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Animal Monsters

Undoubtedly, man is the same animal as an ordinary monkey, only we came up with mobile phones, laptops and television ads. However, there is one region that does not give people rest, in which the king of nature and animals will not very soon be equated with his subjects. Of course, we are talking about sex.

I must say that our smaller brothers copulate in such quantities and in such diverse ways that not a single sexual maniac or pervert can ever dream of himself in any erotic dream.

So, let's start with mammals.

Rabbits. Undoubtedly, they are sexual giants, because the female of this cute fluffy animal is able to delight dad every two months with the addition of a family. If you indulge in the joys of mathematical counting using a calculator, then you can find out that after about a hundred years every square meter of the surface of our planet will be inhabited by an instance of this valuable invader, who has both fur and meat in stock.

Lemmings. Very lovely creatures that can produce offspring every month. Moreover, it is not at all difficult for females, which can not be said for males - a case has been recorded when one loving pair of lemmings was able to give out 8 generations of their kind in six months. True, the male could not continue to please his "spouse", because he died suddenly on the ninth attempt.

Badgers. The real adherents of tantric sex, because on average a badger pleases his badger for as much as an hour and a half. Interestingly, with such love, females are very shy and give consent to sex only in the dark. British scientists, very interested in the badgers' sex life, followed them for half a year and found out an interesting fact: during the new moon, when they were not visible on the street, badgers treated sex like ordinary women "tolerant or indifferent," but as soon as the full moon came, or penetrated into the hole in bright sunlight, the behavior of the females became "hostile."

Lions If you want to or not, but the pride , consisting entirely of females, entices non-stop sex at the level of instinct. So, once a zoologist was shot on film a lion, which during the day produced ... 86 sexual acts. The number of lionesses participating in the orgy is not specified, but it is obvious that there were at least ten of them - not a single female physically could not stand so much.

Sables. For some reason, these cute little animals can jump on their partner for up to eight hours without a break. Badgers are resting.

Hamster. If all of the above “guys” are keen on the sexual marathon, then this greedy creature works as a jackhammer - in an hour the hamster can give up to 50 ejaculations to the mountain.

Of course, animal sex is closer to us, but what insects do in order to continue their population does not lend itself to any explanation.

Ladybugs. Probably, there is no other creature on Earth that could, like ladybugs, mate every day for nine hours. Scientists believe that the orgasm of these God's creatures is such that no one even dreamed of - love convulsions shudder the bodies of cows for 1.5 hours and can be repeated as many as three times in a row. Naturally, in such conditions, insects will inevitably have sexual deviations (perversions) and, of course, STDs.

Alpine cricket. Ready to emit sperm every 18 seconds. Moreover, no one asks the female if she is ready for such speeds, because the cricket captures its prey with huge claws in the most arrogant way before copulation.

African beetle. Oh, these inhabitants of the hot continent, who even insects do not give rest to the representatives of the Caucasian race. In the African beetle, the length of the penis is 2/3 of the length of the body. To make it easier for you to imagine, it’s the same if a man had a penis long 1.2 m .

Earwig. Equipped with the dream of any male - two penises, each of which is longer than the earwig in length. True, they have little strength - they are very thin and easily break, so the second penis is forced to wait for its finest hour on the bench for reserve players in complete inaction.

Mosquitoes. Bloodsuckers are constantly in search of fresh blood, so mating in this species lasts absolutely nothing - 2 seconds. Like a runny nose.

Slugs. Disgusting-looking slugs carry organs of both sexes, i.e. are hermaphrodites. But this is not interesting - when two individuals meet, they enter into a "bloody" battle, which ends with a real pendering - the winner bites off a member of the opponent and becomes calm for the future of his genotype, while the loser is destined for the usual role of the carrier of foreign genes.

And finally, the male octopus is endowed with the most amazing ability ... to grow a new penis instead of the old one, which often remains in the body of the female. And it seems that this does not bother the female octopus at all, because fishermen sometimes catch representatives of the weak octopus sex with a whole collection of worthy of their lovers