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Divorce from the company Volya Broadband-vrotbolt

A divorce from Volia Broadband-Vrotbolt: before you connect to you politely smile, then you hardly remember about you ...
Traffic is counted and distributed as it is profitable for the company, bred by duplicating accounts. The idiotic support service, the dispatcher - incompetent. Dirty attitude towards customers. Will Voice Responder advertises the company at your expense. About you already forgotten. The will blocks a number of ports (including netbios, socks, and a number of other interesting and necessary ports for shadow businesses). Of course, you will not know about many problems before connecting.
The leaders of the Will - S. Boyko and his accomplice V. Kandrashev - the first of them even seized upon the Supreme Rada. Both stand for stealing aluminum antennas from roofs and imposing themselves as monopolists of cable TV.

We go to the site of the will and attentively read the paradox of the century: 1Gb = 1000 Megabyte, 1Mb = 1000Kb, 1Kb = 1000Byte!
For those who have not read computer science in school, we remind 1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB, 1 KB = 1024 bytes! And you got it this way: You paid for example for 1 GB (1024 MB) but you really didn't get 1 GB = 1024 (MB) = 1024 (KB) * 1024 (bytes) = 1073741824 bytes as it should be according to the law! This is how the will of 1GB = 1000MB OR 1000 * 1000 * 1000 = 1000 0000 0000 bytes counts! And here is a divorce of 1073741824 (paid) -1000000000 (volevskie) = 73741824 bytes to which you divorced we get 73741824/1024 = 72013.5Kb = 72013.5 / 1024 = 70.325MB and that you were thrown at 70 MB;) It would seem a trifle, but Now multiply this trifle by the number of subscribers will and get megalohotron per megabytes;)
Once again, repeat it! You are bred and thrown!

And so the master from Volya came to you and tore off your cable from the distributor, you don’t have any money, but you want to watch TV, the company employee left, but you can’t connect back, there he put a plug that doesn’t turn off ...
We look at the design of the connector and learn to be smart-ass:

From the figure it is clear why the plug is not unscrewed by simple rotation. As you can see, body A (gray), when rotated, is not linked to body B (blue), which is screwed onto the TAP distributor, you twist body A, but it just scrolls, then you must either press this plug and try to unscrew it metal edges such as a thick screwdriver between a TAP splitter and a cap.