything, thank you very much! Antonina Nikolaevna, mother.
This we told the mother of Sani Lysy, that this is a mattress of complaints and suggestions! And she believed! GY-GY !!! Boys 2 neg.
Last night, boys from the 4th unit fastened me to this mattress.
Fastened and left. Children ... Lyusya, counselor of the 4th squad .-
Zemfira - RULEZ! Worn out in this gadyushnik with poppin youngsters!
Zemfira, if you didn’t like working in our camp, you could write a statement.
Pattsans from 2 neg. SMOKING!
And beat the informers! GY-GY !!! Boys 2 neg.
I love Seryozha from the 6th detachment! Olya from 5 neg.
I love Olya from the 5th detachment! Seryozha from the 6th detachment.
I want to go home! Oleg, 1 squad, 1999
What a fool I was! Serezha from the 5th detachment.
Yes, you were a fool! Olya from the 4th detachment .-
Sasha Masha = L! Jean, 1 squad.
Jean! Stop singing! Zadolbal!
Fizruk is a fool! Girls 3 neg.
You yourself are fools who write like this on mattresses! It seems to be adults, they should understand that only stupid little children write on mattresses!
They will write down the entire mattress - there is nowhere for a smart person to insert words!
Pupil - sucks! And we type cool cormorants and all that! B. and B., not in the squad, but so, drove to the heifers ...
I want to go home! Oleg, counselor, 2000
Stop writing on mattresses! Olya, 2 neg.
Olya, emphasize the word "write"! Kostya, 2 neg.
GY-GY !!! Boys 2 neg.
Anarchy is the mother of charging! In the third detachment there is a thin boy, and the cook stole a kilogram of oil! The system of our camp is numbing a free personality! Give the UN address !!! Ksyusha, 7 years old, 8 squad.
Write to me at the address: Kemerovo Region, Kurkino Village, ul. Bold Livestock Breeders, d. 7 Olya, 5th Fr. 2000 year
Sign the index, scarecrow! I missed these guys! GY-GY !!! Boys 2 neg. - I want to go home! Oleg, educator, 2001
Yura rods !!! Backstreet Boys, VIRUS !!! Nataha, 4 neg.
Why are you disgracing the squad, gopot ?! BlackHateGirl, 4 Neg
Scha informalki all the pins from the nose pulled out! Nataha, Maha and the implied Gray and Bone, 4 Neg.
Mom, get me out of here! Anton, 8 years old.
Antokha, and for what 8 years? GY-GY !!! Boys 2 neg.
I want to go home! Oleg Ivanovich, head teacher, 2002
If you read this mattress, then I’m no longer in the camp ..
Anton Vera = L. Sasha Vera = L. Anton Serega = L ... Serega and Anton! Here either L or D!
I want to go home! Oleg Ivanovich, camp director, 2003
HANDS Away FROM OUR HOUSE !!! Bedbugs.
What an old mattress! Urgently replace! Castellansha, 2003